Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I Heart Pyrex

I personally wanted to start a blog on Blogger to have a TRADE/SELLING blog (community) where people can sell or trade their Pyrex items to other fellow Pyrex collectors! In order to start trading/selling Pyrex on this blog, you must be an author to post your trade or what you are selling.This is a SAFE blog and will not tolerate any scams etc, you will be knocked off of this blog and will no longer be an author.
I want this blog to be a happy place, a fun place and safe place most of all.

I personally do not have a Facebook account and I know Facebook has some group pages where people trade and sell Pyrex. For me, Facebook is annoying and I do really love blogger, much more fun!
So please feel free to become a fellow follower the more the merrier! 
As far as I know blogger does not have this "community" or "group page" like Facebook does to sell/trade pyrex, and I want to change that!!

If you do want to become an author to start selling/trading on I Heart Pyrex then please e-mail me at 
PyrexJunkie@gmail.com to say that you want to be an author of this blog and I will add you!

The blog/community's site is www.Iheartpyrex.blogspot.com

Enjoy the blog and let's see what Pyrex is out there!!



  1. Me, too! Although mainly I'll be a lurker. And a buyer. :)

  2. Replies
    1. already added you as an author =) You should have the invite in your email!