Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Can this Bowl be Saved?

Greetings fellow Pyrex lovers!

Instead of poetically telling you about my weekend at The Packwood Flea Market with the outrageous Pyrex prices I thought I would bring you along as I try to restore some resemblance of turquoise and cleanliness to this bowl:

Here's how I came upon this sorry, sad bowl. I was at Goodwill scrounging the shelves and I first saw a 2.5 quart yellow bowl sitting beside a 4 quart green bowl. They both looked pretty bad. I already have a yellow 2.5 quart and the green one looked so nasty that I kept on walking checking the other shelves in my normal fashion. Before I leave a store I always double back and check the shelves one more time in case I missed something. When I went by the bowls a second time the thought hit me, "They don't make a 4 qt. bowl in that color of green. It must be turquoise!" I have never found solid turquoise in the wild in any form so I took it as a challenge to, say it with me, save that bowl!

First, I simply washed the bowl like I would any dish. That did not make much of a difference with this bad boy. I believe that not only was the bowl 50+ years old but so was the grease. Vintage grease! If this grease could speak, the stories it would tell. It also looked like it had survived a rather serious silverware encounter. I pictured it packed in a box of random kitchenware for years. How could anyone treat such a pretty bowl this way? It just wanted to love you! To serve you! Where are the Pyrex Protection Services when you need them?

Next, I soaked. That also did not help much. It was time for the Magic Eraser. I had already deduced that we weren't going to be getting a lot of shine back from this one. The abuse just took the shine right out of him. Since the finish was gone, the Magic Eraser only took bits more of the color off. So, I only got the very coated greasy parts and then moved on to the Bar Keeper's Friend for the utensil marks. Those came off fairly easily. I soaked the bowl again and, as a last resort, worked my fingernails to nubs scraping the grease off with them. There is some that will never be gone but I got a lot of it off. Of course, I talked with my bowl along the way, reminding him that he still has fabulous color and next Easter will be his time.

Here is the finished product coated with some oil so we can see how it was in it's glory:

Now, as long as my husband does not pick this bowl up, perform an Inspector Clouseau routine, and shatter it to pieces, I finally have a turquoise bowl that I can say I found in the wild.

P.S. If anyone has any advice on cleaning or grease removal, please comment! How do you tell if there ever was any shine left if it is under all that grease?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Finished my second full set, The Primary.  (First is the 3 mixing bowls in Crazy Daisy set).  I ended up ordering the green bowl on Etsy to complete the set.  My Mom gave me the yellow and red from her own kitchen...and I found the blue at a thrift store a couple months ago.  I have never ordered on Etsy because of the cost, but this was $8!  I was sure the shipping would be $30, as that is usually what they do when the price is low.  Nope.  $6 shipping.  Couldn't pass it up!

Also, In my quest for the complete Hamilton Beach mixer...found the second "Pyrex for Hamilton Beach" bowl with a spout at Goodwill, AND the original users guide/recipe booklet for the 1947 mixer was at an antique mall that's closing.   It was only $1.  All I need are the beaters!!!  Grandma gave me the large bowl that started it all. Stacey at and Vintage Values, Modern Times on FB.

I've got hutch

After searching and searching for a hutch for my Pyrex I found one! It was $50, which was what I wanted to spend.

In order to get this picture I had to have my Husband stand behind me with a giant dark brown towel. lol

So I have a giant window right across from the hutch. Beautiful in real life, murder for pictures. I swear I'm going to have to drape some black out curtains to ever get a decent picture. 

I've had this..hangy-thinga-majig for a while now and I realize what it'd be perfect for!

                                  I love it, the colors also go amazingly well with my green walls.

I don't know about the rest of you but memorial day thrifting was kind of a let down. There was almost no Pyrex to be had! I got a spring blossom cereal bowl and a lunch sized plate, a butterfly gold mug and these guys:

I got the bowl at Goodwill ( $2 ) and the fridgies at savers for $6. I've never seen glass fridgies before. Savers was cleaned out. I went on Monday because it didn't even occur to me to go on Saturday. My favorite thrift store wasn't even open on Monday.

My Mom got me some Pyrex goodies at our favorite vintage/antique shop ( it's an hour drive away, she went without me sob sob).

