Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Anyone know what this mint #444 goes to?  Can't say that I've ever seen this.  I picked it up at a yard sale for $5 !  I also found Snowflake Space Savers!  Come visit me at


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scary Pyrex!

Scary Pyrex Prices! Boo! Be careful out there it's borderline creepy. I have seen Pyrex jump from $5.00 a bowl average to $10 a bowl average in about a years time. I know I said I was going to try to see the glass as half full, but who am I kidding? I hate paying more :(

My weekly auction location has even raised prices. A year ago I could consistently get Pyrex for $1.00-$5.00 at this location. People would laugh when I bought it, now the auctioneer is pricing me out. I have to back off and hope they realize that their prices are outrageous or else (clue creepy music) I'm becoming a Pyrex Ghost Buyer. At least for a spell! Lol

Ok, enough with the Halloween fun. Here is what I have found in Pyrexland lately. A full set together perfect, shiny, and just in time for the season. I was so excited to bring these home!

Also, check out my updates on Aunt Polly (my 1952 travel trailer) at

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Pyrex Finds for Last Week

I found Pyrex last week, nothing that knocked my socks off, but I was still happy.  Prices were higher this week for me than I liked.  The hardest one to swallow was the 403 Spring Blossom that cost me $6.29.  Hubby wasn't happy about my whining about the price, but even the cashier said she felt bad about it.  I haven't seen one in over 2 years that I'm trying to complete my set, so I couldn't leave it there.  My most exciting piece was the Golden Pine Cone which is the first 575 I've run into in almost 3 years!  I scooped up really nice/nearly new lids on sale, I can get rid of any of the chipped or scratched ones I bought early on.

(You can see some of my miniature finds for my Christmas putz if you are into that at my blog  here at my Christmas Finds post. )

(Hopelessly addicted),


Sunday, October 27, 2013

The best $12 I've spent in a long time!

My end of the summer/early fall Pyrex finds...

Local thrift score of the green - blue utility piece with handles.  Love this color, it's more beautiful in person!  I've never seen one before and looks like it was never used!  It was .50 cents.  Does anyone know if these did come with a lid or not?

On the same day in our local thrift store...Pink scroll with lid and carrier cost me one whole dollar!!!  I swear the thing was maybe used once.  It is so shiny and sparkly.

My great Aunt Donna handed this beauty down to me and I love it! 1959 Promo Dandelion Duet.  The metallic dandelions are really fun. 

An estate last weekend brought me the 1962 holiday promo Frosted Garland casserole for $1.  I love anything snowflake related from Pyrex and I had never seen a casserole like this one before.  I've heard it came with a lid and carrier.  Anyone know exactly which carrier it came with?

A fun Goodwill find this late summer brought me the Desert Dawn 232 utility pan (also known as a lasagna pan?) for $7.99.  That is expensive to me for Pyrex but it is pink, a big pan and I use all my Pyrex daily so it was worth it to me. 

Last but not least, a couple of Forest Fancies Cinderella mixing bowls (443 & 442) for .50 cents a piece.  My sister loves mushrooms so they might go to her. Such handy bowls to have in the kitchen though. 

Seriously the best $12 I've spent on Pyrex in a long time...especially since my husband and I actually use my Pyrex daily. I live in a very rural place so we only have one thrift store open 3 days per week.  I am happy for any Pyrex find at that place! I also picked up a few metal carriers to.  Now just to figure out what pieces they go to. 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

My Collection to Date

I've been a "casual" Pyrex collector up until a about two months ago, when I got well and truly infected with the bug. Below is my current collection. It's actually smaller than it was a few days ago as I offloaded some pieces I didn't really like via Craigslist; they were all things I purchased in my "must have all Pyrex I see" phase. Now I am focusing on what I really want. What you see below does't even begin to encompass that, though!

I've got a long way to go! I was happy that on a chance run into a thrift store by my in-laws' house I stumbled upon a Butterfly Gold 501 (sand lid) for $.99. It was the first time I had ever seen a fridge in the wild and I was thrilled. The other fridges you see with it I caved and got off ebay.

