Friday, October 19, 2012

Traveling Finds

I didn't get to hit all of the Goodwill stores I found on my iPhone while traveling.  That's probably a good thing because we might not be home yet.  I only got to stop at two, but I did find something at both of them.

First up was the Goodwill in Bennington, Vermont.  We drove over from NY to get maple syrup and to see the changing leaves.  I found a stack of ten Spring Blossom Green saucers.  One was chipped badly so he got left behind. :(  They were .49 cents each.  I knew that some day I would find cups to go with these saucers.  I have the set of mixing bowls and I love the color and pattern.

On our way back home there was a Goodwill right on the road we were traveling in Delaware.  I looked around and the only thing I saw was a huge mixing bowl.  It looked like someone had taken a sander to it to get the yellow off of the outside of it.  Maybe they didn't know the yellow was supposed to be there?  Anyway I was ready to leave and decided to show my husband the ruined bowl.  When I turned around I saw this and I literally squealed.

I have no idea how I missed this the first time.  I'm sure I looked at everything on that side, but there they were.  The nine saucers were taped together with a $4.50/set sticker as were the four coffee cups.  The salt and pepper shakers, four hook handle cups, sugar bowl and creamer were all loose and were priced individually.  The cashier charged us $4.50 for all of it.  I was thrilled.  Now to find tops for the salt and pepper shakers, and the sugar bowl.

I hit the closest Goodwill today and found some more Pyrex treasure.  I didn't take a picture but I found a small clear glass lid that doesn't fit anything that I have so far, but I'm sure some day I'll need it.  I also found these:

Woodland mixing bowls
The bowl (403) on the left was $1.25 and I have no idea why because there isn't anything wrong with it.  The bowl (402) on the right was $2.25.

10-1/2" Butterfly Gold serving bowl
I got excited when I saw these stacked together, but when I unstacked them at the register to check them and saw that only the bottom was patterned I sighed.  The cashier said she would only charge me $1.50 for all of them so I took them happily.
The last week has been good for filling my china cabinet.


  1. I really love winter frost white. It goes with everything when you need to complete a set. The serving bowls are my favorites. And the hook cups...I have a little obsession with them. I have way more than I could ever hope to use. Maybe if I have a 30person book club...

    Great stuff!

  2. Those woodland bowls are darling. The hook cups always make me think of old TV shows where housewives would come over to borrow a cup of sugar with one of those dangling from their fingers.