Monday, April 30, 2012

Pyrex: Gifted and Traded

I feel showered with love and Pyrex this week!

My husband came home with this gem on Friday.

My friend Jamie traded me the two citrus yellow fridges w/ lids for a large Butterprint Cinderella Bowl on Saturday.

Today, Mom took me shopping and bought this beauty for me at an antique store.

Who are the people in your life that love your craziness and give you Pyrex?

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

pyrex, of course!

Hello everyone! It's Lesley from froog and doog.

I wanted to stop by and share some of my Pyrex finds for the last few weeks. 

 And I'm sure you won't object.

 I found the charcoal snowflake divided at a yard sale for a whopping $2. I couldn't leave it behind, no matter I already have one of these. This will definitely be re-gifted. I have a few people in mind who would love themselves some charcoal snowflake!


I met up with the Pyrex dealer again (you can read more details about it on froog and doog) and crossed two more of my must have's off my list: the 023 turquoise and 023 turquoise wheat. I was tempted to get the Butterfly Gold for myself, but ended up getting it for my sister-in-law, along with the 473 Butterfly Gold.

The Gooseberry? Yeah, I was very lucky at finding that for $2.50 at a thrift. I've never seen Gooseberry at a thift before, so color me surprised!


And the camera pulls back to show my vintage record cabinet I just made over. I just had to share how cute it is holding the Pyrex.


And the camera pulls back one more time to show the fairy tale scene. Actually, it's just my back yard, and I really need to do yard work.

Thanks for letting me share my finds with you all!

Happy Hunting :)

Fated Butterfly Gold

Sometimes when I walk into a thrift and find that exact piece I've been wanting so terribly badly, I question whether or not fate may have something to do with it.  Although this piece wasn't in my wish list, I'm still questioning it though.  Why you may be asking?  Well the was found at a flea market for $1 early in the morning.  And the bottom divided was found at a SA later in the same day for $3.  They are now reunited. 

Suprisingly, my thrifing day could in fact get even better.

As you can imagin, I was quite excited.  Feel free to stop by my blog to read the really rather long post all about it.

Happy thrifting, flea marketing, and yard sale-ing everyone <3

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Almost Gave Up

Yesterday the hubs and I went to a couple of g-sales and had no we stopped at a couple of little thrift shops in a town next to where we live.  There was some pyrex and it was a whole set of bowls for 15$. Not bad ...but I passed.   We were headed home when we decided to take the long way and go past a little antique shop we like.  One vendor had all Pyrex 1/2 off.  I took a deep breath and kept looking. Went back around and found this items.  Hubs found the mug and custard cup 1$ each. Now I have to look for mugs and custard cups to round off this new collection. have a great weekend.  Marilyn

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Dangers of Pyrex Overexcitement

Hello fellow Pyrex lovers! My name is Kristen and I'm new to the Pyrex collective. I've been collecting Pyrex since last December, and have amassed quite a bit already. I love seeing all of the Pyrex goodies that everyone on the collective is finding and decided that it's time to share some of my own.

 I've found a lot of great Pyrex at consignment stores and thrift shops and have started frequenting the goodwill near my house. However, last week my excitement over some Pyrex find got me into a bit of trouble! I've been on a hunt for Pyrex mugs, but they kept eluding me. Finally I spotted a pair of butterfly gold mugs on the bottom shelf at the goodwill and happily brought them up to the register and got the pair of them for $1.50! Unfortunately, in my excitement (and an attempt to stop them from breaking one another since the cashier just threw them in a bag together) I somehow managed to leave my wallet on the counter...of the goodwill. Needless to say, it was not there when I ran in to check the next morning and is now gone forever. So, my lovely $1.50 mugs ended up costing me the $50.00 in cash that was in my wallet. Hopefully whoever ended up with my money needed it more than I do.

One of my accidentally very expensive mugs

Moral of the story here is never lose your wallet in a goodwill!

Wishing everyone else happier Pyrex hunting!

