Friday, October 19, 2012

Pyrex and more

Well I saw one of the other posts on here about the yellow 4 Qt mixing bowl and she got it for a good price. Well I already have the 4 Qt yellow mixing bowl but it is sort of a matte finish and not glossy, maybe from someone using it in the dishwasher? =(
Well, I saw a yellow 4 Qt in a thrift shop a few weeks ago and it was $12! I bought the other one I have for $1.95. So I thought it was a bit pricey so I passed, and then when I went back last week it was gone! I was going to ask the manager if she could reduce the price but now I couldn't. Maybe someone else did. I went to a near by Goodwill and found the exact mixing bowl for $3.00!!! In pretty good shape too.

Also, wanted to show you my Blue Heaven dinnerware set and some of my favorite vintage restaurant ware I bought a few weeks ago at Savers, and my eBay purchase..Anchor Hocking Fire King "Peach Lustre" 2 Qt Casserole and with 4 large custard berry? cups and 4 small custard cups! Really Pretty.

You can see many of my other finds on my blogs and

                                        Pyrex 4 Qt bowl- $3.00



         My awesome "Blue heaven" dinner set. Setting for 6.
          6 Dinner plates, 6 Berry bowls, 6 Snack plates, 6 cups and saucers,
         a platter and sugar bowl. Bought at one of my favorite antique centers
         and bought the whole set for $60. I thought that was a really good price                         
          for this pattern, usually they are priced much higher!

Love these Homer Laughlin restaurant ware soup bowls & dinner plates. Bought these at Savers I bought 5 of both, The girl gave 4 plates and 4 soup bowls for $2.99 for all 4 and the other two were 0.99 cents each! What a great buy!
Has anyone seen these before? because I haven't!

Bought these on eBay. Have not been buying a whole lot on eBay like I used to. Now since I go to thrift shops, eBay is even pricey! But I have not seen a lot of these Anchor Hocking "Peach Lustre" at all in the thrift shops I go too. So I bought this 2 Qt casserole with 4 large custard cups and 4 small custard cups for $22 with shipping! I thought that was pretty good for all of this! 
What do you think?

AND, I bought this about 2 months ago in an antique store in CT. I saw it and was so overjoyed with exciement! First, I saw this same exact cooler on Mad Men (which is my fav show of all time)
and I have been looking for a cooler for awhile and stumbled upon this one. I grabbed it for $65 bucks.

Isn't that awesome?!


  1. This is the mother-load of awesomeness! I am so envious of your Blue Heaven dinner set! I have seen it a few times of my local antique stores but NEVER at a reasonable price! Price gougers!!!
    And your Homer Laughlin plates are FAB-U-LOUS! :)

    1. Denise thanks for the comment! I LOVE the blue heaven set, it is so MAG! =) I love antiques, there so fun to use and look at!

  2. LOVE the cooler. It looks like it is in super great condition. I love Mad Men too. Sometimes I spend so much time watching the backgrounds and props that I miss the actual dialogue and drama!

    1. Thanks! I do too. Mad men is an AWESOME show! I can't wait for season 6 to come out!
      Me too, I see so much Pyrex/antique items it amazes me!

  3. The cooler rocks! I have a green one from the 40's (I believe) and it such an eye catcher! You are going to enjoy that cooler for a long time to come:)

    1. A green one? That must be awesome! I have never seen a green one before..I haven't used it yet but I will when the spring time comes!