I posted a painting of Pyrex a bit ago and I'd like to update on that. I'm currently setting up an Etsy shop. There are only a few more things left to do and it'll be open. I promise to give everyone from PC a discount as well because if it weren't for you guys I would have never had enough confidence to do it in the first place. :) 


Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope that everyone is having a great day, as we thank all those who've served, and as we remember so many more, who made the ultimate sacrifice.

(Pictured: Celtic Floral, Corning Glass Works 473 & Blue Chip Week 473)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Owe My Dad

See what I mean?  This weekend he picked up all this fantastic Pyrex for me because I was stuck at work and not able to go out for Pyrex fun.  And Yes, that is exactly what you think in the middle! Well maybe, if you're thinking it's Pink Amish Butterprint that is!  Needless to say, he got a big thank you hug for this one.  And okay, maybe he needs a lil extra this Father's Day. 

Fell free to stop by my blog for the full babbling on all these goodies and to see what all else I've been up to. 

Happy Sunday!

Hello, all! It's my first time posting here - just thought I'd say hello to my fellow Pyrex-lovers and share my new weekend findings!

Eeeek, my first orange piece! Wonderful condition, I had no problem paying $3.99 for this lady and her matching daisy lid! This adorable little fridgie isn't quite in mint condition, but for $.99 I couldn't help but buy it - fridgies are just too cuuuute.

My mom scored this barbed wire divided dish for $3 at a garage sale for me. She also picked up the retro table cloth in the background for $1 at an estate sale - she's the best! I'm not quite sure what the black space-saver is called, but I've never seen it before and I had to have it! $3.99 at my local Savers. There's a small chip in the lid, but I'm sure I can find another lid somewhere - at least the piece is in great condition.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Stay thrifty! :)

(You can check out my blog here - cupcakespyrexandlove)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Excited for Pink

I had planned to go to a small flea market today and then I kind of forgot about it.  I had to work in the afternoon so I was just kicking around the house when I remembered about the flea market. I decided I better go and make it fast....before I had to be to work.  First thing I see is Pink 442 and 444.  It was $10 for the two bowls.  It is my first Pink Pyrex.   I'm so excited to have Pink.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I use my pyrex

I use my Pyrex and am not afraid to tests its limits.  My pretty Pyrex just doesn't stay on a shelf. All of it gets used. I use Pyrex daily.

I am a messy cook.
Are a user? Do you use it for say your dog dish (hunting for a twin server set for my dog)... for everyday dinners...... only special occasions?

You can see how I use all my goodies here at   treasuresmyhh

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pyrex art.

I completed my Spring Blossom mixing bowl set and I was so excited I decided to paint them to hang in my kitchen. :D Edit: I had no idea people would be interested in Pyrex paintings. I think it'd be fun and rewarding to do. If I opened an Etsy shop, would you guys buy from it? 100% Customized  Pyrex paintings, all would be originals. What do you guys think would be a fair price? This one is 9x12.

I still need to cut it, mat and frame it but I couldn't wait to show you guys. I think I'm going to do another one of my Primary mixing bowl set which will be much easier. lol I've just recently started collecting Pyrex, about 5 weeks ago but I've fallen in love. It's just a simple pleasure that takes me away (even if it's just for the moment) from the stresses of depression and cancer.

Here are some mugs/teacups I've been finding here and there over the last few weeks.

I have multiples of the SB and the BG but not of the CM or the SI.

Pyrex Served On a Silver Platter

Anytime, I am fortunate enough to come across Pyrex, I am thrilled.  This instance was no exception.  I have never seen this plate and server combination before.  I looked and looked online only to find just a few examples.  However, none of the sources had any further information about this glass plate and server.

This is what I do know.  The glass plate is a pie plate and is 11 inches and is marked B-2.  I wish I could find out the date and maybe more information.  This item is gorgeous and a great serving piece.  The more interesting silver serving tray is much heavier than any other serving piece I have ever encountered combined with Pyrex.  It is also marked with a eagle WM Rogers and a Star followed by the the numbers 886.  I have scoured the online resources looking for answers and have come up empty handed.  If anyone has any information please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly.  I think the pie server would look great carrying a cherry pie for the holiday weekend coming up.

The estate sale I found the pie plate/serving tray was full of unique and wonderful finds.  I have added pictures of a few more of my other treasures at my blog site Click here to see more

Pyrex Abuse! Trade Not As Expected, BUT...

You know about that Pyrex trade I told you about yesterday? I was trading a Butterprint medium sized fridgie with lid for a large yellow primary fridgie with lid. Well, it didn't quite go as expected.

