Tuesday, November 18, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...found lately

I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to post to the collective in some time. But, better late than never! I wanted to share some of my favorite finds that have made a new home in my collection.

I added the Designs small bowl to complete my set. Found at a flea market waiting for me :)

The Zodiac was also a flea market find. I already had this dish but needed a better lid and the trivet. So the perfect mash-up ensued!

I also found my first piece of Delphite! Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to have the whole set.

Come check out what else I have been busy buyin, junkin @ cherrypickedfinds.blogspot.com


Friday, October 17, 2014

My Halloween display 2013!

Hey guys I'm back! Been a long time things have changed in my life for the better and haven't had the time to go back to blogger (shame on me!) �� anyways I wanted to share my Halloween Pyrex display in my beautiful mid century hutch! Enjoy! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pyrex filled 1950s Geneva Pantry

I recently scored a full set of 1950s aqua Geneva metal cabinets. I recently installed the pantry portion and filled in with all my favorite Pyrex pieces. The story about how I found and took home this amazing cabinet set can be enjoyed at cherrypickedfinds.blogspot.com Enjoy your week and keep Pickin!


Monday, October 6, 2014

Pink Pyrex Cake

I am one of those crazy Pyrex people that actually uses my whole collection daily.  I swear that there is something so totally awesome about vintage Pyrex and I am not talking about just colors and designs.  Vintage Pyrex is the best to bake in!  My niece and nephew were coming over for dinner so I quickly whipped up a square, double layer cake in my pink bakers....both I found at garage sales for .50 cents a piece, summers apart.  The pink Gooseberry was a Goodwill find and it was around $3.99 I believe.

The large green platter was a thrift store find of .50 cents and is made by "Brusche of California" which was a man who designed both for himself and for Bauer ware...Most collectors of Bauer and other mid-century pottery know the story of John Herbert Brutsche. During his time at Bauer he tried to convince management to produce new lines of pottery that were more modern like the pieces being designed by Russel Wright. When this effort was unsuccessful he established Brusche (he dropped the "t") Ceramics in Whittier, California in 1948. By 1950 his line was merged with Bauer, so true Brusche pottery was only produced for a very short time.  They state :Brusche California USA" on the bottom."  I found two, matching large green platters on the same day, in the same thrift store.  Each was .50 cents.  They go for a ton on eBay!  I bought these years back, not knowing the story or their worth.  I just loved Chartreuse green and pottery platters.  I've often wondered what kind of housewife had these two platters back in the day?  They are rather large and maybe she did a lot of hosting parties?  :)


I Spy, From the Corner of My Eye...

I made a quick run through a local antique mall this weekend. I was going to skip one aisle that never has anything good but my spidey sense told me to take a peek. As I was turning around to exit that aisle, what did I spy from the corner of my eye...

Spirograph (sans under plate)

I was pretty excited, I think I said "Oh my" a few times. All I had glimpsed was the lid but that was enough. The dish and the lid are in perfect shape, no scratches, chips, or any other flaws. And the next part? It was $15. When I saw the price I said something a bit stronger than "Oh my"!

Happy hunting!

P.S.: Now that I have the fancy-schmany iPhone 6 and a lot more storage space than my abused 5 I have done nothing but take pictures (I had run out of space on my old phone) and as a result, joined Instagram. You can find me at Jacquelynedinaz.

Monday, September 22, 2014

A Blue Weekend

Husband and I had a quick getaway last weekend. Not only did we relax, eat good food, and ride a roller coaster, but I had two amazing scores via Craigslist and a flea market.

The Blowing Leaves and Turquoise 232 was via Craiglist in a very small town not far from where we went. The Turquoise Scroll was from a flea market. Needless to say I am over the moon happy!

Happy hunting!

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Pyrex Mother Lode!

Do you scour craigslist and estate sale sites for Pyrex? If you do, your a crazy Pyrex collector like me. I am always looking. Most of the time there is nothing but ever so often I get a hit. That is what happened a few weeks ago when I came across an ad on Craigslist.

The ad was for a thrift store company, so I had my doubts. However, I pursued the Pyrex lead like a good treasure hunter/collector. I found the store had a Facebook page that listed the stores number. I called them up to find out more information about the "large Pyrex collection for Sale". The young lady I spoke to on the phone was great. We discussed patterns and what was left to be processed in their warehouse. She said they had tons.

The store is over an hour away so I wanted as much detail about what they had before I decided to make the trek. I am also, at the point in my collection that I've become very selective. The estate the Pyrex came from was from a former dealer. The dealer had a store and it was mostly Pyrex and Corningware. After the store closed she moved everything to a garage. They said they removed anywhere from 600-800 boxes from the garage and it took 2 trucks. OMIgosh can you imagine!

Of course, after hearing everything, I planned to get to the store ASAP. Here is what greeted me when I walked through the door.

Row after Row....

Shelf after Shelf....

Of incredible good condition Pyrex!

To see what I took home come visit me at cherrypickedfinds.blogspot.com