Thursday, October 11, 2012

Not So Perfectly Pink

I bit the bullet and made my first online Pyrex purchase. I didn't have any pink fridgies... and while I love the gooseberry and solid pink sets- they are so pricey! It's rare, but when I do see them at antique festivals, they are $80-$115. I just can't justify that on my college girl/part-time worker budget!

Now, the seller was clear in saying that they were not in perfect condition. So, I did understand what I was getting into. For the most part, the milkglass is in tact. There is just one small chip on a small fridgie that is missing the lid. Soft to the touch though, not sharp. Also, the small lid on the other fridgie has an odd yellowing. Any ideas? I soaked it in barkeepers... maybe Clorox next? I'm sure some day I will find other lids at the thrift. Anyways, for $37 plus shipping, it was a steal in my book :)

Now to find some solid pinks...(and solid turquoise, too)!

Happy Pyrexing <3,

Belle of the Blog


  1. Very nice...and def a total steal! Congrats!

  2. over cleaner for yellowed glass, i have heard.

    spray with cleaner.
    20-30 mins.
    air dry.