Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year Pyrexians!

2013 was a good year.

 I found many "holy grail" pieces.
 You all would consider these "holy grails"

"Eyes" Chip and Dip
Starburst Space Saver

I also found a few other things that make my heart flutter. 
Venture over to Treasures My Husband Hates to see those.
Until next time:

Happy New Year!
 May 2014 be filled with joy and Pyrex.  

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

Monday, December 30, 2013

My Weekly Thrift Store Pyrex Finds and a Christmas Present!

I have to start by saying I have too much Pyrex!  I decided I'd part with some of it and give it to the charity that saves animals from being euthanized and cares for them until they find them a forever home. They don't receive the volume of donations of places like Goodwill and St. Vincent, so they are going to be the charity that gets Pyrex, Corelle and vintage collectibles we part with this year!  I hauled a couple boxes over and they were very happy for the donation--one of the ladies said to one of the younger employees "it's Pyrex!".  I had as much fun giving it away as I had finding it! 

It seems like the Pyrex gods rewarded me for actions. Here's what I got.
All kinds of stuff!  I got the Pink Gooseberry from my MIL for Christmas--I was so thrilled!  That collection is painfully slow, I get maybe one piece a year.  I am collecting some of Town & Country as it has been falling in my lap lately, a 043 and the second 501!  The divided dish is for my Butterfly Gold collection which is getting nearer to completion.  My second Blue Snowflake Garland fridgie, now I have two 501s. My first Horizon Blue casserole.  I got the Autumn Harvest casserole, I could have picked up Cinderella mixing bowls, but I'm drawing the line on that.  I had a Zodiac or I should say hubby did but this one is in better condition and it was $1.80, so I got it.  Three days later we went back and I found the lid for 45 cents--I was sooooo happy to get the lid! The pie pan is Desert Dawn, I grabbed the Daisy lid as I have a collection in progress--my friend gave me the 2.5 quart casserole and divided dish bottom for my existing lid for Christmas.  Lastly, a Blue Doily lid, only because it came on top of the Butterfly Gold divided dish I need, I'll likely donate that back paired with the New Holland bottom--it works together at least.  Phew! Good heavens!  I can't believe how much I hauled this week!  And prices for all were great except the fridgies, but they are so hard for me to find and I wasn't going leave without them!

I posted my last and current Pyrex display on my blog if you wanna peek here.  I'm a girl that likes to play with her Pyrex!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spring Blossom Fridgie set

I think not only our weather, but Pyrex is trying to make spring come way to freaking early.

Yesterday I stopped at a few antique malls. One had just about every booth on sale. I did not notice until I was half way done. The signs were all up so high and I am short so I missed them. I had to go back through the entire thing. What a shame (please notice the sarcastic tone in my writing, there needs to be a font for that) I was on the phone with my mom and  I found this 503….. at a really good price (dude and on sale). AND he had his lid!

And now my set is complete. 
Lets hope I can finish more of my Spring Blossom in 2014. 
I hope you have some luck.

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Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Fetus!

Merry Christmas!
I hope your day was a wonderful one
 filled with family and joy. 

I hope you got some awesome Pyreax and look forward to seeing it all. 

I scored one piece from my mother in law. 
She is wonderful. 


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Happy Hunting, 
May your year end with a bang, 
but not Pyrex banging, keep those lovelies safe!

Treasure Hunter

Monday, December 23, 2013

My Weekly Finds and My Santa Present!

I did find Pyrex this week!  There was actually quite a bit out there (that I didn't want or need).  A lot of Old Orchard especially.  Here's what I got....not everything in the picture.

First the Santa present, probably obvious...Golden Leaf.  Hubby and I went to an antique mall together that he had not been to and I showed him the bowl and he grabbed it and put it under his arm.  It was $18 and I wouldn't pay that, but he insisted it is his Christmas present to me.  I found the cradle last month so now I'll be on an aggressive search for the lid!

