Friday, January 31, 2014

Daisy Bowl Set Completed - It Was Time

I am getting a little more aggressive about finding some pieces for my collection.  I really want to stick to the thrift stores, but sometimes there is the opportunity at local antique/vintage shops to get something that isn't so easily found anywhere, but maybe on line (where you have to take on the shipping cost.)  These have been sitting at the antique store and I've been staring at my partial set for awhile...I decided to pick them up.

My Daisy bowl set completed!  I had the 442 and 444 that I picked up for a steal at the thrifts.  I saw the two yellow 441 and 443 at an antique mall in November.  It was $30 for 3 bowls.  Well, there were only two.  The second time I went, they were still sitting there.  Yesterday, I decided to ask about them.  I lucked out that the booth owner happened to be on shift yesterday!  She offered them to me for $15 for both and I agreed.  Yeah, not as cheap as the thrift, but 443 is minty and 441 isn't bad.  Both are super shiny. 

I have the 043 oval casserole in the original basket that my neighbor gave me, my friend gave me the 945 2.5 quart oval casserole and divided dish bottom (I had the lid) for Christmas.  My MIL gave me a 471.  I also have a 473 I need a patterned lid for.  So all in all, I haven't spent that much on this set so far.  I'm wishing for some fridgies, not holding my breath--those are hard to come by.

I am super excited to have this Daisy Cinderella bowl set, it is so bright and cheerful!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowflakes are falling into my collection!

Recently, I have been treasure hunting outside of my normal territory. Mostly because I have been out of town for one reason or the other. But, it has worked out quite nicely for my Pyrex addiction. My newest addition...

I know the pattern is snowflake but it looks really nice with red bowls and I think I will combine those for my July display. Can't wait to show you!

I was recently at the National Association of Music Show and had the opportunity to see some awesome vintage instruments and people. Yes, I said vintage people (legends)! If your in to that sort of thing or interested in reading about my breakfast with Smokey Robinson check it out at


Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Hello everyone!
I’m new to blogging so bear with me, but if you do you will be treated to photos and stories of Australian Pyrex! Yes I’m from the land down under, and very happily living in an isolated outback town where I’m *pretty sure* I’m the only mad pyrex collector so the finds are ALL FOR ME lol.

I’ve gotten very lazy in recent times with photos only taken on my crappy Ipad, so need to fish out the camera for blog worthy photos, but in the mean time please share in this somewhat fuzzy snippet.

These are two of my more favourite pieces- the Agee version of a Cinderella mixing bowl, with smaller spouts and a slightly oval shape. The pattern? We don’t know a lot of our official names, it’s like pioneer days for pyrex collecting over here somewhat, but this one I call Nasturtiums as I think that’s the flower and vine pictured.

Thanks for the add! Long time reader first time contributor :) 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How do you stack your Pyrex?

Hello, Pyrex collectors. 
How do you display-stack your Cinderellas? 
Your regular mixing bowls? 
And most importantly, how do you display-stack your divided dishes?

I don't have any pictures of my stacked Pyrex at the moment. 
This is a place-holder.

I acquired another divided dish this evening (this one--simple but so pretty). I don't love divided dishes as display pieces--I always feel like mine are going to tip over. Currently I have four stacked together using Duplos (the bigger kind of Lego). My mixing bowls are held up by (needed) tupperware and non-Pyrex bowls (the bowls that my children prefer to use for cereal). I would like to move on from pilfering toys and other kitchenware--so what do you guys use?

Margaret Ann

Monday, January 27, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Finds and Early Birthday Shopping!

Oh boy, not much going on in Pyrexland in my neck of the woods.  There was a little bit, mostly Early American, DWDs or patterns I don't want or need.  Even then, there wasn't even much of that stuff.  I managed to get a couple pieces I can use and add to my hoard.