The day before my friend had mentioned that she was working to get some goop off of the dish I wanted. I have seen pieces that she has worked miracles on in the past, so I wasn't too worried.  When I arrived she held the dish up with a confused look and stated that she had done what she could, but something odd was up with this dish. I ran my hand along the side of the yellow fridgie and it felt bumpy, but from arms length, looked clean. What was up with this dish?

Upon closer inspection, it looked like someone had tried to dip the Pyrex in some sort of clear lacquer. What the heck people!! The entire dish, minus the inside and lid, was like this. Another case of Pyrex abuse. :(

All was not lost, however, I still traded the Butterprint fridgie for a Snowflake Garland loaf pan. This isn't a pattern I typically collect, but I bake my own bread weekly and wanted a vintage Pyrex piece for this purpose. It is my first Snowflake, my first vintage Pyrex loaf pan, and it is in MINT condition.

Oh yeah, it is pictured with my friends newest 'rex acquisition, a pink Desert Dawn loaf pan in beautiful condition. She collects pink Desert Dawn. So pretty isn't it?

She then showed me these green round Cinderella casseroles, and again, in superb condition!

I asked "Where the heck are you finding all this Pyrex in immaculate condition!?" She replied, "My uncle is sleeping with the thrift shop owner and she holds back the good stuff for him."

OMG! I immediately put in a request for a new yellow refrigerator dish!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In The Pink

Went to several thrift stores yesterday looking for kids pj's and of course, had to look for Pyrex.  No luck until the last little thrift on the way home.  I almost didn't stop because I never find any there and I'd already got what I needed at the others.  I'm glad I did.  I found a gold on white butterfly gold casserole and covered in greasy grime (It seems to be the only way I find that more rare stuff still on the shelf) was a pink daisy.  I didn't think I'd ever buy pink, it's not my kitchen colors, but I couldn't resist.  It was even harder to clean then the last casserole I bought covered in burnt on gunk.  I had to take a table knife and dig in the flowers to get off the black stuff.  It's amazing how durable Pyrex is!  Just makes me love it more.  Durable and beautiful...and joyfully surviving the test of time and kitchen mishaps.

Stacey @
also check out Vintage Values, Modern Times - my page on Facebook!

The Pink Daisy in a stack of casseroles I love!

The Butterfly Gold

Woodland Collection

Kitchen table


So after my near death experience last week and then miraculously finding a full set of primary bowls (see original post HERE) you would think I would be resting on my laurels and taking a break from hunting Pyrex. No way Jose!!!

I am about to add to my primary collection today with a traded acquisition supplied by my friend in 'rex, Becky. She needs a medium Butterprint refrigerator dish and I would like the large yellow primary refrigerator dish. We both have what the other wants and they both have the LIDS so let the trading begin!

I will come back soon and share some pics, but in the meantime, don't you want to show off your thrifted/trade-acquired Pyrex? Sure you do! Come over to my Facebook page today and show us what ya got! No need to be shy ;) Just post it right on the timeline so we can all celebrate your find!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Stuffed peppers in Pyrex

I love cooking in Pyrex.  I makes the chore of cooking a wonderful one. Now if only I liked the chore of washing the prep Pyrex (after being used for food prep, I actually love washing new to me Pyrex).  Man oh man did Pyrex make this super dinner even better.


Time to eat!
Used a Forest Fancy and a Yellow fridgie. First time using the yellow fridgie and it got the full treatment of being part of prep, refrigerated and then used in the oven.

Want the recipe? Find it here: (can easily be made vegan!) treasuresmyhh

Sunday, May 20, 2012

butterfly gold

i had a magnificent dream that my local thrift store would be filled to the brim with gorgeous well-cared-for pyrex dishes (the kind of dream we all have). well, when i walked in (for real, not in dreamland), i could see the famous shape from a mile away and i ran up to it. first, i looked at the price on the inside of the bowl and it read $1.00 (score!). then i flipped it over to see what the pattern was...and it was a well-loved butterfly gold 403. even though it needed a lot of TLC, i held on to it like it was precious cargo because i hadn't found a new pyrex piece in weeks!

i took it home and managed to clean off the scuff marks (it was so scuffed up that i wasn't terribly careful how i buffed the grey marks out but i was super fortunate to not cause any further permanent damage!) and it definitely was given some new life.

