Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Not Pyrex, but a Fire King find

Hi PCIII- SusieQT here from Practice in Time.

I just wanted to pop in today and share my latest find. It's not Pyrex, but Fire King. (Hey, all us milk glass fanatics got to stick together, right?)

Maybe it's heresy around these parts, but besides Pyrex, I do collect a couple Fire King patterns. I'm particularly partial to the hand painted ones, like Peach Blossom- so dreamy mixed with pink Pyrex and jadeite...sigh...


I had a few moments to spare yesterday on my way to work, so decided to stop at a thrift store on the way in. Boy am I glad I did!

In the Halloween rack I found a pair of mens shoes from the 1890s. (Check out my blog for pix of those!)

And then in the housewares section, I happened across one of the more desirable Fire King items yesterday- a Colonial Bands lidded grease jar (think Pyrex Stripes), and wanted to share it with you all:

So what do you guys think- can Pyrex and Fire King (and Glassbake, etc..) coexist, or do you stick to just one brand?


  1. Nice find! I have the shakers that match.

    I have a lot of Pyrex, some Glasbake and a collection of Fire King shakers, mixing bowls and grease jars that I keep separate from the Pyrex & Glasbake. I don't use the Fire King nearly as often, so it's more of a display.

  2. If I like it, I buy it. I even have one or two vintage pieces with no markings, but you can tell they are old.

  3. I only buy Pyrex but that is mostly just a way to limit the quantity I buy... otherwise I would probably buy everything in sight and living in a one bedroom apartment with a toddler.... need to keep the extra (breakable) stuff to a minimum. Although I have seen several of their patterns that I have loved and would have bought if I had had the room.

  4. I am a a fire king and Pyrex buyer now. I actually started with the fire king. I love the mugs.


  5. I pick up Fire King if it's cheap and I like it, but I think when I pull together enough Peach Lustre to make a set out of it, then I'll sell it. I don't think there is a thing wrong with mixing it all up if you love it! Isn't that the reason we all collect? Because (for whatever crazy reason} we just love this stuff ;-)