Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Trades & Wanted: My Christmas List

Love the snowflakes :) I never got around to posting a pic of a wonderful trade I made with fellow collective member, Brittany! Traded a dandelion promotional I had for the top snowflake spacesaver! I like to think they were reunited~ Thanks Brittany!

Okay, so yes, you are seeing this correctly. I have three butterprint refrigerator sets completed! They are all in great shape, too. Probably was unnecessary to have three... I'd consider a trade for something on my wanted list! I know it's all hard to part with :(  But just incase, I like anything turquoise, and some pink too! I live in Central New York-- FYI- not sure how shipping is farther away...

Dear Santa, my boyfriend, or other collective members:

Wanted 1: Starburst Spacesaver (aka Holy Grail)

 Wanted 2: Anything solid turquoise! I'd love some solid mixing bowls (no ears) and fridgies of any size. I would also like either of these things in the lighter pink :)

Hoping you all are enjoying the snow and holiday season!
Do you have Pyrex on your Christmas lists?
Belle of the Blog

{finds} and left-behinds

well, lately the prices at my local thrift store have been absolutely astronomically high. there's no other way to put it. i can't possibly be expected to pay $8 for a gravy boat or $20 for a 404, can i? well, of course, if we're all honest, we've probably been willing to pay that on occasion for that much-needed much-desired piece to add to our collections! i'm guilty too. :)

before i share the over-priced left-behinds, i'm excited to say that i found a fantastic deal today! for $9 i picked up this set of 3 verde casseroles that are all in fantastic condition. needless to say, as soon as i saw them and their price, i ran to the cash register.

i picked up this yellow over-loved cinderella bowl for $3. i could see there was still some original sheen underneath all those scuff marks so i believed i could still salvage it! and, it worked!! love it.
below, the shenandoah bowls were priced at $20 and $11. no, thanks. the medallion piece was priced at $10. not too bad for a unique piece like that but it isn't something that i wanted to collect so i passed that one up in hopes of finding something better.
and, here we have a few more pieces left for another lucky pyrex collector. the large woodland and old orchard were $9 (both were scratched up). the butterfly gold pieces together were $40! um, no. and the small woodland and yellow bowl were each $3. again, not so bad but the yellow bowl had lost all of its sheen and was completely unsalvagable. oh, well! they weren't there when i went back today so someone must've been happy! :)
happy thrifting! hope everyone finds some amazing deals this week!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Pyrex

Here are a few of my Christmas decorations....Pyrex of course!  To see more visit me at

pyrex on {instagram}

just wanted to check with the rest of the collective whether any of you are instagramming your pyrex finds? it has become an awesome source of inspiration for me and seeing all the different pyrex pieces people are picking up every day!

so, basically, i just thought that if you wanted to share your instagram username in the comment section, it may be another fun way to follow fellow collective members. :)

- lauren ("unlauren" on instagram)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Holiday Display!

Hello, all!

I switched out my fall-time Pyrex today for a more winter-y theme! (Oh how I wish I had more holiday Pyrex!)

Come check out my blog for a fun-filled holiday post and more decorations!

Hope everyone's enjoying this time of year.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just wanted to pop in and say Happy Thanksgiving

What were you thankful for this year? I'm thankful for our troops (I have a brother and a cousin in Afganistan right now) and of course Pyrex. LOL

My table this year:

I made a sweet potato casserole in a woodland 503. First time I liked casserole. You can find the recipe here.

 It looks sad, but it was good.

~Katie, treasure hunter.
Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

FINALLY, My Pyrex cabinet!

I was in desperate need of a cabinet to display my lovely Pyrex finds!
I was keeping them in my cupboard in my kitchen but even though it has 4 shelves and is rather big, I was unable after awhile to put anything in there! After all of my hauls from the thrift shops, I had no more room, anywhere!

I did however go through what I really did not love and will be selling them on eBay soon.

While we were in PA, my husband stumbled across this awesome looking cabinet for the kitchen.

It was a little dinged up in the wood, it was all wood but part of it was laminated and my husband could not sand it down and stain it because it would come out a darker color than the rest of the wood, so I said in the store " well we can always paint it!"

My husband works at a Benjamin Moore retailer and he can paint anything and make it look awesome!

So since my kitchen is red and white, we decided to paint it just that!
My husband did a FANTASTIC job on painting it!

Here is the master piece!

For more pictues, visit Pyrexjunkie

My finds from my trip to PA

My husband and I went to Adamstown PA this past weekend for his birthday.
I was crossing my fingers to find certain finds, and what did I find?

Some AWESOME stuff!

Horray!!!! I got all the red holiday Pyrex!!!!! In one store!
I was praying that I would stumble across at least one but I have to thank my husband for this, he found them all for me!

This beautiful 4 Qt bowl is in MINT condition! The seller was working that day in the antique center and saw that I was really interested in this pattern, it was $30 and he gave it to me for $20!

This was from someone different and was priced at $18!
With the original lid.

The two of them together, aren't they awesome?

This is a beauty! ALL in excellent condition! No fading, nothing!
The seller gave it to me for $20!

All of my lovely holiday Pyrex!
They look so great together!

This is my first white on turquoise snowflake pattern!  
I only have the turquoise on white.

This is the 2 1/2 Qt casserole. 
Got it for $16.

I only paid these prices because in the thrifts I seem to never find these but all and all I thought they were pretty good prices for antique centers!

I love love love the charcoal snowflake! It seems to be hard to find....only this one antique center had these two and in Adamstown PA there are about 10 antique stores and this is all I could find!

It is the 2 1/2 Qt and the 1 1/2 Qt both were priced at $20 each and got them for $18 bucks each.

Both are in excellent condition, looks like they have never been used...

They also came with two original booklet's from Pyrex.
I forgot to take pictures of it but will post it as soon as I do.

I am ready for Christmas!

All I need is the "Christmas Holly" mixing bowl and I am set!

-Cristina @ Pyrex Junkie

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pyrex in Progress


The collective has expressed using their pyrex- and while I do, there are a few favorites I just can't use for fear of breaking it. So, I decided I needed spares and have been on the look out! Today, I found all of this: a pyrex lemonade carafe, a coordinating Gemco juicer, pink gooseberry casserole, and a yellow stripe small bowl! Now, I don't have any yellow stripes, so it isn't exactly a spare. And the lemon pieces pictured above will be a gift. So, still some newbies to my collection. Spares will be needed for baking... because what if I break my snowflake spacesavers?! Can't risk it! So when I found this butterfly gold lasagna pan for $5, I knew it was a match made in heaven.

I wonder if patterns were regional? Because I always find A LOT of butterfly gold in central NY. Of course that isn't my main pattern, but I've started making exceptions. The flea market dealer priced it at $10, and without me even saying a word he said "Well, how about $5"- YAY! I thought it was even priced well at $10 though...
Bought a box of tomatos and pyrex at the flea. I chopped them with garlic, olive oil, balsamic- baked it, and tossed it over pasta. Yum!
Happy pyrexing :)
Belle of the Blog

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Goodwill Worth the Drive

I am quite tickled to finally have some noteworthy Pyrex to share with everyone!  Although thrifting has been quite slow as of late, this week I felt like I hit the Jackpot at a slightly out of the way Goodwill.  It definitely made up for the longer drive with all the goodies it had waiting patiently on the shelf for me. 

You wouldn't believe how surprised I was to find the Snowflake, Butterprint, and Green Primary bowl all sitting grouped together on the shelf.  My surprised turned into flat out shock when I flipped them all over to find them each to be only $1.99...and so I began filling up my cart.  I also found the dinnerware pictured as well as some various other items such as canisters, gravy boat, etc.  The bundt pan was a gift from my mom and was made in France. 

Feel free to stop by my blog Yesterway to check out all the other goodies I brought home this past week.   Happy thrifting everyone!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My weekend pyrex finds

Hello everyone!
This past weekend surprised me with some Pyrex finds. My cousin was in town visiting and she wanted to hit up some thrift stores.
Pressed Flowers, 1957

 First up from the Goodwill was this beautiful Pressed Flowers promo casserole with no lid for $2.99. What a steal! There was a very very sad looking dishwasher damaged mixing bowl set next to it, which was damaged so badly I'm not even sure what the original pattern was--each bowl was priced at $5.99!!! I was so stunned I almost missed this gem. I just love the yellow and black patterns, they are so cheery and bright. This is an awesome piece to add to my collection.

