Saturday, October 13, 2012

the {collection} far

as mentioned previously, my collection recently grew by several more pieces which meant it was time for my pyrex to make a move! i had removed two cupboard doors in my kitchen months ago to allow my pyrex to be on display but those shelves had rapidly filled up (see below) so there was no way i was going to get any more in there!

so, it was time to make some furniture switches. i grabbed my bookshelf from my living room and dragged it into my dining room instead. then i got the joy of reorganizing all the pyrex again! don't you love doing that? i spent two hours moving pyrex pieces around the shelves until they were pleasing enough to my eye. ;)
a close up of each shelf (pardon the iPhone-quality pix):

then i was just left with my super lovely butterfly gold pieces (and a couple randoms to fill the top shelf) that i kept on display in my kitchen. i wish i had a few more butterfly gold pieces to fill up those shelves but i'm sure with a little more patience, they'll show up. :)
oh, and i do actually use my pyrex so i have some mixing bowls and measuring cups not pictured because they were in the sink! :)
and, finally, out of interest's sake, below is a picture of my collection as of april 3, 2012. it's grown a little in the last six months. :) can you believe i only had 2 butterfly gold pieces and now have over 15?
 - lauren @ the twin oaks place


  1. I love that you have it all mixed up so it's very colorful. I'm a fan of that!

  2. I love how you displayed it! Very nice, Butterfly Gold is one of my favorites also =)
    And I love that you use your Pyrex because I do too and when I tell people that I use them they look at me like I have 10 heads! I hate when people let them site and collect dust, I enjoy mine to the fullest!

  3. thanks, all! :)

    @pyrex junkie, i regularly use the pieces that entered my house already "well-loved" and then use my favourite pieces when i'm bringing food to a potluck or serving a nice dinner. :)

    1. Thats nice to hear! It's really nice to enjoy them!

    2. P.S. I love all your butterfly gold =)