Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Pieces

_MG_6985.jpgA couple months ago I picked up my very first space saver. It was sitting on the shelf at the thrift store looking pretty grundgy. I got home and did a lot of scrubbing. There are still some grease marks on the lid, but considering the condition it was in it looks pretty good.
_MG_6992.jpgThe next day I picked up this 503 Square Flowers and was able to complete this fridgie set. I love completing sets!
_MG_7010.jpgAt the same thrit store I picked up the Snowflake divided dish and a friend gave me the Compass divided dish.
_MG_7214.jpgMy family came out to visit at the end of May and my mom brought me my first piece from England and the 403 Butterprint in mint conditon.
_MG_7222.jpgShe also brought me a well loved Primary set she received from a friend who found out I collect Pyrex. Now I have two sets! Her friends have found out that I collect Pyrex and now they text me whenever they're out and about. It's great.
_MG_7337.jpgI've spread the Pyrex bug along to my mother-in-law so when she came out to visit I took her out thrifting and picked up the Orange 403 and 404 Butterprint, Opal 402, and a measuring cup. I can never have enough measuring cups. I use them constantly. There you have it,  just a few pieces that I've acquired in the last month or so.
Jan~ just*imagine*heaven

Monday, July 30, 2012

Help Needed for a Cool Project

Hello there,
Terra who posts on PCI would love to hear from Pyrex collectors for university research. Please go to this link to read about it and support her worthy cause.
Canadian Erin


I was mad. Last time I went to my GW that usually has a piece or two of Pyrex I found the motherload...A whole entire dinner set of what Pyrexlove calls "Bluegrass" mixed with some fern pattern as well. They had been wrapped together in groups of 4 saucers, 4 plates, 4 salad plates....and so on. The price on the sticker said "7.99/set"

I picked up all the pieces and triumphantly pushed my rattling cart to the counter. The lady proceeded to ring up each taped "set" at $7.99. I was like, "Uh uh, no way, this says for the set. " The manager came over, she looks at the bottom and sees that they were pyrex, and proceeds to tell me. "Oh, they're marked this way because they are Pyrex." So if you were wondering if they were catching on to all our pyrex hysteria  love of pyrex. They are.
I left them. Went back a week later and found them there still...and the price had been raised to $12.99/set...each "set."

Still haven't been back there, and it's been almost two months.

I did, however, check my craigslist just the other day for Pyrex. Nothing really exciting ever pops up when I enter that search, but this time was different. "Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes..."

I contacted the lady advertising and shortly after, she and I set up our rendezvous location. I met her this morning and I really think I scored. Not only were her pieces in beautiful condition, she was downsizing and was SO happy her pieces were going to a good home.

Wanna see what I got today???

Seven dishes, all with lids and beautiful beautiful beautiful!! These babies set me back $35/for the lot, which is a splurge for me to spend it all at one time, but I am so excited about them and how cute they will look in my fridge very soon!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Finally! The drought is over!

Hello hello fellow Pyrex lovers! 

I am happy to report that my "Summer of NO Pyrex" is officially over! It has been a really brutal couple of months, with no affordable lovely pieces in sight, and I tell you, it was breaking my heart! 

While my new finds are not terribly remarkable, they make me quite happy!

 An incomplete set of green "Crazy Daisy" mixing bowls. They are in great shape, and I am a hoarder of green Pyrex, just love it! 

Two lonely little blue delphite saucers, they were affordable and called out to me! Sweet, but not my best thing! 

I also snagged a 945 clear glass large casserole lid, that I am very positive will come in handy someday, for free! Nothing better than free Pyrex! 

Now my spirits have been lifted! Thanks to all you other posters who have been keeping me going with posts of all your marvelous finds! 

Come see me at Your Aunties Panties, and check out some of my other lovely vintage treasures!

Have a safe and happy weekend!


Friday, July 27, 2012

The ULTIMATE Pyrex Sale (Seattle-area people, pay attention!)

Dear Western Washington Pyrex Dudes and Dudettes,

Don't miss out on this: Craigslist ad for the most amazing Pyrex sale ever (seriously).