Speaking of lids, I got a lid for my Golden Acorn 548 Space Saver!  First Space Saver lid I have ever run into.  I was so absolutely thrilled.  Earlier this week I posted that I found the 664 lid to my round 4 quart Spring Blossom!  I got two Shenandoah casseroles now I have 471, 473, 474 and 475.  I also found a blue 2.5 quart casserole that I thought was Blue Snowflake Garland, but then when I paired it up I could see it wasn't a match and it actually looks like the New Holland.  Oh well, I guess these things happen (they don't do returns.)

I've been thrifting aggressively everyday for vintage Christmas decorations and posting at my blog here.  That's been going pretty good!

(hopelessly addicted),

Pyrex I did not buy!

Almost the end of the year. I saw so much I didn't buy. I have come to that stage. I don't want/need a bunch anymore. Do not get me wrong I LOVE Pyrex, but I do not want to have  rooms and rooms of Pyrex sitting around. I like to look at my stuff and use it. 

So here is the some last of it and where to find it. 

Snowflake divided dish
Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Again I have this one. And again when I went back the next day it was gone. I don't understand why they price so high. I know they have percent off days, but some one. No one thinks they are getting a deal at $15.

Early American 444
Salvation Salvation Army, Long Beach, CA

Even though this is priced not as a collectable they still priced it way to high.  The funny thing is they had two other 444s and they were priced at $15 each (do we see a pattern!). Wonder why this guy, to them, is worth less. Maybe because it has a design on it? Ugg

You can see more of what I left for you over at 

Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting

Treasure Hunter 

Any other Seattlelites feel like their Pyrex-collecting days are over?

This is very region-specific, but seriously...what happened to the endless, gorgeous supplies of Pyrex in Seattle? I haven't found anything since Yellow Dots. I mean, granted, Yellow Dots was the score of the century as far as my Pyrex collection goes, but still.

Here is a picture of the nothing that I've found.

I have to assume that all the good Pyrex is being snapped up the minute it appears on the thrift store shelves by people like me, which is fine. I know I'm not the only collector. But sometimes it almost seems like Pyrex doesn't even get put on the shelves anymore. I haven't seen a piece of it in St. Vincent de Paul or Deseret Industries for months. At my local Goodwill, there are a couple DWD pieces that have lived there for months on end. It's just a bummer. 

I've got a very satisfactory collection now--way more than I need--but sometimes I just miss that little thrill of spotting a pattern from halfway across the store, having the world go silent except for the sound of my breathing and my cape flapping as I fly across the store--Super-Pyrex-Woman, on her way to rescue another piece of Pyrex from being washed in the dishwasher, chipped against other thriftstore crockery, or just not sufficiently admired. You know that feeling, right?

Any other Seattle people experiencing the same problem? If not, I'm happy for you. No need to divulge your sources--just give this lady some hope, please!

-Margaret Ann

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Estate Sale Divide & Conquer

I have been looking for a 024 forever, especially since I have three extra lids for this particular piece. Husband and I went thrifting Thursday and I spotted a 024. I sped walked over to pick it up and flip it over, only to see this:

Sigh. I didn't even feel inclined to rescue it and try and clean it up. We hit six stores that day and all I came away with was three 470 lids, which are always nice to have.

But my luck was about to change, as that evening I perused the estate sale postings. The previous weekend we had shown up to a sale so I could grab a Gooseberry 473. Well, we didn't show up early enough and though I was in the door pretty early it was scooped up by the time I made it in. Then I saw it in the hands of the person who got it and while happy for her, felt sad for me as it was so, so pretty.

All this to say as I perused the postings I found two sales worth a visit. As they were on opposite ends of town I knew there was no way I could do both. So I turned to husband and asked if we could divide and conquer. He agreed, then I asked if he could go to the farther done. He agreed…then I asked if he could show up no later than 6:30 to get a number, which would mean leaving out house at 6:00. He did a huh? face until I showed him what I was after. Then he agreed. In the meantime I decided to go to the other one with our seven-year-old daughter. We got there at 6:40 and were number 15. My heart kind of sank. To kill time until the 8:00 start time we went to Dunkin' Donuts, where I got a text from my husband that he too was number 15 for his 8:00 sale. Apparently at the sale he was at someone showed up at 2:30. 