A pink Flamingo pie pan and a Verdé 503 fridgie to add to my 502.  Yep, that was it. Fortunately I have a an extra 503 lid.   I think hubby was feeling sorry for me, he asked me "where did you see that pink bowl?"  I had told him I saw a pink 024 at the antique/vintage mall so he insisted we go there.  He said, your birthday is coming up, I'm going to take you shopping.  I usually do the 'I don't need anything/want anything' thing before my birthday.  I think he was like "finally I can buy her something". So off we went and we first stopped off at another antique/vintage mall along the way and I found a long needed 442.

Yay!  I've completed my Butterprint Cinderella bowl set!  One booth had a couple promotionals and I made the mistake of drawing attention to them.  He said "get them".  I said, well, I'll get one, so I picked the Bluebird.  The other one was Meadow.  This was a lot for me at $36.40 for the lot, thrift store would be $12-$20.  But heck, I'll give in!  There were other pieces at the stores, a Blue Horizon which I would really have liked, but I just didn't want it bad enough for $8.50.  Hubby tried to talk me into an 8 oz. Flamingo covered bowl, but honestly, at $9 I wasn't the least bit interested.  I have a set  of 4 white Fire King lidded bowls that I like just fine. And two separate stores selling Verdé 501s for $9 each--nope, ain't gonna do it--even though I need them.  Surprisingly, there just wasn't a lot to chose from at the antique/vintage shops.

I was disgusted at one of the thrifts that prices Pyrex high.  They had a yellow hostess bowl, the big one for $14.95.  The top was okay, but the bottom was totally destroyed, hardly any yellow paint left on it!  I did find a cool Glasbake and a couple of nice Fire King pieces I really like.  I posted them on my blog here if you wanna see!

I think I'll wrap up my birthday shopping with Gooseberry bowls that I'm missing from my set!  I'm at the three and a half year mark of having only two bowls and yes, I'm tired of waiting! Yep, I'm desperate and finding those aren't likely to become easier.

(Hopelessly addicted),


Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowflake Garland - Snow in CA!

I scored big time on craigslist. Well big time for me. As it has been dry here at out thrift stores. Unless you call $24 for 1 - 444 and $39.99 for a 441, 443 and a random fire king scores. I sure do not. 

Salvation Army is on meth. 

 I did get this complete set of Snowflake Garland 480 series from craigslist. The lady said goodbye to them. Saying she always forgot to display them and wanted someone who would love them to have them. I was happy to come home and wash/dry them and proudly display them with my other Snowflakes. I gave them a happy home. 

I got some other stuff too from her. 
You can head over to Treasures My Husband Hates to check them out. 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I was out and about the other day. My intent was not to thrift but to pick up some library books, run by the post office, and do some banking for our business. On the final leg home I thought about going by a couple thrifts and junk shops but turned a different way instead to go home. Well, on this particular way there is a thrift so I pulled in at the last minute. I am so glad I did.

On my third sweep of some very overfilled shelves I found the green and blue New Dots bowls, tucked way on a bottom shelf behind some clear bakeware. My heart sped up and I think I giggled. This was a very, very exciting find. I already had the yellow dots and another blue dots but the one I found on this trip is in much better condition. The other blue dots has a trade pending for other things on my wish list. All I need is the orange dots and I am all done! 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Weekly Finds and More

Here's what I got last week!  Not too bad!

Blue Garland Snowflake 474 and 443 came from a garage sale, $2 a piece.  The Friendship fridgie was a major shock to find--it is a bit faded, but a little coconut oil and at $2.70 I'm totally good with it.  Just having one (since I won't buy online) is counted as a success to me!  Another 024, they have been coming to me rather steadily lately.  It and the Friendship I found lids for on different shopping trips at different locations.  The old yellow fridgie lid on the primary.  There is a square lime pan, the large pan was in too rough of shape to take home.  I don't need a 502 Butterprint, but I couldn't leave it. Last, the Blue Garland Snowflake sugar bowl with lid.  I have the creamer already.  I'll replace the Blue Onion set with the Blue Garland.  I use these regularly as little mixing bowls for salad dressings, mixing cocoa etc.

I also checked out the vintage and antique malls in our neighboring town.  I bought a cradle as it was in great shape at $4.95.  I never see them at the thrift and this size is a practical size for me to use.  If I'm correct, it is the cradle for Golden Rosette 043 which I do have.

