Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ridiculously Cheap Pyrex

I am still in shock of the cheap prices I have found for Pyrex lately.
I am SOOO not complaining...just in disbelief.
Maybe it's just good luck?

Large Red Hostess bowl, .25. Yes, you read that correctly...25 cents!
I went to an outdoor flea market last weekend and came across an older gentleman's booth where he had a .25 table.
I spotted this beauty right away!
When we mistake older folks for not knowing exactly what their selling...we may be wrong!
After giving him my quarter he said, "you're getting one heck of a deal. I know I could have sold this piece for a lot more. But, it's getting late in the afternoon and I want to get rid of this junk."
Junk?! Really.
I just smiled and speed-walked away before he changed his mind. 

Carafe, .75.
I'm sure you are saying that could be a understandable price at a thrift store.
Well, I bought this at an antique mall! Yep, where price gougers gather to drain our pockets!
Not only was it cheap, it's in near mint condition.

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