Thursday, February 27, 2014

I have never seen this much Pyrex, EVER!

I recently went on a treasure trip and came across this amazing display in a antique mall. I can't even imagine! This was the most Pyrex I have ever come across in one place.

The prices were sky high as you might have guessed. I now know where all the Pyrex has been heading in my area. It also explains the question I ask myself when I come across a 401 butterfly gold in a thrift store, priced at a crazy price of $10 or more, who buys this at that price! I have my answer when I see the prices on these pieces. Crazy, but fun to look at :)

In the more resonable land of treasure scores, my latest find.

Cool piece, hoping to find the lid soon!

Have great Pyrex filled week!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Finds

I'm coming to that point in my searching that I'm not running into much I don't already have.  Here's what I found this past week.

With the exception of the Speckle Lines Promotional dip bowl (the tan with stripes), I have everything else pictured.  I picked up the Butterprint 401, Blue Snowflake 043 and the 045 (or divided) lid as those are all in better condition then the ones I currently have.  The Buffet Twins 473 I got so that I now have a set of twins.  And the green square pan, well it's in great shape and I thought I might use it for a trade later.  It's been about a 6 month frenzy that I've been posting my weekly finds here a Pyrex Collective III.  I'm getting a bit burned out on hunting for Pyrex so often, so I think I'll start going about half as much and posting every other week. 

I'm looking forward to garage/yard sale time.  Hope I might be able to find some fun stuff I don't have already!!  Even though I find stuff every week at the thrifts, it hasn't been easy.  I do hope things perk up soon!

(Hopelessly addicted).

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Match Made in Pyrex Heaven

I picked up a set of 4 cups and saucers yesterday at Goodwill and couldn't resist pairing them with this cute little casserole! I love how perfectly they go together. Makes my heart sing! 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Thrift Store Finds and More!

Hit the thrifts after the snow/ice storm last week, not too much happening at all at the thrifts.  I had a pretty good week the week before so I can't complain.  Yesterday I did run into a nice 401-403 set of Colonial Mist, but I don't collect that.  I even broke my 'get a 401 in every pattern' rule and didn't pick up the 401, that's how much that pattern doesn't appeal to me.  I wished it was some other pattern.  Here's what I found at the thrifts...

I picked up the red 402 though it's not great, but it will work with my Friendship for now.  I was missing the 471 for Spring Blossom and got this minty promotional Trailing Flowers that I'll mix into my later SB and BG and Autumn Harvest patterns that I use in my "Autumn" display.  It's an excuse to pick up something when things are slow that I wouldn't otherwise buy.  I also got this minty Friendship lid that I can use on my minty 475 that I currently have a not so minty lid for.

As boring as lids can be to look for, I look all the time.  I need a 626 to complete my Golden Leaf that I have the cradle for.  No luck yet but I did get a couple 624s, a 623 and a 501.  I was having a heck of a time finding 624s for the longest time.  Prices were great.  A 623 and 624 for 50 cents each, the other 624 for 89 cents and the 501 for 40 cents.

Non-thrift store purchases were two minty promotionals (Orange Fiesta and Holiday 024) that were requested by hubby and a minty Friendship 501 from an estate sale.

I'm a happy girl.  I got my weekly fix!  It took some giving in--thrift stores have been dry not only for Pyrex but other vintagey stuff we hunt for, so a couple juicy pieces in the non-thrift fashion was in order!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Sunday, February 16, 2014

Unpacking my collection

Hello fellow Pyrex lovers!

I haven’t posted here for a while. One of the reasons is that I’ve had to pack up my Pyrex during a renovation. I’ve been waiting to finish two large lighted pantries in my kitchen so I can display my Pyrex beauties there. The pantries are 99% done but I couldn’t wait any longer so I started pulling out my boxes of lovely Pyrex to arrange.

Here are the pantries waiting for my collection. 

I started assembling my packed collection. Just when I thought I had all the boxes assembled, I realized that I had stuffed more recent finds into closets, cupboards and drawers all over the house.

Here’s everything unpacked and ready to arrange. I have a huge island but I still didn’t have enough room and had to stack stuff on the cooktop. That’s when I started to think it wasn’t all going to fit in the pantries. 

And here’s the final result.