Well, this wouldn't be a post unless I had good news to share, right? We were both successful! My sale was kind of vicious, though; it had a lot of WWII memorabilia and I truly saw a man dive over a couch to get ahead of civilized people who were orderly and walking (though walking fast!). Husband's sale was full of penguin items, yes penguins.they were everywhere, figurines, wall hangings, knick knacks, you name it, it was in every single room, he said the preview pictures did not do the penguin insanity justice. While people were scooping up the penguins one other woman ahead of him was in the kitchen grabbing all the bowls, but she completely ignored a set.

The Fire King Tulips! I thought for sure they would be marked at $75 or higher, especially since the company running the sale tends to price Pyrex and other coveted items at retail prices, but nope, they were much, much less. Meanwhile I was busy getting my long-coveted 024, in turquoise, with lid! Everything is super, super minty. And yes, I got a honeycomb turkey as well; I have been looking for one forever and I was thrilled to find this. My daughter got some geodes, my husband hit a second sale on his way home and got some tools, so our little household was well satisfied. 

Happy holidays!

I did a complete inventory of all my vintage Christmas ornaments and kitsch finds, you can read about it over on my blog if you are in to that kind of thing. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Recent Thrift finds

Hello Friends, Merry Christmas! SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I have a few thrift finds to show you. I haven't been able to blog much lately due to camera problems, but I'm still here and still shopping, so let's catch up a bit!

I didn't think I would like Woodland, but it has grown on me. Just the mixing bowls, though. I can still pass on the casseroles and such! These were really reasonable ($8 for the three) so I picked them up. I am trying to find some solid blue Horizon bowls to mix it with- I think a blue and brown set would really look sharp. The one on the right is an Americana fall colors 403, which I definitely love. Gonna have to find the rest of this set!

And speaking of fall colors, I found almost all of the Autumn Harvest Cinderella set the week before Thanksgiving!  In a thrift store- I mean, who donates these things the week before turkey day? Everything but the rust colored 442, and they were in great condition for $12.99. I am almost done with my AH- just need this 442 and the 402 from the mixing bowl set. I also treated myself to an early Christmas present and bought a fridgie set on Etsy for a super price.

I also found 3/4 of the primary fridge set with old-style lids for $10! I happened to have an extra yellow 503 laying around, so that completed my second set of these. But I don't have the space to keep both, so these went to my booth. I usually sell only individual pieces there, so this will be my first time trying to sell a completed set. Wonder if it will sell quickly or take awhile?

I got really lucky right after Thanksgiving- I was in a little tiny town that had a ton of junk shops and found my first ever 933 lasagna pan! It was only $6, but I am not a fan of Butterfly Gold, so I ended up trading this one. I also found a red 404 for $8 which I am keeping- and don't have a photo, but you all know what they look like. I was stoked to find one because I have been *thisclose* to buying one online for a while now.

Well, that about sums up a month of thrifting! :)
Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah or Kwanzaa!

444 portraits

A girl can only take so much academic paper-writing before she needs a creativity break. So, I decided to snap a few photos of some beautiful bowls this morning; the hot air balloons bowl that you see below (the one on the top of the stack) was just sold yesterday and I’ll be shipping it (along with the rest of the chip and dip set it’s a part of) to its new owner later today. At any point in time I have some vintage Pyrex in my home, but I absolutely love these three large bowls. They’re my 3 favorite patterns (hot air balloons, pink gooseberry, and turquoise butterprint) so I had to get a portrait of them together before they go their separate ways.

You can visit foresthillsvintage.com to see more from my personal blog!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spring in December!

Christmas has come early for me. 
Merry Christmas to myself. 
 I am managing to complete sets this year. YAY!