I'm slowly getting rid of the plastic. The Le Creuset is my husbsand's (he's got his own collection started) and is staying.

Happy hunting!


Friday, October 25, 2013

This *is* a Thrift Store, Right? Right?

My husband and I went to lunch the other day and on the cross-town trip home we hit my usual thrift store route (comprised of five non-profit charity stores on a two mile strip all on the same side of the street, very convenient!) on what Life magazine once names The Ugliest Street in America. The street doesn't look so hot now, so it must have been truly heinous back in the day.

Speaking of heinous, I thought I'd share some of what I found at some charity (read: donated goods) stores that claim to be thrift stores. Call me crazy, but I always thought the point of most non-profit thrift stores was to sell donated goods for a good cause at below retail prices. I seriously think the pricers flipped these items over, saw "PYREX" on the bottom, and thought to themselves, hrmmm, that's an automatic mark-up.

Yes, that says $25 for the four pieces, none with lids no less. I am amused at the mix of patterns Town and Country with Early American), it was on such a high shelf I couldn't even tell what the second bowl is. I had to take this picture with my camera over my head to even see all the goods for sale, because of course these were locked up in a glass case. 

How about $30 for these three pieces? They were locked up in a case with the four piece above as if they were precious goods, also on the top shelf so one could not examine closer.

This set of Butterfly Gold was at the same store as the two above items, but not locked up even though the price, $45, was much higher. I don't understand the logic. 

This set of Woodlands has been around at another store forever. Notice the white price tag, thus making it ineligible for the store's color-coded markdown system of 25%, 50%, 75% off certain older items based on tag color. They want $36 for this set.

I didn't even take pictures of the three DWD bowls I found, one at each of the remaining three stores. They were all 470s and each store wanted at least $4.

This was at Savers, not on my route but I had a Craigslist Pyrex parking lot sale meet up (clearing out for the things I really want) so I hit the store on the way home. The poor green 403 was so DWD yet it was $3. The fairly good Woodlands 403 was $4. I just don't understand. I don't collect Woodlands so I walked away. I'm no longer in the "must have all Pyrex I see" phase and instead have moved on to the "I only want this kind of Pyrex for this kind of price" phase. I figure the latter phase will take me more time to collect but I will also have the thrill of the hunt, right? I'll still pick up the occasional in-demand piece for trade or sale, though, as sometimes even I can't resist a great deal on a great piece!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Falling for Pyrex

I do love Fall. And Pyrex. The perfect combo, right? 

It has been serious slim pickings along the Pyrex Patrol where I live, so I'm learning to simply enjoy the collection I currently have. 

I keep finding tons of lids, though, which leads me to believe that there must have been Pyrex here at one point, but people broke it and just donated the lids. Or else they kept the Pyrex for themselves and decided they didn't need the lid? 

So far, I managed to get an extra space saver lid for only $2. Another thrift store has the same plain one going for $5. Call me cheap, but I'd rather pay that price for the base. I'm waiting for a sale. 

The only thing better than a bargain is getting Pyrex for free. You have the rest of today to enter the Everything's Better with a Butter Dish Giveaway, and you could win this gorgeous Butterfly Gold Butter Dish, shipped to you in time for Thanksgiving. 

Fall. Pyrex. Giveaways. What's not to love? 

Hope you are enjoying this season -- may you all find the right dishes to display a bountiful harvest! 


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Pyrex Guardian

Last week I got a few new pieces, but my Pyrex now has an official Guardian.

I found this guy at Goodwill. He just spoke to me. 
I had to have him and knew right where to put him 
(see that over at
 I painted his frame with paint I already had. How awesome. 

I also managed to find 8 Snap-ins. I love these cups. 
They break easy so finding so many in one spot was a surprise.

What a great week last week. I hope you all had one too. 

