Sunday, October 14, 2012

Some of my thrift shop finds...

I bought these at Savers over the weekend. The whole set of mixing bowls. 
This "Spring Blossom" pattern was only $10.96! Isn't that great!?

 1.5 Pt was 0.99 cents
1.5 Qt $1.99
2.5 Qt $2.99
4 Qt $4.99

It is in MINT condition! I love it!

Before I hit the motherload on the spring blossom mixing bowls I found (left) the Spring Blossom mixing bowl by itself at RWB for $3.95 it is a 2  1/2 Qt. 
(Right) is the Spring Blossom Cinderella mixing bowl $2.99.

I have never seen this before in clear glass like this!
I bought these two for $3.95 each. They are the 4 Qt mixing bowls.
There are two different names for them "Colonial Mist" and "White Lace".
Which is the right name?
and what year did this come out? I heard the 1980's.

I normally do not like this "70's brown". But I do like it for thanksgiving. So I picked this Pyrex 4 Qt  Cinderella mixing bowl for $3.95! It is in excellent condition.

This pattern is called "Old Orchard".

I bought this whole set at 2 thrift stores. The custard cups were $2.00 at GW.
The Pie plate I bought at RWB for $2.95! All in mint condition.
Is this made by Pyrex or Fire king? 

Not a whole lot of Pyrex this weekend at the thrifts I go too....Hopefully next friday will be better!


  1. That's the Fire King "Blue Heaven" line.

    Great deal on the Spring Blossom!

  2. I have a couple of pieces of the same Fire King line-a small juice glass and a loaf pan. So far its the only Fire King pattern I really like.

    -Michelle (

  3. WOW!!!! That is so awesome you found a set of bowls in Spring Blossom and some extras! I just started collecting Spring Blossom this summer by accident. My mom picked up a few pieces for me and I haven't turned back! I would love to find a whole set of anything Pyrex. You seriously get THE best deals I have seen so far. Nice work!!!

    1. I love Spring Blossom! I think it is so funky and great to use! I hope you soon have the whole collection of Spring Blossom =)
      Thanks! I really am scoring in CT so far for the past 4 weeks. I always go every friday and sometimes Saturday. This friday I might do an estate sale and thrifting all in one day =)

  4. I love the Fire King Blue Heaven line. So retro! You found some really special finds and great prices! Go you! :)

    1. I adore the blue heaven line too! I have the dinner plates and cups and saucers too by Royal China!

  5. I've never seen the Blue Heaven before, but I would love to find some. I'm crazy about that pattern! You found some great things at low prices, the pyrex gods are smiling on you!

    1. I love the pattern too! It is so atomic!
      I always find awesome finds every fridy at these stores, I never come home empty handed =)