Yes, the other item I got not when I went, but the next day when hubby said we would go back.  I showed him the Pineapple Party Chip and Dip set on line and told him the big bowl was at the mall.  He insisted I get it.  It's the most I've spent on a 404 which was $12.  If I'm lucky enough to ever find the 401 for it, I'll buy the reproduction hanger thingy!

It was a pretty exciting week for me!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Saturday, January 18, 2014

PIA - Zucchini Ravioli

I love using my Pyrex. 
One of my favorite dinners to make is zucchini ravioli. 

I get to use my Verde 933 for the job.
 I don't like cake (Please don't shoot me) so using these big guys is also hard. 

But this stuff to me is like crack. (The food, and the Pyrex)

Oh look, hmmmmm. Snowflake Garland Corelle plates. 
It is my little bit of snow here in CA. 

I scored some other Snowflake garland this weekend. 
I will show you all later this week. 

For the Recipe head over to 
Treasures My Husband Hates. 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

Price Inflation Insanity

Spotted this morning at an estate sale….glad I did not get up at the crack of dawn to get it!

That's a pink gooseberry 442 for $20. Yes, $20. Notice the sticker says "VTG;" yes, it is older, but not worth $20, not even at an antique mall. Usually estate sales are no higher than $10 a bowl. I'm telling you, I fear for the future, as it will only get more expensive from here on out!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Drought is Over (for one day at least!)

Hello PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

First off, I have to say that I have been getting a little bit worried about the state of thrifting in general. Whether you're out to resell or just to find cool things for yourself, it wasn't looking so hot. I think I walked out of more stores empty-handed than with a purchase, and that used to never happen! It seemed like the pickings were slim since November, especially for Pyrex.

Well, I am happy to say that it seems like my luck has changed, at least for today! And it's funny, too, because I feel like crap today and haven't been out all week, but talked myself into going this afternoon just to get out of the house...

I finally found some Pyrex! The Golden Acorn DD is a duplicate for me, but it was in mint condition and had the lid, so I picked it up for $6. 

The Butterprint 401 is something I sorely needed to work on my 400 series set, and was only $2! I have all the 440s and 400s now except the elusive 404. I have been trying to keep away from buying online too, because of all the horror stories of stuff breaking lately. So far I've had great luck, but I don't want to push it, plus it's more fun to find it in the wild.

And the clear 502 fridgie in the middle is one of the early ones, only made from 1950-52. How do I know? Well, besides coming with an old-style lid, it has the sunshine stamp on the bottom. They only made clear 501s and 502s during those years, and when the clear ones were re-introduced in the 80s they would have had a microwave stamp.

I found a few other goodies today too, pop on over to my blog to check them out! 

Spring Blossom Cindy!

I think my goal is becoming a reality this year. 
I set out to finish sets. I don't need to seat any more new sets. 
I have been really good about it too. 

This is my latest set completed. 

I love it. 

You can see where I got it and a little something extra over at 

Until next time, 

Happy Hunting! 
Treasure Hunter

Monday, January 13, 2014

More Butterfly Gold

It's been ages since I've found any good deals on Pyrex, but today my luck finally changed.  I found all three of these pieces.
I didn't have any Butterfly Gold until my husband's aunt gave us the mixing bowls and since then I've also found the plates and bowls. 

Neither of the casseroles came with lids, but I have a lid from one of my other casseroles that fits the smallest one.  I love when that happens!

Corning Military bowls

Finally I had some luck with acquiring more Pyrex! It is been a little harder lately. 
Everything I see I have. 

Well last weekend I stopped at Salvation army on my way to another collectors house.
 I found 2 ivory military bowls. 

 They are by far my favorite scores of the weekend. They are huge. 
We used them that night for a big salad and they were perfect. 

Corning Glass blower stamp
I hope to find some more of the military stuff. 

You can head over to 
to see more of my weekend scores.