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Monday, October 21, 2013

Orange Butterprint Lost and My Pink and Turquoise Collection


Have you ever been in a thrift when someone has an amazing, rare piece of Pyrex in their cart and you missed it by minutes!!!?

That happened to me today.  It was a Butterprint ORANGE cinderella bowl...a #444!  Ahhhh!  And it wasn't a collector, I could tell.  She had other bowls...some modern.  She probably just liked the size!  Ahhhhh!  I followed her around for awhile to see if she'd put it back.  She didn't!  Oh well.  Such is life.
On an up note, I did a photo shoot of my pink and turquoise pieces for your viewing pleasure :
More vintage fun at

My Finds From Last Week

Nothing earth shattering for me in terms of finds last week, but still managed to bring home a load.  As much as I hoped I wouldn't run into any (new) BG pattern, I did and I couldn't resist.  It is different enough in color and pattern (the light gold really is more a yellow in person) that I couldn't resist and it was cheap so that cinched it.  I was delighted to get the divided dish for my Verdé lid, good thing it was 25% off because $6 was still more than I wanted to pay.  A lime 024 nearly flawless at $3.60, the lid at another store for 50 cents, gooseberry black and white was also $3.60 and 89 cents for a 503 lid which I sung and danced over.  Oh yes, Homestead 401 I need for the set I'm building for a friend.  One thing I had to leave behind was a black snowflake divided that had way too many scratches and a 444 that I believe goes to Verdé that was really shiny but had way too many scratches.  I was surprised at the color of the bowl, it was more grass green than olive like I imagined from online photos I've seen.

I've switched up my Pyrex autumn display in my kitchen--I was itching to see something different.  You can see it on my blog from this link Autumn Pyrex Display.  

(Hopelessly addicted),


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Butterfly Gold Butter Dish Giveaway

That's right, Pyrex people! 

I'm celebrating my First-Year Blogiversary by giving away a Butterfly Gold Butter Dish on my blog, Typing Sunflowers

To enter to win in the Everything's Better with a Butter Dish Giveaway, just visit this post on my blog and leave a comment there. The giveaway is open to anyone -- and I will ship worldwide. I believe everyone deserves a piece of pretty Pyrex, no matter where you live. 

You have a whole week to enter -- the giveaway closes October 24th. 

Spread the word. And if you win, you'll be spreading the butter, in style. 

Good luck! 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I left some for you

I've gotten to that point in my collection where I either have it or I don't like it. How sad.
 But happy because that means I am saving money and keeping my house just a little less cluttered. 

Some of the ones I left were:

Now I am headed out tomorrow and hope to find something to fill my needs. I hope you have been having more luck than I have. 

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Monday, October 14, 2013

My Finds for Last Week - I'm in Heaven!!!

Well, the week before wasn't too eventful in that I only found one piece, but it is a great piece so I'm not complaining.  This week was so exciting I walked around on clouds for days!  Here's my haul from the thrift stores!

A few of the things that made my heart skip a beat...Hot Air Balloons 441, Mod Kitchen 043 and Friendship fridgie.  I got my very first 024 with a lid and Shenandoah 401, not a pattern I plan on collecting but for 89 cents I couldn't pass it up.  I apparently have too much Pyrex because I wasn't sure if I needed another Verdé casserole, still not sure as I have to check a reference.  I've been wanting to find promotionals and my wish came true. I sold my Bake,Serve & Store BG a couple years ago, so I went ahead and picked up another set. 

Prices were reasonable and condition great on everything except the Snowflake Garland lid but hubby encouraged me to get it. The best deal was the Hot Air Balloon 471 for 99 cents!  I got it for 89 cents with hubby discount.  Most expensive (for what it is and usually runs) was the Friendship fridgie at $1.80, but no way I was going to not buy it!

I'm still giddy!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Combining Our Homes

My fiance and I have begun to move things into one place. Slowly but surely...

My turquoise now lives in the dining room, and my butterfly gold lives in the kitchen. I will have to take more pics of my kitchen stash :) and while I may... Or may not... Have taken over the place- I never hear any complaints about all the delicious meals I've cooked in my beautiful dishes! 

