Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pyrex and Vintage Juicit Perfect Pair

Fall is so hard to adjust to, with the change of weather, schedules and priorities.  However, I am still hard at work chasing deals at my local thrifts and estate sales.  My most recent find was a 1960s vintage Juicit machine.  I bought it hoping it would work and praying that it did the job it was intended for.  After all, nothing beats fresh squeezed orange juice with my favorite Fall treat; pumpkin pancakes.

What task in the kitchen would be complete without adding vintage Pyrex to the mix.  You won't wanna miss this awesome vintage machine at work and add it to your vintage wish list. Check my new favorite vintage pair working together Here


  1. That is an awesome thing. I would love to find one of those in the thrift stores!

  2. I have seen many juicers but known like this. Enjoyed visiting and seeing it. What bothers me most in the fall is changing of the time.