Until next time, 

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Pyrex Finds and Pics of my Hoard

I usually try and post on Monday, but I don't think I'll be going out today and plus I organized my hoard and thought I'd share!

Well, I didn't think I was going to have any luck this past week on finds, but yesterday fixed that!

I scrounged up an old 503 lid earlier in the week and that was it.  Yesterday I finally found a 958 lid for one of my Golden Honeysuckle casseroles!  I've been looking for a good two years, and finally--it felt good!  After six stops yesterday, the seventh was a hit and prices (with discounts) were great!  Yes!  I got a 444 Orange/Yellow Butterprint ($4.50), could not believe my eyes.  And a BG lasagna pan which I need for my set ($4.80) and the Homestead needed for my friend's collection ($3.60).  I was a happy happy girl!

My friend that I pick up Homestead for, went to the thrift up the interstate where she works and picked up this promotional for me and also returned these Cinderella bowls I gave her a while back as now she has so much Homestead and Woodland I have given her.

Not at all sad to get the Sandalwood back, I've fallen in love with it the past year.  The Terra Cotta Rose casserole is almost flawless and fits in great with Autumn Harvest.

Well, these were enough Pyrex additions that I had to do some reorganizing today and while I was at it I took some picture of my hoard to share.  Thought it was a good way to start the year!  Of course, I forget a stack of 401s sitting off to the side (ones of patterns I don't collect but will pick up one 401 and a fridgie set if I find it).  Also, I pulled out a few things I will donate to charity--honest--I'm trying to scale back!!!

Welcome to my hoard.  This is my out of the way space that I store my hoard when not in rotation.

And then there is what I currently have on my peninsula.  I like to have open bowls for fruits and vegetables that don't get stored in the refrigerator.  Plus, of course I use it and love to see it!

And recently I cleaned out one of the cabinets behind the tambour doors for everyday Pyrex.

I'm amazed at how nuts I've gone over Pyrex!  I've never been a collector of things and I don't like to have too much 'stuff' to deal with, but somehow Pyrex put a spell on me!  Never been tempted by clothes, shoes or jewelery but I crave finding Pyrex.  And hubby is just as eager to find it with me!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Thursday, January 9, 2014

A year in review, best Cherry Picked Finds of 2013

I wanted to post my very best picks or the ones I loved the most but had such a hard time narrowing it down so I decided to do categories.

The best cherry picked Pyrex of 2013 is....

*The Starbusrt

*The Dot bowls

*Thanksgiving Pyrex advertising

*Turquoise Chip and Dip in the box

And my favorite find maybe of all time is the

*1940s glass, chrome and steel light up Pyrex advertising store display. I love it so much.

To see my best flips of the year and my ultimate favorite pick of the year go to


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First Pyrex Finds of the New Year

I've had some good finds over the last few days…I've only been able to head out in drips and drabs since Christmas as I have been under the weather, and my philosophy is, if I am too sick to go to the gym, I am too sick to thrift. It keeps me honest.

So I found a Green Wheat Space Saver. I didn't crop this picture so you all could understand how random this find was. I rounded a corner and saw what looked like green glass poking out behind a bunch of plastic goods on the very back corner of a bottom shelf. I got down and pulled out this space saver. You can see the chaos of the shelves. I then spent a good ten minutes on the floor, moving everything around trying to locate a lid, but alas, no luck. 

I couldn't believe I found a Hostess with a lid. Both pieces are extremely minty! The cake pan is a minty Desert Dawn, which is a fun find. I am a big baker (even been to the Betty Crocker Kitchens on General Mills' dime!) and was thrilled to add this to my set of cake pans, which for whatever reason do not stack well. The Bluebird is so fun and me, I am a big fan of bird motifs. It's not the most covetable of promotions but I was sure happy to find it!

I hope your hunting is going well!


Monday, January 6, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Finds - Fridgie Madness!

Finally getting around to my weekly Monday post!  I was on my feet all day reorganizing all my vintage Christmas craft and wreath decorating supplies that took over my spare room as well as some other organizing projects--it was first day of the term for hubby so I had the house to myself and I went crazy!