i look forward to adding it to the other butterfly gold pieces i already own (oh, plus i bought a set of butterfly gold mugs with the 403 but forgot to photograph them)!

then, last night i managed to get to the "big city" (i do live an hour away from the closest metropolis) and snuck into a value village just before closing time. there it was. a gorgeous and amazing butterfly gold 444! i was so excited! i hurriedly grabbed it and flipped it over to see the price...$12.99! oh, no!  :( i was so bummed to have to leave it behind but i just couldn't justify paying that much money. it was such a hard thing to do especially after not having had any new pieces in so long and then finding different butterfly gold pieces earlier in the day. oh, well. i shall keep my hopes up and keep on pyrex hunting!

lauren @ the twin oaks place

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I'm thinking about putting these up for trade. But I'm not 100% sure yet.

The yellow 404 doesn't have a number on the bottom and has "TM Reg" on it. The others have numbers on the bottom.  I'll go from the top down. The blue 401 has a few small marks. The red 402 has some color loss/marks, I took extensive pictures of them ( if you want them e-mail me ). It's still very vibrant and shiny. The green is in almost pristine condition, there are two tiny pin pricks of color loss. The yellow is beautiful, the pictures doesn't do it justice. It's very shiny, it's only problem are two very small black marks. I'm almost positive you could get them off. I'm just a newbie with Pyrex so I don't want to mess up cleaning it. If anyone would like to give me tips/try and get them off before trade let me know.

Blue 502 fridgie, okay condition, light color wear on corners, very small chip on one corner, old lid style. It's still very shiny and vibrant as you can see. ( Also if you're interested the bowl under it is for trade as well )
Here is a picture of the fridgie that comes with it:

I need some advice. I'd really like it if people could be honest and help me out. How much do you think my set is worth ( in dollars ) with the mussed red bowl? Including the fridgie. I don't want to ask for too much or for too little. I know they're rare, the yellow bowl in particular. I've been watching them on e-bay for a bit as well, I'm just looking for a more experienced opinion.

Thank you all so much and happy hunting.

Thrifting For Pyrex Can Be Dangerous Y'all!

My number must not have been up yesterday, but then again, it kind of was.

While out in the thrifting jungle yesterday morning, I was in driving in a well-to-do, quiet neighborhood where usually the only thing you have to worry about dodging on the street is run a way sprinkler system. This day was different. The narrow street was lined with cars and people were gleefully attending the neighborhoods annual yard sale. Many bargains were awaiting!!

The happiness of the day was shattered when an armed criminal in a stolen truck barreled through the neighborhood, driving through yards, and threatening lives. Nope, I was not kidding when I wrote the title of this post! I ended up staring him down head-on in my car as I was about to allow a family of 4 to cross the street in front of me. Long story short, if it weren't for the timing of the good Lord, I surely would have ended up in the hospital if not worse and that family with the 2 small children would surely have not made it. Turns out the bad guy had been evading the police for most of the morning and would continue to do so through the afternoon, taking a hostage along the way. The authorities later caught the man and the hostage was unharmed. It turns out that there were many close calls, but by a miracle, no one was seriously hurt.

Dang y'all thriftin' is dangerous and stuff!!

So...why did I say my number kind of was up?


A full set of vintage primary colored Pyrex nesting mixing bowls!

I have been thrift searching for this set for a whole year, ever since my obsession de 'rex started. And literally about 5 minutes after I about bit the dust, and whilst still in a daze, I found them! Here's how it went down: After the whole fugitive from the law thing, I gathered myself and drove to the next sale. I was still a bit flustered when I walked up to the sale and didn't even see the beautiful primary colored mixing bowl set which was right up front! I was about to exit the sale and they caught my eye. Oh man, was I excited. The woman had $20 bucks on them, which I would have happily paid, but we worked down to $15 and they were mine...ALL MINE!

Ok, enough of my Pyrex bragging! Share in the comments section a time when you had been hunting forever for a piece of Pyrex and then found it.
Story from Rachael at The Thrifty Picker blog.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Unexpected Treasure

This was a weird week for me.  My husband replaced someone on a medical relief trip to the Philippine jungle.  He had 5 days notice.  What did this mean?  For one thing, I was in the thrift stores ALOT, looking for cheap clothing for him.  Of course I peeked in housewares each time, and I found some unexpected treasures.

