Thursday, February 7, 2013

Verde With Envy!

I picked this Verde casserole set up at Salvation army for $5. They had the smallest bowl with lid marked separately but they have it to me with the other 2, at the price of the smallest (plus a discount). Thank you Salvation Army!

When I first got them they were grimy, had unidentified junk in and on them and just plain gross. Since there were 3 I did a little experiment with different cleaners. 

Before inside, no clue what the sticky at some parts and dry in other parts red stuff is. There was white on the outside too. (?)

After. All clean!

They came clean after figuring out which cleaner worked the best for the stuck on grime (well best out of the 3 I chose). 

If you want to see they experiment come on over to Treasures My Husband Hates.


  1. Checked out your blog; very interesting experiment! I've never tried oven cleaner but definitely will now. Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiment!