Saturday, February 9, 2013

catching up

it's been quite awhile since i've posted on here with my latest pyrex finds! i've been putting them all on instagram so i thought i'd quickly catch up and post some of the recent pix here too. enjoy! :)

my 401s...
a set of old town salt and pepper shakers!

spring blossom salt and pepper shakers go well with the verde round casserole set.

round casseroles for everyone! loving the colour combos.

a beautiful new butterfly gold piece for my collection.

a clear-bottomed primary yellow bowl. i was really surprised to see it marked as pyrex but i believe it's one of the new types of pyrex and not part of any vintage collection.

a mini-blue fridgie with lid (my first fridgie lid!). the blue primary casserole is in amazing condition and it doesn't have a size listed on the bottom...doesn't that imply that it is quite old? just as the original primary mixing bowls didn't have sizes listed either?

lovely oval casseroles.

happy pyrex hunting!
lauren @ unlauren


  1. Love your stacks! Might your blue casserole be a Horizon? If so, it would be 1969-1972. Love it and the blue fridgie!

  2. LOVE the blue casserole and mini-fridgie. I've been checking out Instagram a lot lately for Pyrex eye-candy :)

  3. Your pictures are fabulous! Great collection!

  4. photos are looking awesome!
    willing to part with the old town salt and pepper??
    I have a huge pile of goodies for you to pick from for tradsies :)

  5. Your clear bottomed yellow Pyrex bowls are actually from the 'Pyrex Designs' collection, from the 80's. So, they're kinda vintage :)