Friday, October 19, 2012

Golden Bouquet & Flameware

Seems like drought is over!!!!!!!

I wondered into St. Vincents Thrift Store yesterday for a quick look. They rarely have anything in the housewares section worth anything.  Yesterday I got 2 older flameware sauce pans with handles. They have the blue tint to them.  I already used them for making lunch and they are cool. I don't really know to much about them.

My first sauce pans.  Not the ones I really want but they were cheap enough. 

Then I ran over to Salvation Army today. I found this:

Golden Bouquet. It was really dirty. I was scared to try my normal stuff for washing it so I tried something new to clean it. Hopefully that wouldn't hurt the Gold Leaf. Wanna know what I used?

Come over and see at treasuresmyhh.

xoxox Katie

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  1. I love that Golden Bouquet casserole dish. My mom has a brown one that I remember had gold on it when I was little. The gold and a lot of the brown is long gone now.