Monday, October 15, 2012

From a Tale of Woe to a Tale of "OH!"

Stacey here, following up on my hiding Pyrex misadventure.  It was great to get so much feed back, and I really am thankful for that original comment that made me stop and think.  Here's what I concluded.  Pyrex hunting isn't just about the "hunt", it's about the community of hunters.  It's thinking beyond yourself to the others who share in the adventure. 

Just after the hiding incident, a fellow Pyrex Collective 3 member that I've traded with by mail offered to meet and bring me some Pyrex goodness while she was in my area.  That just confirmed what I've learned.  It's not all about "collecting for ourselves" is about sharing that joy and wealth.

That being said, today I went to the tiny, over-priced thrift store to "unhide" my bowl and put it back.  When I got there, the bin of Christmas lights I put it in was half empty, and there was the bowl totally uncovered.  I picked it up and put it back.  If it's there on 30% on that color day, it is...if not, may another Pyrex lover get it! :)

This is the really cool thing.  A Pyrex "Tree of Life" (I know it goes by other names as well) in mint condition WITH a cradle has been at this same, over-price store for, NO JOKE, a year.  It started out at $40 (are you kidding?).  After 9 months, they finally put it down to $20.00.  Well, I've been looking at it every time I go in, but I didn't want to pay the price and didn't have anywhere with turquoise blue to display.  Well, today it happen to be 30% off in the "collectors" area where this was.  (Don't ask why the Pink Gooseberry in mint condition taht I hid was not in this's priced like it is).  Well, with the discount it was $14.00, AND just today my hubby started painting my dull, ugly laundry room.  What are the colors?  Yellow and turquoise blue!  AND, he removed the doors off of one of the cupboards for display room!  I figure I spend half my life in that room, it should be cheery.  SOOOO....I bought it!  Yipee!

Here it is (Stacey at
and Vintage Values, Modern Times FB page)

PS Thank you Holiday Girl :)


  1. I love it! I have a friend whose favorite saying is "It's all good." That is so true for you! I have been eyeballing a Pyrex Hamilton Beach White Mixing bowl at a local antique store for 3 months now. It was $18 and I kept watching and debating. I decide Saturday I was going to bite the bullet and go get it. Imagine my surprise when the same booth had not one but TWO of these bowls and had marked each one down to $12.50 so I snatched one up and can't wait to mix in it this week. Just love when a plan comes together.

  2. Mamaw Bee - That is the best! Happy Mixing :)

  3. That is one of my favorite pieces!!! I've also heard people call it "Saxony." I just love the vibrant blue and the cute birds on the pattern. Aren't you so happy you waited?

    Also, this laundry room sounds cute! You should post some pictures :)

  4. Brittany -

    The laundry room is in process...and I'm so excited. I will post when it's done.

  5. nice find, my dear! i'll be sure to be in touch next time i'm in the area....


  6. Great piece! Jealous! Haven't been finding what I want lately...

    Posted a couple pieces on my etsy account incase anyone is interested (posting some pyrex inspired jewelry soon--- posted one piece so far for an idea (looks like turquoise snowflake!!):

  7. Wow, that is a wonderful find! I have never seen that piece before (and a cradle too?). The pattern is adorable. I'm going to be on the lookout for one of those now! Good for you and your great deal! I'm glad you are happy about things now:) Thank you for hearing me out and not getting me kicked off of here for sharing my thoughts (although I really had no idea what a reaction I would stir). Happy Pyrexing!