Saving A Casserole from a Charred Existence

At the top of my Pyrex list is a Daisy/Sunflower oval covered casserole.  I've never stumbled on one in a thrift store, and the antique stores want a fortune.  At Goodwill, I spotted it...there it was!  I hesitated.  It was black.  Yes, Black.  I tried to scratch it off.  Nope.  The top had brown spots like it was broiled.  It wasn't pretty.  $7.99....hmmmm.  But would it come off?  There were several other great pieces and I couldn't get them all.  (Yes, a miracle...SEVERAL pieces).  Then I remembered the inspiring stories from you ladies.  I thought, if paint and other gunk can be scrubbed off Pyrex, this can too.  I bought it.  I hour later, the results are dazzling!  What's the worst thing you've cleaned?

I got so excited, I forgot to take a before pic.  This is the end...the last crusty bits.


Had to put this Corning/Pyrex booklet in.  Love it!  A line in it says, "Above all, food always looks best when attractively served.  Your first attempts at cooking won't be your best, so be sure to set a pretty table!"
Opps!  Almost forgot my cleaning tools!

Stacey Johnson
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This is My Pyrex and My first post!!

Hi! My name is Tasha and I collect Pyrex. Go figure!  I also like being in the kitchen and my pups. You can find out about me on my website - Flour Mayhem. This is my very first post here on the blog and I'm so happy to share my Pyrex collection (thus far) with you guys! I have been collecting for a few years, gave it all way due to an emergency move (so sad, BUT I HAD TO!), and now have gained a good bit back. I look forward to sharing my Pyrex finds with you all and reading about yours too! 

These are some photos of the pieces, I hope to take better photos of the individual pieces, as well as the sets that I am working towards. Thanks for taking the time to look!



For Easter, my husband's aunt brought me this cute little Verde casserole. These oval casseroles are my favorite. I have so many now, but one can never have enough, right?

Last week I found this entire Verde mixing bowl set at a local thrift store by my house. It was just $14.95.   I couldn't leave it there, so I brought it home with me. Now I'm just missing a 503 for my matching fridgie set.

At the same thrift store I was lucky to find the blue, red, and yellow bowls to the primary set. They were all bundled together for $7.95. I already had the green bowl at home. I was able to complete another set. Yay!

Also, at the same thrift store I spotted this striped bowl. I just love the stripes, so I knew I had to have it.
There was just one catch to getting my stripes. It was bundled with these Federal Glass bowls. Do you find this on your thrifting adventures? I see this often at this particular store where they bundle different bowls together. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A little thrifting today

Stopped in at the local Value Village today and saw some pyrex.. I had to pass them up because they were big bowls and the price was 12.99. I don't have room for big bowls.  Next stop was Goodwill. They have given Pyrex their very own shelf now.  No rummaging around with all the other dishes!!!  I found these casserole dishes that I like because they are smaller. The yellow one is in bad shape but only 1.59. The Horizon and Crazy Daisy were 4.79 with my senior discount.  Do you think the price was right?  Happy Thrifting...Marilyn

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pyrex Friendship

Hello fellow Pyrexians! It has been awhile since I have posted, but I just haven't been able to find any *good* Pyrex lately. Sure, I came across a set of yellow mixing bowls that were totally dishwasher damaged. I even spotted my first piece of Pyrex that was made in England, but it was missing the lid.

Today I finally have something to contribute to the collective!

Because of the title of this post, I am guessing you think I found something like this...

Source: via Vintage on Pinterest


The title is fitting for this story because of how I acquired my most recent piece. You see, there is this blogger named Chelsea. Her blog is called Kiss My Brass. We began following each others respective blogs when we both first started out in the blog world. She loves vintage and thrifting just like me, but our real bloggy friendship was created over Pyrex! We both love the 'rex.

After seeing my Pinterest pin-board of Pyrex I wanted, she messaged me and asked if I had any pink flamingo Pyrex in my collection yet. I replied that I did not but would love to add some pink. She mentioned that she had acquired a pink casserole and it was mine for the taking! I told her that I would love to have this Pyrex but in order to keep my collection to a dull roar, it must come with the lid or must fit a spare glass Pyrex lid I currently had. After some careful measurements on both our parts, I determined it would most likely fit and if not, oh darn, I would just have to keep the pretty pink Pyrex!

