Thursday, October 4, 2012


It seems like there's been so little Pyrex to find lately...then just in the last few days it's everywhere!  I even had to leave stuff behind.  Usually I'm lucky to see anything, and the prices are jacked up if I do, so I leave them behind.

It started with a Pyrex search on Craig's List.  This would be my second purchase on there, and both were equally great.  I said before that I'm not a pink and turquoise girl, and I'm not.  However, I love the small 444 and I love fridgies, and it IS nice to branch out a little.  I sold the round casserole to a friend and kept the rest.  The Pyrex was dirt cheap and in mint condition:

Then, my husband came across this for my Christmas Pyrex collection:
(OK, so it's turquoise too...maybe I do like it ;))

Then there was the discovery of my first Hostess.  Only $3.99 at VV.  It had lots of scratches but came right out with a little Bon Ami and a sponge.  Oh yes, I have a thing for cow creamers too...and vintage trays, and tins, and bread boxes, and aprons.... (Luckily I discovered I can sell stuff it all equals out ;)

Ahhh...the Citrus pitcher.  I saw one once, and didn't get it...wasn't in the budget that month.  Well, it found me again and was half the price of the last one!  So glad I waited :)

I love the 404's too...any of the small bowls look so good stacked and are fun to use. ($2 at a local shop)

So....there IS hope for us Pyrex crazy's in the wild :)
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  1. Love it all! I have been scouring our local Craig's List but no good finds yet.

  2. It only appears once in awhile here too.

  3. Beautiful finds! I hear that all the time that you can't find a lot of Pyrex in the thrifts lately. I have no problem what so ever when I go to CT for thrifting. I find tons and tons of Pyrex. I always come home with 8 bags =)

  4. Wow! I need to go to CT. In WA State it's slim pickins' and sometimes the thrifts charge upwards of $10 for one item! I would be in heaven with 8 bags!

    1. Yes CT has so much. I was shocked the first time I came out of there with a trunk filled with stuff! I never come home empty handed, and the prices are so reasonable. I drive 1 hour and 20 minutes to get there but it is soo worth it!