I first found out about this seller from an ad she posted on Craigslist for a beautiful set of Friendship Cinderella bowls, which I bought as a wedding gift for a cousin. We exchanged a bunch of emails but it was my mother-in-law who conducted the sale in person since they both live on Vashon Island. My family and I made a recent trip to Vashon last weekend for the Strawberry Festival, so I got to go to this seller's house and pick out some gorgeous pieces (for myself this time). However, I didn't even make a dent in her vast supply of promotionals and wide array of patterns. Check out the ad--an entire corner of her sun-room, where everything is displayed, is JUST TURQUOISE. And I didn't even buy any (I'm sort of wondering why now).

The seller is amazingly friendly (and she's one of us, so you know she knows her stuff). We had a great time gossiping about our various Pyrex experiences while I tried (and tried and tried) to choose which pieces to purchase. I thought her prices were great--she even had a "fire sale" corner full of stuff that was only a dollar because of chips, scratches or dishwasheredness. I found several only slightly nicked or faded bowls that I use for cereal and salads.

Okay, my husband just asked me when the Magna Carta will be finished, so I'll conclude by saying Vashon is a great place to visit. Cute little town, beautiful ferryboat ride, all that. If you're looking for a fun summer day trip (and an excuse to buy some awesome Pyrex), look no further.

Happy Pyrexing!
Margaret Ann

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pyrex Picking in Style

Living on the coast has many advantages and the weather is number one.  So, one of the things on my wish list when I moved here was a vintage scooter to whisk up and down the coast on.  It has so many advantages that an suv just can't compete with.  The ability to whisk in an out of shops, thrift stores, and yard sales. 

It's the ultimate picking vehicle for treasure hunting smalls.  Take a closer look at the items I cherry picked  while breaking in my new machine click HERE

Welcome! (+ Moon Deco Promotional)

I'm a new author here at the Pyrex Collective! I'm a blogger over at SavvyStudentShopper.com, where I share my love and knowledge of saving money and living a frugal life. From a very early age, my dad took me to flea markets and I always begged my mom for trips to the Goodwill; I'm a sucker for good deals! For years I admired the Pyrex, but it wasn't until this year that I took the plunge and bought my first piece! And that is where it all began :)

Now my thrifting revolves around Pyrex. There is so much to learn and so much Pyrex to find out there! The last few weeks have been extremely dry in the Pyrex area, so for my first post I'll be showing you one of my rare (beginner's luck!) pieces. I passed over the Moon Deco piece the first time I saw it because it didn't strike me whatsoever. Two weeks later, at the same flea market, after doing some more Pyrex research and kicking myself for leaving it behind, I found it again! I snagged this promotional piece for an awesome price. It's not in mint condition, but there are no chips and it has a lid!

The Moon Deco is a promotional piece released in 1971 and is worth quite a bit nowadays. The side of the white casserole has a red dot on each side. The lid is the most interesting part with a big black dot, then a white dot, and an even smaller red dot inside. It's a very retro looking piece! It's not a pattern I would usually collect, so I will probably be selling it to someone who can appreciate it more! If you're interested, you can email me at brandi (at) savvystudentshopper.com. I apologize for the poor pictures, I'll provide better ones when I find my battery charger.

So my advice for anyone new to collecting Pyrex is to do your research! There are many promotional and special pieces out there that you would hate to skip over. I was lucky enough to have a second chance at finding this piece. Now I'm looking to find some refrigerator dishes and Friendship!

