Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I dream of Pyrex ad

I recently bought this I dream of Pyrex ad, of a women dreaming of Pyrex. And I wanted to say that they have another one up on ebay for $1.50 plus $3.50 shipping!!! I know a lot of you wanted it so I wanted to give you the link if anyone is interested.

SOLD!  Who bought it?!!!!! =)


  1. Dang-missed it! Did it say what magazine it came from? I would keep an eye out for it. Could it have been a Life from 1947?

    1. It did not state what magazine it came from but it is a pretty big page so possibly Life magazine since it is a big book! I have one and when I posted about it everyone loved it, so I am wondering who is the lucky buyer!

    2. I just picked this ad up last night, couldn't sleep so I was peeking around on eBay. Just love it! Thanks so much for pointing it out! The auction listing didn't say what magazine it was from, but if I can tell when I receive it, I will post.