Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Spy With My Little Eye

The Pyrex drought is real! Not that I have much time to thrift or hunt for it these days... my little guy seems to have enough energy to power New York City and now that he's grabbing everything within reach, going to an antique store or even thrifting is pretty much out of the question.  

Plus, I'm pretty happy with my current collection. I've gotten rid of a lot (we moved again over the summer and that's enough of a reason to whittle down a collection!) But it would be nice to just see some Pyrex every now and again, am I right?

So, when I got this book out of my local library: The Top 100 Meals in Minutes (Quick and Easy Meals for Babies and Toddlers), I was more than surprised to see what looks like Pyrex in one of the photos. 

The author is British, and I've never seen those dishes before. It looks just like the Pink Daisy promo pattern though and as with the rest of the book, all of the dishes are child-sized. Any guesses? Did they manufacture these awesome little dishes overseas? 

Where have you been spotting Pyrex lately? I'm using mine daily... even if it's not for food, sometimes! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. May your gifts be full of vintage goodness!