Monday, October 29, 2012

Snow comes to L.A.

Snowflakes that is!!!

On a  random ebay browse I stumbled across an open baker.  Not I do not normally buy on ebay. Read that story here: treasuresmyhh

But this was in my area and the seller agreed to a local pick up.

For a cheap price I got an open baker and a divided. Now these pictures look faded but they are in almost perfect condition with only a flea bite or 2.

Snowflakes must be following me around. Because I have got all these except 1 within the past 2 weeks.  Now bring on some space savers!!!

So I am bringing the much needed snow to my house. The heat here needs to go away.


  1. Love snowflake favorite!

  2. Lovely i have 2 of those myself there so pretty. I tell you what you send us some of your warmth and i will send you some of our chilly weather :-) dee x

  3. Nice finds! I just got my first snowflake Pyrex two weeks ago, so I know how beautiful that pattern is.

  4. Ahh so great! And sll in two weeks?! Jackpot!

  5. LOVE the snowflake patterns, especially for Christmas! I really want the white on turquoise, I have the turquoise on white.