Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hits and Misses

Hi there, SusieQT here from Practice in Time! I've been doing a lot of thrifting and no posting lately. (Bad...bad...) But I have bought some Pyrex and thought I'd share it with you all.

First up is a Golden Acorn space saver- full disclosure: I don't collect this pattern, and I really don't even like it (what's with the screen-printed look to the design? So un-Pyrex-like!) But the price was right ($1) and I thought I might be able to resell it in my booth. (Apologies to those of you that do like it; I just don't really go for the gold leaf stuff.)

I'm trying really hard to just stick to patterns that I collect and promotionals, but sometimes finding a good deal gets the best of me. (I am feeling pretty good about myself today, though, since I just passed up a set of Verde casseroles minus the lids at Sally Ann. That was hard to do.)

Then I found this Constellation divided dish yesterday for $3. It's a 1959 promo piece and I do like the atomic starbursts. Not sure if I will keep it though- I have two divided dishes already and they don't stack well for display (always a plus in my book!) It was pretty dirty, but I thought I'd take a chance on seeing if it would clean up.

And after spending a some serious time with Mr. Clean and his magic eraser, I still haven't quite gotten a rust stain off the outer side. I'm beginning to think this one will stay around for a while! My shoulders are actually sore from all the magic eraser-ing...maybe time for something a little stronger. Any advice? The rust mark is right on top of the design, so I can't really do anything too abrasive.


  1. I can't recommend Bar Keeper's Friend enough. My suggestion would be to use a very soft sponge and very gently rub it on as to not mess up the design. Use plenty of water. I've never had a problem with it removing paint when I do it that way. I've also been know to apply Bar Keeper's Friend *with* a Magic Eraser. I know it sounds nuts but the Magic Eraser is so soft that it doesn't add to the abrasiveness of BKF, and it sort of doubles up the stain removing power.


  2. Susie is right, Bar Keepers Friend is great for Pyrex! I have never used a magic eraser, I'll have to try that. Great buys!

  3. I third the BKF!! That stuff has performed miracles on some very bad looking pieces at our house!

  4. I third the BKF!! That stuff has performed miracles on some very bad looking pieces at our house!

  5. Just an update- you all rock!!! BKF did a great job. Like 30 seconds of scrubbing and it was all gone. Beautiful! :)