My first Shenandoah and my first Horizon Blue

So excited about this Woodland set because my Mom gave me her set of three casseroles in this pattern.  This is what I knew of Pyrex as a kid.  Even better, all of it was $9 total...great for around here!

More pyrex for you, NOT me

Sadly I have found tons of Pyrex I don't 1- have the money for.... or..... 2- don't like.  But maybe you are looking for something in my area. Well here are some things I left behind this month. I'm not paying $45 for a tea pot, no way! 

too pricey

too ugly

See all that I left behind (well not all) here at treasuresmyhh

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Re-finishing vintage Pyrex (?)

Quick question: are there any food-safe ways to re-finish dishwashered Pyrex? I picked up a Woodland 401 for 35 cents the other day. The white part of the design is still all there, and the brown is only a little faded from the dishwasheredness. I'm collecting 401s to use as cereal bowls, so this isn't a show horse piece--it's getting used (and hand-washed) almost every day. But I can tell that the brown will probably continue to chip off since the protective layer is gone.

All that to say: is there a protective, permanent layer I can put on this 401 to keep the color/design intact? I love the look of shiny Pyrex too, of course. The matte look kind of hurts my eyes. 

Thanks, fellow Pyrex fans!
Margaret Ann

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On the Road Again

Today was the first day in a little while that I was able to thrift because my son was ordered to stay home for five (yes, five!) days during treatment of an extended illness. This morning I dropped him off with the high hopes of him feeling well and making it through the entire day. So far, so good. Then I hit the road.

Three Goodwills, two St. Vincent de Paul's, and two Value Villages later, here's my loot!

It seemed that around every corner I was finding something. I can't say no to an old primary bowl so I had to get the yellow. Do you think three is too many? Then I about fainted when I saw the old teapot and percolator at the same GW. Does anyone know much on that teapot? I've never seen one like it. I'm also excited about the Butterfly Golds except I'm kicking myself because the larger one was there too but I didn't get it because I thought I had it at home! This has been a problem lately - remembering what I have so I won't buy it again. How do you all remember your inventory when you're out shopping or do you buy duplicates?
The pug is going to town on her bone because she was disappointed to find no food in any dishes.
Here are four white bowls that I know nothing about but had to get because they are so sturdy. The bottom is marked U.S. Corning TM REG Made in USA 1951 and, I believe, a picture of a glassblower. They are about ten inches in diameter. I think they will make excellent serving dishes. As opposed to all of those Pyrex pieces that you just can't serve anything in! ; )
I also collect Marcrest/Stetson Swiss Alpine and, to my surprise, VV had a whole end cap shelf full of all of the pieces that I bought. Some I don't have like the pie plate and little serving dish. The little berry bowls are adorable. I have know idea about that drinking glass with the roses on it but I am relentless in my search for swanky swigs in the wild. It has a mark on the bottom of two triangles back to back forming a square. I'll have to do some research on that. The three pink Pyrex dinner plates are in excellent condition and they had, literally, just been placed on the shelf when I saw them. I love good timing. Also, for the first time ever, I found a casserole holder! I was beginning to wonder if there were any out there!

That's about it! Now, I need to get these all cleaned and put away before my husband gets home.

Pyrex on Display

It's been a few weeks since I've posted, and y'all, I have been busy. My family and I just moved into our 1968 Ranch home in the lovely state of North Carolina, and do you know what that means? It means all the Pyrex I've had boxed and tucked away for months is able to come out and play on my built-in shelves and in my kitchen! Seriously, the first thing I did was unpack Pyrex and start arranging it. It was like Christmas meets birthday meets New Years Eve. It was that exciting. I have lots more tucked away including another Primary mixing set, some Early American, some holiday-themed pieces, Spring Blossom, and Butterfly gold. Apparently, my Pyrex eyes were bigger than my Pyrex displaying areas. Hmm. Oh well. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to see it all lined up and pretty on a shelf.
I also have lots of pieces sitting around in the kitchen that I use on the regular. This little Gooseberry dish makes a perfect spot for homemade soap.
I use these bowls and fridgies on our island almost every day.
I just love the way these Primary fridgies look on the counter.
What better use for a Daisy bowl than fresh fruit?
Finally, I've always been partial to Colonial Mist, and I just think these look so pretty hiding in the corner.
I hope you love our new Pyrex arrangements! Come visit me at Exploits of a Military Mama to see the whole house. XO, Sally