Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the {left behind} series

thought i'd share a few pictures of the pieces i have left behind this week...you know, in case you happen to be thrifting in southeastern manitoba. ;)

but, first, i had to share what i found today! yay! another piece of butterfly gold (for $7). i just said last week that i needed some more pieces! plus, i found my very first salt and pepper set ($0.25/ea) and it happens to be in a spring blossom pattern, which i also collect. score.

i would love to have this set of spring blossom bowls but at $30, it's a little rich for me. i've noticed that there are some pyrex pieces in my local thrift store that are being tagged differently...and the ones tagged differently are the ones that are expensive. there must have been a pyrex collector out there who decided to donate their collection and kept those price-y tags on them. hmmm. if they want these pieces to move, they're going to have to lower the prices!

an unattractive pyrex england piece that has been sitting on the shelves for months. even though it costs only $2, i don't want it in my house. ;)

these two were super hard to pass up today. one was $3 and the other was $2. and, i already have a piece from this collection but i just didn't have the cash for it today. if they are still there next week, they're making the trip home with me.

another set i'd like but this woodland set was $30.

i bought her pink gooseberry sister last week for $15. so pretty.

am not a fan of old orchard. especially at $5 for this small 401. but, there will be some very happy collector out there who'll snatch it up!

i have one piece of forest fancies but since i'm looking to get rid of it, i thought it'd be best not to pick up another one!

a whole set of forest fancies mixing bowls! again, $30 for the set.
happy thrifting!


  1. I have the spring blossom set like you posted. I got all three pieces at an antique store my sister goes to. It was a steal. I am like you, I don't care for the England pattern as well.

  2. you left a piece of pink gooseberry behind Lauren?

  3. Are you sure this is a thrift store??? They are super pricey!! I bought the complete set of the Spring Blossom mixing bowls all 4 for only $10!!!!! I would never spend $30.

  4. When I first started collecting Pyrex, I was buying just about every piece I saw, that included a piece of Blue Iris, it didn't take me long to realize I didn't care for it at all, I donated it back to VV - bet it made somebody happy!

  5. Yes, this is THRIFT store. lol And, it's a Mennonite thrift store, no less! We're supposed to be known for our thriftiness. :)