Check out more good deals and Pyrex here!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hello there, 
I recently received this email. If anyone out there in Pyrex land has an answer to the question, please leave a comment. 
Pip pip!
Canadian Erin

I was researching Pyrex bowls and ran into your email.
My mother has a small clear glass Pyrex bowl with Coca-Cola embossed on the bottom. Not painted or screen shot.
I have not been able to find any information on this bowl.
Have you seen this bowl? Do you know how I can find information on the bowl?
I have searched several websites but with no success.
Thank you for any information you can share.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pyrex & My Father's Great Luck

My boyfriend has told me that my father is my pyrex enabler :) and, after these finds- it's true!! I had been finding pink pieces here and there for my mom's collection, but hadn't found anything turquoise in awhile. After a camping trip my parents went on, they came back with this beauty! A turquoise fondue bowl with gold cradle, very atomic "sputnik" looking. Thrilled! They found it at an antique store. The owner said they had some things in the garage. And this was there! Originally priced $28.. My father got it for $12! What?!

Prior to the camping trip and subsequent antiquing....

My father called his friend Borys to see if he was meeting them at the camp site. Here's how the conversation continued:

Father: So you're not going to make it?
Borys: No. My wife is having a garage sale.
Father: Garage Sale... Do you have any Pyrex?
Borys: Pyrex? Well, yeah! You want it?
Father: Yeah. {pause} My daughter is collecting some kind of blue pyrex.
Borys: Ok, I'll have someone bring it down to camp.

I'm not sure what was funnnier- that my dad asked his buddy for pyrex, or that his friend knew what it was :)

Not exactly the turquoise I collect, but it is indeed blue! Colonial Mist, mint, three of the four bowls (some writing on the box). I think I'll try to find the missing blue bowl (smaller blue bowl). Maybe sell/trade? Let me know if you are interested! They are in perfect shape.

Finally, not sure if I wanted to start with the flameware or not, but it stuck out to us at a VERY MESSY flea market. This percalator did come with the glass insert and metal grid, but no stick-- were those metal or glass? Help! I want to keep my eyes peeled for it. Instead of coffee, I took the insert out and boiled my asparagus in it. It came out very well- and so easy to drain! You know, they did this in the Pyrex Prized Recipes cookbook... I guess I'm an old fashioned girl :)

Hope you liked my father's finds! I know I do!

Belle of the Blog

A New Home For Pyrex

I did some estate/yard saling this past weekend with a new friend! We had a wonderful time...and scored some great deals!
We stopped by one sale where I found an old Cosco utility cart.
I decided to display a few of my Pyrex pieces on my new purchase! 
Be sure to stop by my blog and say hello!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Left Behind//For Sale!

This weekend I found quite a bit of Pyrex that I didn't buy because I just didn't need it. (I know, right? Weird.) Don't worry, I still bought some things - but these are what I left behind.

Okay, I really wanted this guy. Mint Snowflake Blue with lid, but $16? I just couldn't. It sure is a beauty, though!

I carried this #444 around for awhile, but ended up putting him back. $6 isn't horrible for him, but it just didn't call to me.

What a day for yellow/golden Cinderella bowls. I left all these gals behind: Mint #442 Butterfly Gold $3 (I sincerely dislike butterfly gold, even if it's mint. I'm sorry!), #443 yellow $4 (you can't really tell, but she was covered in scratches), and a #442 yellow gooseberry $3 (already have!)

I did some more cleaning the cupboards this week and found some more Pyrex goodies I don't need. They're on eBay if anyone is interested!

Town & Country divided casserole with lid

Crazy Daisy/Spring Blossom divided casserole with lid

Butterfly Gold #473 & Early American #442

Be sure to check some goodies I did buy here!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

my updated pyrex display of goodness

 Hey all, I wanted to stop by and share my updated Pyrex shelf with you!

Updated Display

These are my favorite shelves....

 Is it silly that this stuff makes me so happy?


Flock of Turquoise

I recently found three minty turquoise bowls (402, 403, 404) at an antique mall for a great price.

Of course I had to bring them home and let them mingle with my other turquoise Pyrex.

  Pinks and Blues 

  Tiny Tots  

 You can visit my blog froog and doog to see what other goodies I've found lately.

Oh, and there's bulldog photos.