I found stuff last week which I intended to post, but hubby came home this afternoon and asked "are you getting ready to go" (meaning--to the thrifts).  My feet were aching and I told him I didn't want to go, I was tired, but I had stuff in the garage to drop off at the charity, so I decided I would.  Good thing!  I came home with a mini haul!

Fridgies, fridgies and more fridgies!  First I found a Spring Blossom 502 and 501.  I was so excited.  I was just lamenting last week how I don't have any SB fridgies,  but I have so much other Spring Blossom.  Oh and, I finished my mixing bowl set with a 404, couldn't believe it. What really made that sweet is this is a thrift that tends to price high, but I got the 404 for $4.50--I was happy!  Then I found the Early American 503 and 502.  Another day brought the 401 Butterfly Gold to complete my set!I have a Horizon blue Cinderella mixing bowl set, but it doesn't hurt to have another 441 does it?  Today it was the Town & Country 503 and four 501s! They came from one donation obviously as they all have some color code paint dab on them.  And, to my delight, my last find today was a 550 Space Saver lid!!!  That's the second one in about two weeks!  Now I have one for my Scrolls 575.  (Now I NEED the Golden Pine Cone lid!)

There was a whole lot of Pyrex out there it seemed.  Things I already have, things I don't collect and some DWDs like a pink 401, red 402 and turquoise 403.  All I would have bought if they were in good condition.  Fortunately I made room for more Pyrex by giving a friend some after Christmas.  I'll give some more to our animal charity soon too.  I LOVE to share Pyrex in all ways!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rodney Kent "Starline"

I would like to apologize. I am up to it again. I am find amazing pieces in the wild. 
 I found me a Rodney Kent!

The newest guy in my collection

To be exact it is "Starline Series" by Rodney Kent.  It should have lid, but to find the stand and 503 is awesome anyways. Made in the 1950s sometime. Exact date is unknown. Nothing is own about these except the name and sorta the date. YAY! A little mystery.

Do you know anything about these (that isn't in the Pyrex Passion book)??

Going to get ready and go get a bath. 

I also got another 503 in a trade. 

You can see where and how I found this guy over at 

Hope your 2014 is off to a great start. 

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Friday, January 3, 2014

Starburst? Yep Santa's got that!

I received the Starburst for Christmas from Santa! I was so excited when I opened this amazing gift and was speechless. It was as if I had seen this exact piece somewhere before. But, before anyone else could catch on, I continued with my overly excited charade...

To find out how Santa and I planned and executed our little secret go to for all the scoop.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Amazing Haul on Last Day of 2013

Husband and little miss went out with me late in the afternoon on December 31. We had to drop off some stuff at the thrift store so we decided to thrift, too.

I got so excited by some of these finds I sat down on the floor and just about hyperventilated.

Little miss, aka my thrifting buddy, found the opal 402 as I was filling out the charitable donation paperwork for the goods we were dropping off. At the next place we all found the Snowflake 045 (which was so filthy I couldn't believe it, my husband is a darling and cleaned it to look like new), the Federal Starburst, the Hazel Atlas Ivy, and be still my heart, the Unmarked Turquoise Diamonds. My husband plucked it off the shelf and he says my breathing just stopped. That was when I had to sit down. Further on he found the Terra mug and the three Hazel Atlas mugs, which are a match for some bowls I inherited from my grandmother.

At the next location I found the Horizon Blue 441 and 442. As I was inspecting them husband said, "Hey, I see an opal pan." I dismissed it but he pulled it off the bottom shelf and then got really excited as he loves Friendship. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would own a lasagna pan, much less a Friendship lasagna pan; in fact, this is the first piece of Friendship I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in person prior to buying. I was already sitting on the floor when he showed it to me so I was well prepared to take it all in. The Butterfly Gold dishes were a nice treat; I have been working on building a mixed collection of BG and Spring Blossom/Crazy Daisy to use as our everyday dishes. This find gets me started on the salad plates which I will add to my dinner plates and bowls.

It was a banner day, one I will not soon forget. Here's to even more fun finds in 2014!