Tuesday, October 9, 2012

dreams come true

well, it officially happened. my dreams have come true. i wrote about the pyrex dream i had in a post a few months ago, and today it actually came true! i hadn't been in my local thrift store for about four weeks because i had been so upset that there was never any pyrex to be had. well, that all changed today. i found the motherload of pyrex. :)

in fact, there was so much pyrex to be had it will take my three posts to document it all (my haul, what i left behind, my current collection) so i look forward to sharing it all with you!

in this post i wanted to focus on the haul! :) i am SO excited to have found so many pieces. and pieces from collections i had never had the privilege of seeing in person!

can you imagine? this beautiful blue snowflake was nestled inside of a cabinet next to the cash register. it's price tag was $12 but when was i ever going to see blue snowflake again?? so lovely!

and, pink gooseberry? for real? there were actually two of these bowls but they each cost $15 so i could only swing the cost of one of them. some other lucky pyrex collector will be very happy to find the other one. :) i'm so excited to see this pattern. i've dreamed about this one!

i love autumn harvest so i was especially happy to find this small bowl for only $4 and it is in pretty good condition. the little yellow dish is unusual. anyone know anything about it? the colour was in mint condition and just the inside of the bowl needs to be cleaned up a bit. this one was $5 and totally worth it. below these pieces is a butterfly gold dish that i didn't get a stand-alone picture of. it's in mint condition as well but was only $2!! i was so excited because i specifically collect butterfly gold.

another pattern i collect is spring blossom (aka crazy daisy). love these mugs. found them in a cart in one of the aisles for only $0.50 each. and the matching saucers were only $0.10. why can't everything be that cheap?!

and a woodland gravy boat! i have a few woodland pieces so for $2 this little guy was definitely coming home with me.
i'll write more about the pieces i left behind (there were a lot of them!) and what my collection looks like today. i can't even contain my excitement right now!


  1. It appears to be daisy without the daisy lid. nice haul!

  2. Nice haul! A little pricey for a thrift store, but I've succumbed to high thrift prices. Blue dots ($14.99), coral red snowflake space saver ($16.01). There is one particular thrift that overprices their Pyrex. Sometimes it's a good thing, others cringe & leave it behind. Little grandmothers who pick it up & say, "this is a pretty bowl" look at the price & scuff. Anyways, love the Gooseberry! & snowflake!

    And this is the "you never know what you're gonna find". I was gonna walk right by a thrift last week, since I think I've only bought something there 2 or 3 times in over a year & a half... and been there about 40-50 times. Was in a hurry. Stopped in, found a black snowflake space saver & one of my favourite finds this year! You never know..

  3. I agree, the yellow is Daisy. Hope you find the lid...it's darling.

  4. You got some really awesome finds. I can not wait to find the "Daisy" in the thrift stores I go too. So far no luck, but I love all your picks!

  5. You found great stuff! One day you will find the lid to go with your daisy dish and you will skip out of the store!

  6. Fabulous finds! Love the snowflake :) jealous!

  7. Thanks for letting me know about the Daisy lid! :) I wish lids were easier to come by in my town. It seems that every Pyrex dish is lid-less. In fact, I have never ever discovered a patterened lid there. I'm beginning to think that there's a lid-conspiracy. :)