Thursday, October 25, 2012

Is there Pyrex Pixie Dust on Me?

This week I've found some things I've been looking for along time!  I think the Pyrex Fairy has covered me in Pixie Dust! 

It started on Monday at a Goodwill where my hubby found the gorgeous #043 1 1/2 lid...wondering what this is and if it has a cool lid?  Then, at a little shop downtown that is reasonably priced I found the Blue Bird Promo.

Later in the week I checked Craig's List since I've had some great luck.  Well, there was some amazing goodies, and the lady was willing to go down on the price making it a great deal!  When I met her at the grocery store I saw that it was the same lady I purchased from last time!  She is older and very nice.  She said her attic is full of stuff and she posts different things as she gets it out.  She is now going to email me before posting...she called me her "Pyrex Lady". :)  I love meeting great people and getting Pyrex.

Well, she had the Rooster Space Saver which I'd wanted FOREVER, and A Butterprint fridgie (I just need the little guys to complete the set) AND the minty pink fridgies.  I am not much of a pink person (except for my cute #442 Gooseberry that adds a POP of pink in my laundry room), but I sell... so these little beauties are gonna pay for the other things I bought!

Then, I stopped at Goodwill, and almost jumped out of my skin when I spotted the #043 Spring Blossom.  I've had the lid with the flowers for a year.  It came with a clear lid, but since #043 seems to be raining on me this week, I have a use for the clear lid!

Stacey Johnson

Here are the pics:


  1. Great scores!!! I love the promotional one and the pink little fridge dishes! You did great!

  2. Nice finds ! And a great source for the future too. I'm sure being dubbed the "Pyrex Lady" is wonderful. I have a friend who would love the Rooster one (and I would too!), but we've never seen that pattern around here.

  3. You are so lucky! Let me know if you want to do a trade with that amazing rooster dish or those pink fridgies!


  4. I've never seen the Rooseter pattern either! I was so excited :) I do like being the "pyrex Lady" and I'm blessed to have met this nice lady. Erica, I could not part with my Rooster...and one of the antique store owners I work with has been asking me over and over to find her fridgies...I'm afriad they are going to her :( Thanks for the offer to trade though.

  5. I love the Blue Bird promo! Ahh beautiful find!

  6. I'm jealous over the pink fridgies! How nice to be first on that lady's list! She sounds like a treasure.