You can't say no to bulldog photos.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Looking to trade in RI

I have a few pieces that I'd be interested in trading with fellow pyrexers in (or around) RI! I have a full set of new in box spring blossom corelle dishes that I posted about earlier, the 2 bigger spring blossom bake/serve/store casseroles, a town and country 4 qt cinderella bowl with the brown and orange motif, a butterfly gold 401, a butterfly gold d handle mug, 7 butterfly gold corelle hook handle mugs & 1 sugar bowl w/ 8 saucer, & yellow daisy 2.5 qt oval casserole w/ lid. Most of the mentioned pieces are in the pics from these posts:



I'm looking for solid turquoise pieces, turquoise promotionals, the 3 biggest butterprint cinderella mixing bowls, and snowflake garland pyrex & corelle.


Pyrex meets Mackenzie-Childs

I have finally let my wild side out! I have combined my two collections- Pyrex & Mackenzie-Childs Enamelware. For those of you who are not as familiar, Mackenzie-Childs is known for their black and white check, as well as some floral designs. Their main hub is in Aurora, NY--and is about 35min away from me (rather expensive compared to Pyrexing, but they have an annual Barn Sale that has major discounts).

But back to Pyrex...
I have four flamingo pink cups, saucers, and salad plates (pictured here). And four turquoise cups, 8 saucers, and 6 salad plates (need to find more to even out my set! Anyone have any turquoise teacups to spare?). So, I figured I'd mix and match my table setting. Two turquoise for the heads of the table, and four pink for the others.

With all the crazy, fun patterns, I needed to redo the chairs. So.... the old, stained, 30-year old seats went from drab to fab :) courtesy of a staple gun, hot glue gun, and discount upholstery fabric. I realize it may not be everyone's taste (somewhere an antique expert is mortified), but you have to agree that it is an improvement! And, well, quite honestly I got sick of beige and boring. This makes it a happier home! What a fun tea party this could make! 

Anyone else combining collections? How does pyrex add to your home decor?

Happy thrifting and decorating :)

Belle of the Blog

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Dry Spell Finally Ends...And How!

Phew! I was starting to think I was cursed. Several trips to several thrift stores was leaving me empty handed time and again over the last week. Well today I finally cleaned up (literally.)

All four of these cuties were found today. The Early American 473 was in awful condition (wish I'd taken a pic!) I honestly didn't think it would clean up at all, but lo and behold, Barkeeper's Friend came to the rescue. It now has only a few minor scratches, but no biggie to me :-)

I'm just getting into this whole Pyrex thing, but I love thrifting. Come check me out on my blog, Hourglass Vintage where I blog about all manner of vintage goodness.

- Susie

lids, and fridgies and knock-offs, oh my!

i was super excited when a friend of mine unexpectedly dropped by earlier this week with two beautiful friendship bird lids! i was nervous that they wouldn't fit any of my pieces but i totally lucked out and one of my casserole dishes found its match!

today i went to my local thrift store...i only go in if there is a prime parking spot available--that's always my sign that i should enter the store! i need to limit myself and that's how i do it! :)

well, i found these two fantastic tiny fridgies (they are primary red 501-Bs). they came without lids but if my experience earlier this week with lids has taught me anything, i'm sure that i'll find those lids sometime in the future!

i also then spotted this casserole dish. it looked like it was blue old town pyrex but when i flipped it over it was actually glass bake. but, the pattern was so similar that i had to buy it (ruth, if you're reading this and you want this dish...it's yours! i bought it with you in mind. if not, back to the thrift store it goes for someone else to love.)

not the best week for pyrex hunting ever, but it was fairly successful! how were your weeks in the hunt for pyrex?

What is This?, A Trade, and Pulled Pork Dinner

Hi Pyrex Friends.  I found a very interesting bowl at GW yesterday.  It is orange, but it fades from dark to light...the photo doesn't do it justice.  I couldn't find any info on it, and even looked on Etsy.  I saw lots of them for sale, but no info on it.  Anyone know what it is and what goes with it? 

Also, I did my first Pyrex community trade.  I received my end of the trade yesterday...the lid for my Verde casserole!  Thank you Leslie.  Hopefully her Verde little fridgies get there safely for a successful trade.

Used some Pyrex for a Pulled Pork Dinner :