Pyrex "the cracker barrel" 1961
This is a piece I didn't even know existed until I saw it on the shelf of the DAV and mistook it for "The Cookie Jar." I was surprised to see it said "The Cracker Barrel" I snatched it up for $1.99 and now it will house anything but crackers in my kitchen (currently full of fruit leather).

Turquoise Round Casserole with lid
This little darling was at a different Goodwill and was covered in grease and just plain gross. I kept going back to it and debating if I could clean it up or not. Well I am glad I ended up picking it up because it cleaned up rather nicely! Maybe another good scrub after more soaking and she'll look even better. I love these pastel pieces, so yummy!!

I use Pyrex daily. It is so fun to have a functional collection. This is just a pic of some random Pyrex usage from the past few days. Green tea in a spring blossom mug, a berry and pecan trifle in town and country, and a breakfast bake of eggs, sausage, kale, mushroom, and potato in a sage scroll.

Have a good week and happy Pyrexing!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Verde Set for Sale

Hi Pyrex Friends!

I have a couple of Verde dishes (2 1/2 Quart and 1 1/2 quart divided) in mint condition that I don't need.  I'm trying to simplify a bit.  I just want what I paid, so $12 for the set.  I don't want to ship but if you are anywhere near Arlington, WA. I could meet you in the area and they are yours!  Would also trade.  I need 401 Daisy Citrus, the large and one small Spring blossom fridgie or the medium Woodland fridgie, the large red Hostess with lid, 403 and 404 Snowflake Garland.


Saturday's Estate sale finds

I finally went to an estate sale! My first time going!
It was awesome! I met some very nice people and saw a lot of interesting things.
I did manage to find some neat treasures too!

I bought these in an estate sale in CT.
Awesome ladies that were holding the estate sale I am assuming for the family.
I found these AWESOME Fire King "Lustre peach" soup bowls!
My mouth dropped when I saw them because I have been looking for these for some time now.
I do see them on eBay but they are really over priced.
I bought these 6 soup bowls for $10!

I bought these beautiful fruit canisters! A set of 3 for $8!
I love fruit decals on anything vintage so these caught my eye right away and they go lovely in my red and white kitchen!

Here they are on my bakers right in my kitchen!!

I found this butterscotch Bakelite cake cutter?
I was told by the owner it was a cheese cutter?
Does anyone know what this might be?

I bought it for $2.00

I bought this awesome hand painted strawberry book holder for $1.00!
I love it, the colors are vibrant and it looks great holding one of my vintage cookbooks!

I bought this Griswold Patty molds in it's original box for $1.00.
I have NEVER seen anything like this before and thought it was so unique!
Does anyone know how you use it???

I just love vintage cookbooks! I have a ton and I just love looking through them and cooking with them! They are so fun.
I bought this Pillsbury 1,000 recipe cookbook for $3.00
It is from 1959

I just love vintage contact paper! I need to do my top draws in my kitchen badly and saw this and would go perfect in my kitchen! It was only 0.25 cents!

I am LOVING vintage aprons right now! I have about 4 or 5 already and found this one on Saturday!
It was $5.00 and I love all the colors to it! 

I love old Christmas wrapping paper. It was complete and was only $1.00.

I got this at the last minute at a church tag sale! I asked them if they were selling it and the women said well not really, do you really like it? And I said yes I do! So she said would you pay $1.00? I said yes deff!

So I bought this Mele Pink Jewelry box for $1.00!

I got this beautiful vintage Christmas tablecloth at one of the ES.
It was only $2.00! and nothing is wrong with it!!!

I bought this chip and dip set for $4.00.
And yes it has fruit decals on it, isn't it cute??!!

I am wondering who makes this.

I bought this for my husband, I have never seen this before and it is very unique.
It is a auto whis kit. and seems like it is it for the car. It has a meter feeder to keep your coins or keys in, a scraper in the back for your windows and a brush for the car.
Got it for $1.00

I bought this beautiful coral dress for $5! I couldn't believe it was only $5!
Maybe I will wear this to the opera with my vintage stole! =)

I got this shirt for $1.00. It is super cute, seems to be from the 60's.

and this beautiful over coat with matching dress for $5!!!

I just love vintage clothing!

And you might be saying where is the Pyrex???!!!
Sadly I found none at the estate sales!!! I was looking and looking and all I saw was the clear Pyrex no colors! =(

Maybe this Saturday I will find some Pyrex!