Look what arrived yesterday!

Here is the unveiling, the dog always has to 'help':

I know y'all are on pins and needles...Did the lid fit!?


The Dobie gave his seal of approval...

Here is my current collection minus a small yellow mixing bowl and a small red refrigerator dish:

The pink flamingo fits right in with the rest of the eclectic crowd. Looks like I need to start another shelf!

Thanks so much to Chelsea. We have truly created a friendship through Pyrex :)

Have you made friends via Pyrex?

The Thrifty Picker

What's in a name?

The PC II has cake, but we have PIE!

I made a Strawberry Chiffon pie (requested by my son) in a Desert Dawn Pie plate. 
My one and only pie plate.

You ever wonder where they come up with the names?

To get the crust recipe head over to treasuresmyhh

Monday, April 23, 2012

Salad Bowl & Slaw

Boy is it hot over here in Albuquerque already!! I love trying new recipes especially salads once the weather turns warm. 

and this one is new and different! I'm making Cuban pork wraps tonight for dinner and made the slaw recipe that was included HERE and not only is it super beautiful in my 'salad bowl' mixing bowl, it tastes AMAZING!!
It's got red cabbage, dill pickles, olive oil, white wine vinegar....and....wait for it.......mustard!!

I was a little bit leary at first, but when it all came together (and by all, I mean not only the ingredients in this amazing slaw, but the colors in the salad and the beautiful teal pyrex bowl)...oOOOOooooowEEEE!!
What's your favorite salad? Do you think this one looks good enough to try??

Stay cool, kids!! jenny from 

I Love a Good Find

My latest Pyrex find from an estate sale.  I went a couple of Sundays ago, which means everything is 50% off.  Score the covered green Pyrex casserole - for $5. 

The other two lovelies are there 'cause they wanted in the picture too.  But the green one is the newest member of my collection.  And like many of you, I am running out of storage in my kitchen!  Gotta get a new shelving unit of some kind. 

Anyway, happy hunting all!

Behold, Butterfly Gold

Although this weekend lacked quantity in my thrifting world, I did come out ahead with some pieces.  Among them was this Butterfly Gold 443.  Even though this pattern isn't a particular favorite of mine, it was in such good condition I had to grab it for only $2.  Last night it even got it's first use for salad.  It was a happy Pyrex. 

For more on what I found, stop by for a visit at

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pyrex and Some Paint

My cabinets were beginning to overflow with Pyrex, so when I realized that a "book shelf" we had was actually an old china cabinet I moved it into our kitchen. It was perfect to house some of my favorite pieces. Of course it couldn't fit everything, but it definitely holds quite a bit. 
Pyrex Shelf
I wasn't a big fan of the wooden cabinet and decided that it would look better with a little paint. I love how it turned out because I think it makes all of the colors just pop, don't you? You can read about the entire project here, on my blog.

A Dash of Luck

This past week was an amazing one for Pyrex thrifting in my neck of the woods.  I was able to hit a quartet of thrift shops myself and got some assistance from my mom, dad, and step-mom. 

The white tea cup was one of four that came from my mom.  I'm currently trying to piece together the blue banded dinnerware and these are for backup in case I am unable to find the cups which go with it.  The four quart spring blossom cinderella mixing bowl came courtesy of my step-mom.  The glass do-dad in the lower left hand corner is a flameware lid that I believe will fit a two quart sauce pan (my apologies for only featuring 30% of it).  The small glass bowl in the back is a 10 oz casserole or refrigerator dish...I haven't exactly decided it's original purpose. 

My favorite finds however are also pictured above.  The two quart mixing bowl was found for only $1.29!  Yes, I did a happy-dance in the aisle.  It was the largest from a set of three introduced in 1961 with the smallest bowl being only one cup.  It also has measurements up the sides.  The Heinz promotional utility dish was found by my dad at the local SA for $2.99.  Since this piece has been long present on my wish list, he did very good. 

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