Friday, November 29, 2013

PIA - Thanksgiving 2013

So I anticipate there will be many Pyrex in Action posts due to the American Thanksgiving yesterday. 
I love cooking my Pyrex. 

 This is one of the few times I use my Napkin rings. They are one of my favorite Corelle items. 

And of course I used a variety of different patterns.  From Snowflakes to Verde and Old Orchard. I used a little bit of everything some love on my table. 

Everything tastes better in Pyrex, don't you agree? 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter 

Visit my blog for a few tips on cooking with Pyrex. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Turkey Pyrex Eve

Thanksgiving is here and officially begins the busy holiday season. We will gather around tables stuff our faces, nap to backgrounds of football and movies. It is one of the best times of year.

Those are not the only reasons. There is Pyrex of course and the opportunity to put to use on a larger scale my collection. The 404s are great for mixing up a big batch of my grandmas yeast rolls. The pie plates, the casseroles, the divided dishes, fridgies, the Pyrex possibilities are endless.

Recently I had a small resell score. I rewarded myself by purchasing the remaining dot bowls online to complete my set. I also, picked up this 1940s Pyrex Thanksgiving store advertising display. I think it might be one of my favorite pieces. I love old advertising and the way it lets you look through the window of time.
Have a wonderful Pyrex filled Thanksgiving everyone! Check out the rest of my vintage turkey day decorations at

Monday, November 25, 2013

1960 holiday Promo ~ just in time!

Just in time for the holiday season I completed my 1960 Holiday promo.

I found the cradle last weekend at one of my faithful thrifts.

I also happen to stop by a new one and found the cradle to the Golden Leaf promo. Now if only I could find the freaking bowl to match.  I spent a good 45 minutes in the store finding filler itms to be able to use my debit card. I was not leaving without that darn cradle.

You can read see more of what I found over at 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

My Weekly Finds - Yay Fridgies!

I had a pretty good week as far as Pyrex finds.  Nothing mind blowing, but I really have come to not expect that.  Here's what I got.

Best thing was prices, prices were great last week.  I got two 444s for $3.50 an $4.50, can't beat that for the thrift store.  I picked up a 401 Old Orchard as I decided I would get at least one piece from every pattern in a 401.  I have most of the ubiquitous Butterfly Gold, but didn't have the 2.5 QT, so that was cool, now I'm down to needing the divided dish and 401.  I'm getting more T&C lately and now have both the Daisy 444 and 442.  I was super excited about the Autumn Harvest fridgies, I will never pass up a fridgie in good condition.  And lastly, a Homestead 471 for the collection I'm building for my friend.  So though there wasn't anything from my dream list, I was still happy!

I also have been hunting vintage Christmas stuff almost daily.  If you like that kinda stuff, you can see some of my finds at my blog including the latest of  the 3 ornament wreaths I recently made here.

(Hopelessly addicted),


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Butterfly Gold and Woodland

One of my husband's aunts is downsizing to move closer to family and I am the happy recipient of some of her old Pyrex.  I'm getting really excited about my Thanksgiving table now!  I picked up some Butterfly Gold plates a few weeks ago when I found the Old Orchard piece, so with these new bowls, it's all coming together.

His aunt also brought a ginormous box of vintage Santas and a box of Christmas ornaments.  I see a vintage Christmas ornament wreath in my future!  xxxxxxLisa

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lucky in Pyrex

I have added a few special pieces to my collection lately. I have seen a lot of Pyrex lately! Which is always a good thing. Here is one of my best finds in all her glory. Complete with lid!

I love when I find Pyrex in mint condition. It always makes my heart smile. I have been thrifting a lot lately which I guess has increased the odds of me finding more stuff. The main reason for my dedication to the thrift stores lately has been my desire to create one of those vintage ornament wreaths. Which I did and took on a life of its own! I currently have hot glue everywhere lol! To see the outcome of my Ornaments Gone Wild Party check me out at


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Drips and Drabs

It's been a bit of a Pyrex desert here lately, despite my very best efforts and very best hunting. I did find an Autumn Harvest 475 at Goodwill but left it behind because I already have it and just didn't feel like storing a second until I get my little shop up and running. I'm likely going to sell or trade the one I have, anyway.

I'm convinced because I live in the west our thrifts are not as good. We simply don't get as much "old" stuff since the population tends to be newer, and even when we do have retirees my husband thinks they downsize prior to moving here. Yard sale season is at an end as well, there wasn't a single post on Craigslist for any kind of sale. There's still the few professionally run estate sells and the estate sale store but those have been dry as well.

Whining over, though, because despite hitting just about every thrift store in the greater Old Pueblo area I did find two things, both by a total fluke.

