Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Charcoal" Snowflake & Pink Daisy

I got two awesome treasures that I found at two different thrift shops last week. 
It was a big score in my book!

I found the "Charcoal" Snowflake pattern by Pyrex at Savers. I always do a double check or sometimes a third check around the aisle to see if I missed anything and I did!
I spotted this at the last minute, and I grabbed it right away! 
It is very unique for one, and two it is suppose to be rare? Or so I heard.

I got this lovely piece for ONLY $1.99! 
Does anyone know more about this "Charcoal" piece? 

And then I got this beauty! Pink Daisy! So cute. Sadly these both have no lids but that is okay I will hunt down and find some!

I got this Pink Daisy Pyrex divded dish for $3.95 at the RWB thrift.

Doesn't these two patterns look great together?!


  1. Great finds and prices! As far as I know, the black pattern of "Snowflake" is just the hardest to find (besides a rare pink?). Typically you see blue on white or white on blue, like the one I posted earlier today. I've been collecting Snowflake for many years and do not have a black Snowflake piece yet, so good work!

  2. So adorable! In my short time collecting, whenever I do see black snowflake it's priced around $18-30. Not common though!!

  3. Good finds & prices! I just bought the black snowflake for $2.99 (no lid) & a black snowflake casserole (with lid) for $3.99. SUCH good prices!

    I once passed on that pink one. I think it was somewhere between $11-$16 at an antique market. I regret it. We went back a few weeks later, but obv it was gone!

  4. Thanks everyone! @ Sir thrift. Yes awesome finds! I refuse to buy any Pyrex in an antique store unless it is extremely rare or a really good price other than that I go to the thrift shops.
    I really want the black snowflake casserole, lucky!

    @christina, wow I did not know they are priced that high.

    @Holiday girl, it is the hardest to find? Wow, I guess I got lucky.

  5. These two are some of the earliest Pyrex patterns! You got really lucky. :)

    1. Really? Wow, thats good news! I did not even know that.