I may not have "lucky in love" but I feel lucky & love :) 

Happy fall!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday Scores {Including a NIB!}

We hit the yard and estate sales bright and early today. It was a mixed bag of highs and lows. I'll do the highs below. The lows, well, can you say $10 for a Town & Country casserole? How about $6 for a red mixing bowl (I think it was a 404) that had seen better days? Or, $36 (yes, you read that right) for a Woodland set of 401-403! Yowza!

Now, on to the highs. I will save the best for last.

Though not all Pyrex I couldn't help but share the above, especially as they were all part of a bundle. The top is pink Fiestaware: a sugar bowl, gravy boat, and creamer. It's not really my thing but I know people like it so I will be selling this. The bottom is a Fire King Tulip pepper shaker, it's too bad the salt was not available but someday my prince will come; I'm keeping this for myself as I love the print. Next to it are some Pyrex spice canisters which I will also sell. I got the above and some other random craft stuff for my daughter for $15.

Butterprint 403 in perfect condition for $2. I spotted this from across the yard and I started to walk fast. I grabbed it right on up. I wasn't sure if I had it as I had picked up some Butterprint a couple weeks ago so I whipped out my phone and found this blog and what I had posted from my last Butterprint find. Turns out I didn't have this; I had the 401 and 402. One more piece to go and I will have a complete set!

And now for the best deal I think I will ever find. Maybe. I hate to say "ever" as there is always the possibility of something better and I like to think of myself as an optimist.

I searched Craigslist Friday night for Pyrex and came across a yard sale listing that had this pictured. This is new, in box, never been opened. When I saw the posting and the price this was marked at I knew I would have to be there right as it opened. The house was behind a gate at the end of a long drive. We rolled up ten minutes early and were the first ones in when the owner opened the gate. I came away with it giggling like a schoolgirl.


I want to open this so badly and see how it is packaged, what the usage book (owner's manual) looks like, and just look at brand new "old" Pyrex, but I am controlling myself. I'm not sure how to proceed with this!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Single Snowflake

Man things are so sparse here. 

Where has all the Pyrex gone!!!!

Lucky for me I found one piece last week. ONE. 

And I saw a rat where I got it. It got a bath, maybe 3. 
(see when/where I saw a rat over at

I love snowflakes.  At least the one piece I did find was a good one.

I hope you are finding more than I am. 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Finds and Plea for Pattern Help

I had a business lunch with a fellow blogger, The Chilly Dog (who is an amazing crafter) in a different part of town than my usual haunts. So, it being a different I thought I'd pull into some random thrift stores on my way home. I'm glad I did!

Here's what I found...I guess my thrift store drought is well and truly broken!

Starting clockwise from the bottom left:
  • Divided 1-1/2Q Town and Country with lid, $4.75.
  • Divided 1-1/2Q Charcoal Snowflake, with lid, $10. Yes, expensive, but I found this at a used bookstore that also has all sorts of random items folks trade in or sell. I had trade credit so I bit the bullet, technically making it "free" to me. The store had a lot of other Pyrex but the prices were crazy considering the condition for some. I feel slightly crazy myself for getting this piece but I console myself with the knowledge it was free, it just cost me books I traded in however long ago, as I have been carrying around the trade credit slip for a couple years now!
  • Gooseberry 472, $3. I couldn't pass it up.
  • Mystery 045, $5.50. Both this and the first item came from the same store and were 25% off.

About the mystery piece: I can't find the pattern anywhere, not in any of my reference books or any reference sites online. It is for sure Pyrex, but what pattern? Does anyone know?


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Only one Find for the Week

I ran by the thrifts a couple times last week with the "oh well, it's okay if I don't find anything" attitude.  But heck, let's face it, inside I was like "oh please, oh please, oh please".  A promotional, maybe Gooseberry,  Friendship (I know I'm asking too much) or even a piece of Horizon Blue would have made my day.  Well, that didn't happen, but what did is this!