The Pink Daisy 548 space saver was acquired at an antique fair. The alarm went off, I rolled over, and went back to sleep. My husband prodded me out of bed by reminding me the location was only about ten minutes away, and I could just put on a hat, walk in, peruse, and be done. I did just that and the first table I went to had the space saver. I talked her down from her reasonable start price (it never hurts to ask, as my dad says) so I was happy, even if I was still rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

The Fire King bowl, well, it's been sitting in a case at the Humane Society thrift store for about two months, likely due to the price. I told myself I would get it when it went half off. Today I was dropping off a donation and said a silent hello to the bowl. Well, luck (?) was on my side and it was half off. I love these Fire King bowls, I have two of the tulip ones as well. They are just so pretty!

Hopefully my luck will change soon but I take solace in the thought that if my luck is poor someone else's must be good. Yay for that person!


Monday, November 18, 2013

Bits and Pieces - My Thrift Store Finds Last Week

Here to report my weekly Pyrex finds.  Not much--odd bits mostly.  But that's better than nothing at all! 

The highlight of my finds is the spirograph patterned lid!  That made my heart skip a beat!  I've been searching for a Pyrex cradle, I just wanted to find one at least one!  And I did, the one that holds the bowl I would love to have(Christmas Golden Leaf). There's one at an antique mall I visited recently to check out Christmas decor , I dare not inquire how much the bowl is, they missed tagging it.  I have plenty of 404s I can use it with.  I picked up a Fire King custard cup--I'll buy any of these patterned cups when I see them which is rare

The 503 refrigerator dish I got (yay) I assumed was primary yellow.  But when I got it home I was questioning it, so I put it next to a primary yellow one I have.  These look like two distinctly different colors, the other is more of a peachy buttery yellow.  It's closer to the color of Shenandoah, but still not exactly the same.  Whadaya guys think?  Where does this 503 belong?

Thankfully I'm also scouring vintage Christmas decorative and craft stuff, so finding little Pyrex isn't as disappointing.  I made my first vintage ornament wreath this week.  So fun!  If you like that kinda stuff and want to see what I was up to last week, you can visit my blog here.

(Hopelessly addicted),


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Butterprint, Old Orchard, and 1950's Turquoise Dinnerware

Hello all!  I've been lurking on this blog for quite a while and this is my first time posting.  The pickings have been slim at the thrift stores lately, but I've managed to find a couple pieces:
I got a minty Butterprint at Goodwill for $4.25.

My local thrift had this Old Orchard piece for $3.00

Over the summer I bought a console at an estate sale.  I had planned on using it to house some of my Pyrex, but my husband (who has more collections than I do) was faster than me and loaded it up with action figures, comic books, and his Carnage and Venom masks.  I had a chance to reclaim it this week and it is now dedicated to the 1950's Pyrex turquoise dinnerware I found in May.

Sorry the color in that first pic is so off. Here's a better picture of the dinnerware as I first found it.

 I've enjoyed writing my first post and I hope to be back soon with more Pyrex finds.  xxxxxxLisa

Pink, blue and a promo

Got a few little scores last week.  Nothing much has been surfacing here. I skipped out on the antique flea market today that would have been a guaranteed source of Pyrex. I took the morning instead to sleep in as it is the first time in 5 years I could, in my own bed (kid stayed with his grandpa!) I figured someone else could use a good score.

 I don't know why but the horizon blue looks so great with my friendships. 

Check out the rest of my blog for more treasures.

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

OMG Balloons (and other items)

Sans child for an afternoon, husband and I went to a couple antique malls. Usually we stay away but there are a few booths at both that have reasonably priced Pyrex, and by that I mean, on par with some of our thrift stores. Plus, husband is proposing I do my own booth at one as I keep hauling stuff in the house that I find for a song at yard sales and such, so he wanted to do some sight observation so we could get ideas for how we'd undertake this endeavor. I have to do something with my Pyrex doubles, as it is impossible for me to walk away from a very low-priced item. And Pyrex isn't all I haul in, sigh.

The first stop had the usual outlandish boot prices: $100 for a set of Flameglo, $50 for a set of Spring Blossom Cinderellas, and $18 for two Snowflake Garland small casseroles, no lids. I was starting to lose hope as the stock at the "lower priced" booths was the same as our last visit. Then I rounded a corner and saw the Balloons 444 for $18. Yes, pricey, but I am willing to pay it for this most coveted piece.

All I could say walking back to the car, bowl tightly clutched to my chest, was OMG Balloons. I think my husband was happy as well since this print is high on his must-have list. I took it home, cleaned it up (this picture is before the cleaning), and am now proudly displaying it.