I picked this 404 up today. Completes my Spring Blossom 400 series. 

Not Pyrex but I know a bunch of you love these things. 
I do too. A ceramic Christmas tree. 
Stupid cheap at Salvation Army. 

To see the rest of what I scored you can always check me out over at

Hope your holidays are filled with many good hunts!

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Pyrex Winter Wonderland

Many of us collectors enjoy switching out various pieces of our Pyrex collection from time to time. I know I enjoy doing this when the seasons change. I live in a very small 1920s bungalow and displaying my Pyrex is many times met with a dilemma over space. Over the years, I have created designated areas for my collection to be displayed. One such area is my beloved 1940s kitchen hoosier.

It makes me smile when I see it and holds most of my Pyrex collection. A close up of my winter display.

I am love sharing Pyrex with you here and other vintage finds over at cherrypickedfinds.blogspot.com This month I'm doing a vintage Christmas Countdown with a new post everyday! Can't wait to see what holiday Pyrex surprises your family and friends have in store for all of you in the coming weeks.


Small Find, Big Excitement!

I usually post my thrift store finds on Mondays, but I don't have anywhere to stage my finds right now with Christmas decorations and crafting occupying all the surfaces in my house!  I know my hubby thought I was a little weird when I got all excited about a lid, yes a lid, but not any lid--the 664 lid!

I've had this Spring Blossom 664 for a couple years I think, and I keep my eye open for a lid along with a lid that fits 404s.  I wasn't sure when I first spied the lid--I picked it up to look closer.  (I hadn't looked at the online picture in a while).  I see so many of these large round lids that have Mexico on them and it was different from that so I picked it up.  Phew!  Glad I didn't overlook it!  I'm glad this is one less thing I have to look for!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Weekly Finds - Hunter Green Snowflake!!!

I wasn't going to post this week, I only had one find.  We had a snow storm and I couldn't get out for days.  I was able to go thrifting the past 4 days, didn't find anything until this afternoon.

I only found two of these items...a turquoise 024 (yay!!!) and a 043 snowflake in hunter green!  I put it on top of my blue snowflake so you can see the color difference.  I almost left it on the shelf but hubby kept looking at it.  I said, it looks destroyed and he was like "umm, well, umm" I looked at it again and we both commented how shiny the paint was.  It was grimy, I took it home and washed it and it is very shiny no doubt.  I'm guessing this is a 2nds where the color was off.  What do you guys think? Here's a close up photo.

It's not what I was hoping for but it is different!  I've been thrifting a lot looking for vintage Christmas stuff as well.  If you like that kinda stuff you can see it at my blog here.  I haven't posted my finds for today, it's next on my list!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Friday, December 13, 2013

Cabinet Shots and A Question

I get the biggest kick out of opening my cabinets and seeing all the glorious Pyrex!  I took these pictures while I was searching for my husband's favorite cereal bowl.  And speaking of husbands, mine keeps asking me what I want for Christmas.   I know without a doubt it's gonna be Pyrex.  I've been looking around eBay but I was wondering if you all had any suggestions?  Holiday Pyrex would be awesome but really, I like just about everything. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pyrex Around My House (Holiday-Themed Displays)

I've been a busy bee, staging my favorite Pyrex for display…after the holidays are over I will have some fun rearranging some of this!

I made the snow globes!

More snow globes. I went a little crazy.

This is a shined up DWD fridgie. The little ceramic tree is actually a lighter from the 70s, the top comes off and the bottom layers are ashtrays. My husband found it at a thrift store.

Thrifted display case with a railroad bill of ladle from the 20s on the back. The only eBay buys here are the Friendship. I still  have not seen a single piece in the wild. Except for the sock monkey and my husband's mini chairs collection, everything else was thrifted, found at flea markets, or yard/estate sales.

Blow mold Santa without a light, and a ceramic tree sans light as well. They are watching over my turquoise pieces. At less than $1 each I couldn't leave them behind. 

