Sunday, June 14, 2015

My $1 Finds

As much as I love thrift store shopping, I am so excited that it's yard sale season again. A city close to my dad had over 200 sales listed this weekend, so the boyfriend and I went up and out with him. We didn't hit nearly as many sales as we thought, but I think a lot of people didn't set up because it rained all day Friday and was supposed to rain all weekend. While I didn't get a whole lot, I did find two great pieces for $1 each.

An overpriced thrift store nearby had both the cracker and cookie jars last year for $10 each. I probably picked them up and put them down six times before leaving them behind. This one was only $1, and while it does have some marks on the front, I think I can get them off, and the gold is in great condition.

I also found this medium sized casserole for $1 at a completely different sale that was full of clothing and newer stuff. It didn't have a lid, but it's in good condition and frankly, I have way too many lids floating around in my cabinets already.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and found some good stuff! Head on over to my blog, Pyrex Picker, to check out some of my other weekend yard sale finds.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Great Find, Happy Girl!

I found a beautiful space saver lid on a Friday and then I got a grungy Musical Staff space saver the following Thursday. $3.79 is too sweet to believe and I got her all cleaned up. I'm down to only the Starburst now and I'm not holding my breath.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Wanna Trade?

Hi There!  I've been a member of this page for awhile now and I've done two trades before...awhile ago.  What I have is a mint condition fridgie set minus one of the two small ones.

What I need:
Yellow Dots
Green Dots
Either of the Balloon dishes
The Large Eyes



Friday, June 5, 2015

Seeing Pink!

Hi There!

It's been a REALLY long time since I've written.  I had to share with you what I found today and ask for help in identifying.  Today I stumbled on an Sr. Citizen neighborhood yard sale.  It was so fun to mill around and chat with the people.  It was like a social even for them.  One of my favorite parts of sales is talking to the people and getting the history of items.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted these on a long table in the carport of an adorable 80 something lady's yard.

The sweet lady told me that she won this set at bingo years ago.  I inquired about the lids...I have NEVER seen these metal lids that fit on the top like this.  She said it was great for making jello in and transporting it because of the lids.  Sure enough, the lids say Pyrex on them.  I know that these are Daisy Space Savers, I just wondered if anyone knows if this is always how they came with this lid, or is this some special promotional?

PS  I'll bet you are wondering how much she charged me for the set?  TEN WHOLE DOLLARS!!!!!!  It made my day.

   Stacey at the Gluten Free Pastor's Wife
 Come on over...there's a new post!

PSS  Answered my own question!  It was a promo also had a black wire cradle with it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tablescape with Pyrex

I realized it has been quite a while since I have done a Pyrex post.
Maybe this is because I don't seem to be buying much Pyrex lately,
because I'm lucky to have enough casseroles, bowls and
refrigerator dishes for everything I need. 
But I digress...I came over today to share my latest post
tablescape, since it includes two Pyrex pieces:
Opal Pyrex bowl centerpiece
Blue casserole...I'm not remembering the pattern name.
The Pyrex shares the table with Hazel Atlas platonite
glass pieces.  I mix them often and I think they go together well.

Enjoy & have a great Pyrex day! 


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Welcome March, new Pyrex display and Finds!

I love to change my Pyrex display out every month. I have a small display area in my kitchen next to my amazing 1940s store advertising piece. The display showcases different pieces from my collection throughout the year. Here is my March display!

I was also able to find a few treasure here and there lately. Including this beautiful turquoise 404! You can read all about the Aqua swap meet saga and see more treasures at Happy March!


Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Pyrex Collective & Pyrex's 100th Anniversary

Hello Pyrex people! I'm just writing to let you know that we have just opened up PCIV. I wish we could somehow amalgamate all of these blogs. If anyone can pay off someone at Blogger so that we can do that, or if there's just a simpler way of making this happen, please email me (Canadian Erin) at Here is the link for PCIV Pyrex Collective IV . Thanks again to Jeni of In Color Order for her amazing photography and photo montage.

I am letting Pyrex lovers know about a film that has been made about manufacturing in American. Pyrex features in this film. Please check out the YouTube link and the people behind this project are inviting Pyrex people (us) to fire off any questions regarding Pyrex, including new Pyrex.
Here is the press release information: Pyrex joins a national movement in This Built America that is devoted to supporting American companies and American-made products. AOL is proud to support the effort along with sponsor Ford Trucks. Through the year, the editorial and video teams will explore 50 states in 50 weeks to bring 50 stories of the people who are bringing back manufacturing to America. The platform is produced in coordination with Man Made Content.

Here is the YouTube link:

Pennsylvania's Pyrex: Making Dependable Glass for 100 Years

Please email your questions regarding Pyrex or the film to: me and I will forward the to the powers that be: I will forward questions and repost on all Pyrex Collectives as soon as possible. Happy Pyrexing and keep blogging and reading! Canadian Erin.