It isn't marked Pyrex, but it is clearly a Pyrex 403 mold.  I looked it up when I got home and found a number of folks who have this referring to it as an unmarked Pyrex.  I found that some Eyes Hot 'n' Cold Chip and Dip Set were also produced unmarked as stated on the Pyrex Love site.  I guess some might question this bowl, but I do feel deep in my Pyrex lovin' heart this is a Pyrex bowl.

After a good cleaning I found the bowl has very few utensil marks in the interior and the outside looks like new!  I paid $4.50, which I thought wasn't unreasonable for a 403.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Rip Off (of sorts) and a Challenge {Weekend Finds}

My daughter, who usually wakes us up so early on weekends, decided to sleep until 9 Saturday so that meant no early yard sales. What it did mean is a few hours of quiet on a cool morning in the desert.

This is Modernism Week in the Old Pueblo and we had decided to go to the furniture expo. Last year we scored an amazing vintage patio set. This year we scored nothing. But, we did make a few stops on the trek to the expo.

We hit a local junk shop called Bettie Blue's. Fun fact: this shop has a ghost. Seriously. They have video to prove it. What they also have is neat stuff and some overpriced Pyrex. I saw this Early American 2.5 Q casserole for $14 ($10 for the dish, $4) for the lid. I thought that was insane, way too high of a price considering the wear (it had some scratches and abrasion), especially since this is not a super collectible pattern. Needless to say I passed. 

The next stop was completely random. We spotted a small sign for an estate sale that claimed to have vintage and mid-centry goods. We are all about both so we hunted down the place, even though it was late afternoon. The sale was still going and there were some amazing pieces but the prices were insane for the condition. There was an Eames chair that was destroyed. An cute end table with a huge chip. Some really random vintage home goods and furniture. Oh, and these Primary Colors Pyrex Mixing Bowls. I seriously think the woman stored everything outside, because not just the bowls were covered in dirt and grime.

This wasn't even how I found them (here they are pictured on the patio table I mention above). They were all nested in each other relegated to a table in the backyard. They were a hot mess. My husband asked how much. The seller said $25. I laughed. Really, I did. She said she had meant to clean them and that sets like these go for $100 on ebay. Well, maybe if they are a full set that is clean and in good shape. This set is missing the blue 401.Yes, the larger 404 can be harder to locate but sheesh, the curb appeal is terrible, don't you think? They are filthy on the inside and the outside, with dirt and grime and goodness knows what else. I mean, there are pieces of plant life attached to the bottom of the bowls. It made me so sad as most of her stuff was so amazing but so poorly cared for.

I hemmed and hawed and asked if she would take $15. She grudgingly agreed. So now I have them but I now also have a challenge. These need to be cleaned up both inside and out. Inside is easy-peasy. Outside I am not so sure. I will need to polish them up. I've looked online for tips but can't seem to find anything for the colored Pyrex like this. 

I'm sure someone in the Collective knows how to clean these babies up and make them shine like new. Ideas and suggestions are welcome!


Friday, October 4, 2013

Flea Market Scores

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I haven't been blogging much because of a camera issue, but I've still been shopping for Pyrex. Unfortunately, the thrift stores and yard sales aren't yielding much, so I stopped at my local flea market today.

And look what I found! These 401 bowls are the best patterned Pyrex I've found in a while. I saw more Pyrex there than I have at any thrift store or yard sale, which is great because the prices are low and there doesn't seem to be the competition for Pyrex like I see in the thrifts. (That's another whole issue which has been bugging me lately, but I don't want to get into that.)

The top is Horizon Blue and is my first piece of that pattern. I'm still kicking myself for passing up a complete set of casseroles in this pattern two years ago- it's so pretty. The bottom one is New Dots (of course you knew that) and is so minty! I am now halfway to finishing that set- you may remember my post about finding the yellow New Dots. And the best part of the flea market is I got both of them for $5! Which is a good thing, because finishing these sets is probably going to cost me- especially the New Dots 404.