Golden Pinecones space saver. It's hanging out on the sideboard between the Keurig and the cake stand. The lid is in really good condition, though it's hard to tell in the lighting when I took this picture. I don't think this is the right cradle but it works for me! 

Happy Holidays!

I have some fun vintage and kitschy finds on my blog…including Santa heads on a stick. Yes, Santa heads on a stick.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Autumn Harvest - Complete!

I love the brown colors of Pyrex. 

 I had a little christmas shopping to finish up and since I was told I could not come home until I was called due to the boys wrapping gifts, I took the time to hit up a few thrift stores.

I managed to finish my set of Autumn Harvest.  I found the little 441 a while ago at Goodwill. Then I last weekend I found the 444-442 at Salvation army paied with a woodland 441. 

Score for me! I like the set all together, it just screams "go jump in the leaves."

 You can see what else I came home with over at Treasures My Husband Hates

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter 

My Weekly Pyrex Finds

Well, I did find some Pyrex last week even though I only got to go out locally--twice.  This freak winter storm has had us stuck in the house the past 3 days and I doubt we will go out today as the roads in the neighborhood are packed with snow and ice and we don't have 4-wheel drive.  It's been in the single digits at night, we are hoping to see temperatures as high as mid 30s IF they are right.  It's been colder than forecasted for the past few days. It's hard going cold turkey, I was a little blue over it yesterday. Anyway...here's what I did get!
I got a Dandelion promotional which I really like.  Price was $3.75, not too bad.  The Woodland was sold as a set at a thrift I don't like to visit because it seems like the same junk sits there forever.  The entire set was $5.60, that was a deal as far as the thrifts here go.  Always happy to find a fridgie lid, can never have too many of those.

I've been doing Christmas stuff at my place and posting on my blog  here.
I'm missing hunting for Christmas goodies too while I'm stuck at home--sigh.

(hopelessly addicted,)


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Welcome Home

I am slowly but surely moving things over to my fiancĂ©'s apartment, where my beautiful pyrex collection now resides. I have my butterfly gold for everyday use, and my turquoise for special things like holidays. 

Today I ran errands with my parents, who both whole heartedly support my pyrex addiction... We stopped to 2 antique stores. Sone other things that I left behind were an early american cinderella set $65, square flowers 475 for $6, and random little pieces. Somehow, the scroll was only priced at $9! I chit chatted with the lady about a sign that said "free kittens" (loooovvee cats as much as pyrex lol but I can't collect those too). Because we had such a nice conversation, she even gave me a bit of a discount. $8 scroll with lid, no tax.

I also got this tulips casserole for $5 at the other place, as well as a cake pan for $2!

Happy hunting!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Elf on the Pyrex shelf

I found a set of these Pyrex snowflake beakers this summer. It makes the perfect addition to my holiday decorations. I am loving the vintage holiday decorations in the antique malls. It rained all day today and it was super nice to roam the malls. I am doing A Vintage Christmas Countdown at cherrypickedfinds.blogspot.com if you want to follow along. I am posting a piece of my vintage Christmas Collection everyday until December 25th. Hope your holidays are coming together nicely.


Friday, December 6, 2013

The Gooseberry Get

I collect Pink Gooseberry for my little miss, who loves it. She also loves Pink Daisy. I like to tell her that some day she will inherit all this neat thrift store stuff. Sometimes she rolls her eyes but when it comes to the pinks, she is all in.

So I'm not hardcore about the Gooseberry, I just pick it up when I find it, and only at thrift stores or estate/yard/moving sales. That means I had found it exactly once, at what I think is one of the ackiest (yes that is a word) thrift stores in town. It has a plastic coyote on the roof. It is unbearably hot inside. The aisles are super narrow and there is stuff and people and carts everywhere. So it was a miracle I found a 472 there two months ago. I keep checking back but nada, zip, zilch, not a single piece of Pyrex ever.

