Monday, October 8, 2012

Yellow Large Bowl find at Goodwill

Hey everyone!  I joined a couple of weeks ago, but haven't had time to write yet.  I haven't been finding much lately, and this weekend I finally found a copule of pieces at our local Goodwill, including this large yellow bowl in almost perfect condition. I already have the same bowl (which i use as my  popcorn bowl), but the paint is a little bit scratched and is matte instead of glossy like this, so I was excited to find this.  That was until I flipped it over and looked at the price- $15!  It was in such good condition I was actually tempted to buy it, but it was just a little too much.  I brought it up to the register with a smaller blue blow (that was marked $10) and asked to talk to the manager.  I told her I'd bought similar pieces there for much less and she ended up reducing the yellow one to $6 and the blue one to $4- she said they had a new pricer who was pricing everything way to high.  I felt a little wierd to ask but she agreed right away and had no problem giving me a new price, so I guess its always worth it to ask. :)

~Michelle  (


  1. wow, I saw the same on at a thrift store I go to weekly and it was priced at $12, maybe when I go back if they have it I will ask! I feel weird asking but in your case it worked!!! Nice work and nice items

  2. good job asking!!!! I have not been able to find something that great at my Goodwill.


  3. I found a Talbots cardigan once at a Goodwill priced at $15! I was shocked that they were charging $15 for a *clearly used* cardigan, so I talked to a manager and he only charged me $3. Never tried that with Pyrex, but I never find Pyrex at Goodwill :-/

    1. Ive seen the same item on the shelf for two totally different prices. It's annoying because it all matters who's the one pricing that day.

  4. Wow those bowls look like their in excellent condition! I probably would have paid the listed price but good for you for asking!