Also pictured is a Yellow Stripes 402 I got at the other antique mall. The booths there also have a range of prices, including one booth where I think the seller must sniff paint fumes. Seriously, the prices are that high, I'm talking $10 for an Early American 501, sans lid; the stock at that booth never, ever changes (I wonder why). Anyway, I once again rounded a corner and saw this Yellow Stripes 402, it was reasonably priced and is in near-perfect condition. I compared the ask price with some completed sale prices on ebay and there you have it, it became mine. I always knew my smart phone would come in handy.

I also hit the Autumn Harvest and Butterfly Gold 1 motherlode the other day at a Goodwill. The below are all duplicates for me so I will be selling or trading these. I just.can' I can't.

I find a lot of Butterfly Gold and Autumn Harvest at the thrift, likely because they are newer prints. However, it is only a matter of time until the drips and drabs of the older stuff I occasionally find becomes a flood, right? I'd settle for a stream to tell you the truth!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Help Needed: Can you ID this Lid?

Hi everyone,

I was at the flea market yesterday and I came across this round Pyrex casserole lid with a gold star. I picked it up for a dollar even though I didn't know what dish it goes to. I've never seen one like it and my internet searches haven't been successful. Does anyone know what this lid is to? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My First Estate Sale Experience

I had never been to an estate sale until this past weekend.  Found out from my neighbor that our neighbor is into vintage and we finally hooked up to talk about it and do a little show and tell.  She goes to estate sales by herself, but was excited by idea of me tagging along.  It's slow this time of year here, but that is probably just as well as I must say, the first one was kinda weird for me--the idea of rummaging around a house that didn't belong to me made me feel unsettled.  I wasn't nearly as aggressive as other folks.    We worked well as a team--she's a Fire King fan, so no competition there and the only thing we hunt for alike is vintage Christmas kitsch, but we are both so laid back and flexible I couldn't imagine this being a problem.  We would pick up things we knew the other was looking for.  We are both in it for the fun of it, not interested in selling, so it was relaxed and fun.  I didn't find much but I did come home with something.

I got each of these 475 casseroles with lid for $2 a piece.  The Homestead 444 I got at the thrift and needed it for the collection I'm building for a friend.  It would have been a supper measly week had I not gone to the estate sales.

I did my weekly scouring of vintage Christmas kitsch and craft supplies, if you like that kinda stuff you can see it at my blog here.  I also have a post on recycling old closet doors into shelving for my vintage kitsch display here.

(hopelessly addicted),


Thursday, November 7, 2013

I have been called a lot of things, yes crazy is one of them!

Pyrex crazy that is! I have had several moments of pyrex insanity lately. The first was a small photo on an estate sale website that had the edge of what looked like a chip and dip set. I blew the photo up and it looked like it might be. Turquoise in color.

I looked up the address and it was not too far so I went. Sounding like a pretty normal pyrex hunt so far? Well, hold on to your seats. This is where the story gets a little wonky. I went 3 hours early and sat in the car! Nuts, I know. So much so that a few people in the neighborhood came up to the car to see if I was ok. Lol I have been to some sales earlier than that before but only in the morning time. However, this sale started in the middle of the day. It just added to the weirdness.

I finally get out of my car about 1.5 hours before the sale starts and proceed to sit outside the house all by myself forEver. I was #1! Of course. Finally about 1/2 hour before the sale people started lining up. Then the doors opened.

I quickly asked where is the kitchen. I nearly missed it by turning the wrong way and got there a split second before #2 was right behind me. The only thing crazier than standing 3 hours in line for what you think might be Pyrex would be losing out to #2. Who by the way was breathing down my neck and finally said are you going to take all the Pyrex? To which I sweetly replied, of course:))))

Check out my haul. In the box!

Amazing and crazy! You can check out the rest of my stash at


Flowers rock!

I have actually had some luck lately.
 Not all was bought, some of it I traded for. 

Found at Salvation Army. 

Did a local trade with a wonderful woman. 

  Nothing special. Except there was one thing I really wanted and my husband would not let me buy it. 


You can see that over at

I hope your men never stop you from buying something super cool. 

Happy Hunting! 
Treasure Hunter

Never too Early for Holiday Cheer

I know it's only early November, but I've been swooning lately over all the photos I've come across of other people's holiday-themed Pyrex pieces and displays. I just recently came across this petite little 1 pint Snowflake Blue dish, and I think it is so perfect for the winter and holiday season: 

I managed to score this piece at one of the local Goodwills in my area, but usually finding any Pyrex here is rare. I often window shop on Ebay, and there are a few holiday pieces I can't keep my eyes off of. I've thought about buying one for myself as an early gift, but I hate paying those crazy Ebay prices!

What about you? Do you have a favorite winter or holiday themed piece of Pyrex? 

Monday, November 4, 2013

My Finds for Last Week - And a Freebie!