Then this past week I was out with my husband, who owns his own business and works from home. Sometimes he accompanies me on my thrifting. This particular day I had a small loop in mind, but I missed my turn for two stores. He encouraged me to make a U and go back the right way. I did. Then I was going to bypass Value Village because I have never, ever seen Pyrex there.

I told my husband, I think I'll just drive by, I never find anything there. He said, you're here, stop. So I did.

I gasped when I saw this on a low bottom shelf and like a dork my heart started beating really fast. I couldn't speed walk over fast enough to get it, then I sped walked to my husband on the next aisle, held it out in front of as if I were presenting a baby for a politician to kiss, and kind of hyperventilated. Yeah, I'm a dork. Obviously I was pretty excited, especially since it had the lid. Then I flipped it over and saw the price. I know, can you believe I didn't do that first? I was just so excited to find a minty fridgie with lid! This little gal was $3!

So like the other store I will check back more often, but likely it will have the same fate as the other store and run dry. Still, I always hope!

You can read about some of my vintage Christmas thrifting adventures here…right now I'm on the hunt for holiday and Pyrex…double the space to cover at the thrift!


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pennsylvania Jackpot

Ever since I moved further south, Pyrex seems to be in short supply. I picked up three Spring Blossom items (you can see the first one here), but apart from that bowl, another smaller one, and a fridge dish without a lid, I haven't even seen much of anything. 

I'm not sure if I'm simply not finding the right stores or if the Pyrex popularity means more people are finding it before me. Whenever I do see it, the prices elude my budget.

In reality though, there are only a few things I'm keeping my eyes out for. Promotional pieces like the one I found here. More turquoise plates. A Butterprint 441 to match the rest of the collection I found here. And the small yellow hostess bowls to add to the one I found here

Last week, I went back to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and besides the prospect of Pumkpin Pie, I was most excited about thrifting for Pyrex.

The thrift stores however yielded nothing more than a Butterfly Gold mug, so I scoped out a few antique stores instead. I returned to the same store where I first spotted the Starbust. I noticed the vendor had 30% off of everything, so I considered nabbing the space saver myself, but alas, it looks like someone else got there first. I'm glad it finally went to a Pyrex loving home. 

At another nearby store, I lamented to a friend that I kept finding entire sets of Butterprint cinderella bowls on sale, but I only needed the small 441. As soon as I the words were out of my mouth, I turned around and saw THIS: 

Of course it came home with me to complete the set.

And while last year I probably wouldn't have shelled out $5 for such a small bowl, I justified it thinking that I couldn't even get one on eBay that cheap to complete the collection. 

I also spent a day in Adamstown, and hit the jackpot. While there were no turquoise plates to be found, I found a bunch of the pinkish/salmon colored ones on sale. I had already found two dinner plates earlier in the week for only $4. After the Adamstown antique blitz, I had a total of five dinner plates, five salad plates, two dessert plates, a cup and a saucer (all from different vendors) for under $20 for everything. 

I've actually seen a few of these where I live and I considered collecting them (they go really well with the turquoise ones!), but I didn't want to pay $9 a plate. I couldn't believe my luck in Adamstown finding so many so cheap. One store had 20% off of everything and another one had the same discount on anything over $10. 

I also found a Gooseberry 474-B for only a few dollars, since there is a small chip on the bottom. I love how it matches the plates. 

And finally, while there was nary a tiny yellow hostess cup to be found, I did score the larger bowl and four of the serving dishes for only $16. 

How could I pass that up?! Even though they are different sizes, the set still looks great with my other two bowls.

I know the prices were higher than any Pyrex I may have found in the thrift stores (then again, these days Pyrex is crazy high there too!), but these were all pieces I was on the hunt for, so I decided to splurge a bit. Plus I figured that I might not find these same things back home where I live. I still think I got a bargain. Happy holidays to me... my Pyrex wish list is pretty complete! 

What pieces are you willing to make a budget exception for?

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season (with Pyrex-in-Action, of course).