It was a sad week for Pyrex for me last week.  There was a lot of DWDs and the little bit of stuff that was in nice condition wasn't for me.  Best thing I got was from my neighbor who more recently learned of my Pyrex addiction. 

Two loaf pans, one in Verdé the other tan and a square Verdé pan that I have already, but this one is minty.  One sad little pink 501 which I got for the lid. My neighbor gave me the Daisy 043 with basket!!!!

I did have a good week of shopping Christmas vintage you can see here if you like that kinda stuff!

Hoping for a better Pyrex week this week!

(hopelessly addicted),


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Recent Finds…I've Had a Stroke of Luck

I've been busy thrifting and hitting yard/estate/garage sales. It's just starting to cool down here (as in, it was 86 the other day) so the sales are plentiful, people are cleaning out their stuff and heading to the donation centers, and oh yes, I went to my first flea market (who knew there is one way out in the country the first Sunday of each month? I sure didn't). After my last post in which I marveled at the recent inflated thrift store prices I have found I was relieved to enter back into the realm of reality.

If I had one Pyrex superpower I would say it is finding lids. Here's proof…I have five, yes five, extra 502 lids, most of which are the older version. One I even got for free. That was a good day. I actually ended up finding bottoms for the two 470 lids a few days later. I amassed these lids over two weeks. I have taken to calling myself the Lid Whisperer.

I'd had a drought at the thrifts and sales until last Saturday. First up was an estate sale where I picked up the Spring Blossom, Butterprint, and Daisy. It's not the best picture but clearly I was excited. Then, that afternoon we stopped into a Goodwill en route to my in-laws' house. Finding this Butterfly Gold 501 for $1 was pretty exciting, given how much Goodwill has been charging these days in my neck of the woods.

How about some embroidered tea towels for $1 each? Or the old school sifter (circa 1950s I think) for $3? Then there's the lime 221 and 22, for $7 each. Steep, but they jumped in my cart and came home with me. I was also thrilled to find this Golden Pine space saver, it's the first one I have ever seen. The leaf is still in good shape, especially on the lid.

Feeling lucky yesterday little miss and I hit the thrifts while my husband stayed home to knock out some projects. I'm not a huge fan of Autumn Harvest but he likes it so I brought them home. Yes, that's another lid, the free one I got from random empty-lot-turned-swap-meet; I asked how much, the proprietor asked what it was, I told him a Pyrex lid, he said take it. The pixies were a fun find as well. The lamp, well, I have a weakness for lamps, I got it at a yard sale that morning. But the apron, that was my favorite of this bunch. It was a whole $2.

And here's what I found at the flea market today. The little shakers are actually mini Ball mason jars and were used by salesmen back in the day to store product samples. The cutlery is a Girl Scout camping kit my daughter got for free from a very nice vendor who found out she is a Girl Scout when talking with her.  

Now, I still left a lot of Pyrex behind at the thrifts. Some was DWD, some too scratched, chipped, or abused. Some were patterns I don't collect and really don't need to haul into my house, so I thought I'd leave them for someone who really wants them. I feel like I've grown up as I used to just grab anything and now I have definitely exercised some restraint. I guess that is progress. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

YELLOW FREAKING DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh...a feast for the eyes

I was on a hot streak with Pyrex over the summer--I found several beautiful pieces in thrift stores, and my lovely mother-in-law gave me an entire box that she'd been collecting. I got lazy about posting here, though. Then, by late summer, it was like a Pyrex-plague hit the thrift stores (or something...too tired to make up a clever simile). What I'm trying to say is, it was and has been grim for the last couple months. Nothing in my usual stores; even Goodwill, which usually has a few pieces in stock, only featured dishwasher-destroyed or chipped ones.

But today, that all changed. I walked down the two aisles at GW that usually feature Pyrex and didn't see anything good. I glanced at the bowl section more casually, ready to give up, and did a whiplash-worthy double-take when I glimpsed the Yellow Dots. I snatched it up, prepared to pay $6.99 or whatever they've been charging lately for Pyrex at GW. IT WAS ONLY NINETY-NINE CENTS, PEOPLE. Ninety-nine cents! Here in Seattle, and especially at our thrift stores, that kind of price doesn't come along very often. I had to stop myself from cradling the bowl like a baby for the rest of our shopping trip. It's a little flea-bitten but the dots are shiny. SO SHINY.

My husband, despite being a total Pyrex convert (I still laugh when I remember his texts about "Lucky in Love"), does not get the New Dots thrill. But man oh man--I do. If there has to be a Pyrex drought--and this one has been long and dry--then I couldn't have asked for a better way to end it than my beloved, dirt-cheap Yellow Dots. Hooray!

~Margaret Ann