I can’t believe how great it looks! Even Mr EMV likes it! I get up in the morning and the first thing I do is turn on the pantry lights so I can stand and stare at the beautiful colour! 

But, just as I thought, I didn’t have room for everything. Some of my pieces are tucked underneath in the lower shelves where they really can’t be seen. Half of my Butterfly Gold I and II collection is housed elsewhere in the kitchen. Ditto with my work horse pieces – Woodland and Early American. My vanilla promotionals like Gourmet and the Hostess Twins are in another glass fronted cabinet. It’s sad that everybody didn’t get into the main display but I’m loving the cabinets anyway.

Of course, I discovered many duplicates and I had to make some hard choices about some pieces that I just didn’t have room for. I’m currently selling some of those in my Etsy shop here and also on the Toronto Kijiji and Craigslist. Below are some of the pieces that I have to give up. If you see something you are interested in and you don't live in Toronto, contact me through Etsy and I will do a custom listing for you.

And now I’m looking for Butterprint and Pink Gooseberry casseroles and fridgies that I'm missing. I’ll squeeze them into the cabinet somehow!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Latest Finds (Hint: My Heart Raced)

I did some hunting this past Thursday and Friday. Thursday my husband went in to a Goodwill while he was out and about on business and found a Pink Daisy 043; I already have one so I am going to try and trade it for another piece on my wish list. That same day the owner of one of my favorite "hidden" junk shops (she keeps a list of things people are looking for, and you know I am in it) called and told me she had "some blue pyrex with little people" and did I want to come take a look? Well yes, I did. Even though I am not a huge fan of Butterprint I know I can trade it later on. The Pink Daisy Open Baker was amazing! I am awaiting a trade for the 045 in this print an then, I am happy to say, I will have every Pink Daisy piece. I can't pass up a 503, especially with a lid, so the Spring Blossom jumped in my cart and came home with me.

Looking at this picture, can you tell what made me so joyous?

Yes, a Black Rooster 575 SpaceSaver.

My husband and I had gone out to lunch for Valentine's Day, once again to our favorite restaurant. On the way home we hit some thrift stores, just as we had done the previous week after having lunch on Friday at this restaurant. Do you see a trend here? Last week I found my Snowflake Open Baker, this week, the Black Rooster. I told him we will have to keep going back every Friday, it is a lucky charm.

Anyway, he waited in the car while I ran into the thrift. I almost passed out when I saw it on the shelf. I grabbed it and clutched it tightly, then took a picture, then flipped it over for the price: $4. Well, it just so happens that it was customer loyalty card day, so I saved 25%, making it a grand total of $3 and change for tax. My heart was racing so fast! I went out of the store, crossed the parking lot in my patented "I am so excited with my find so I will run-walk" to my husband in the car, and started kind of yelling to get my husband's attention. He looked up, I held up the dish, cracked a huge grin, got in the car, and just kind of did a little OMGing in a very excited manner.

Happy hunting!


Friday, February 14, 2014

A Pre-Valentine's Day Find

Hello all--Happy Valentine's Day! Okay, quick question: does anyone else secretly fantasize about a thrift store having a "Lucky in Love" dish as part of their Valentine-themed display? I looked for it every time I thrifted these past couple weeks, like the Pyrex dork that I am. I didn't find one, but I do have this:

My ten-year-old made this for me as a Christmas gift. 
Does she know her mom or what?

If I had found one, I was planning on selling it on eBay and buying tickets to Egypt to visit my sister and her family. "Lucky in Love" could finance that, right? 

Okay, enough dreaming. I went shopping at GW a couple days before Valentine's Day, and found my very first Pink Gooseberry! Believe it or not, I've never even seen a PG in person. 

This shade of pink is so pretty.

I immediately texted my Pyrex Friend with a photo, and she rejoiced with me. Pyrex Friends, both online and in real life, are invaluable. It's just a little 441, in absolutely lovely condition, only $2.99 (total bargain around these parts). 

~Margaret Ann

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I heart Pyrex!

I finally completed my solid pink set. It was an emotional roller coaster trying to get the completed. However, it is finally done! I was also able to add the 404 red to my collection but not without a fight. All is well when the pyrex comes home with me, lol.
To read all about to saga to complete my pink set, the battle for the red 404 and my Shirley Temple finds go to


Monday, February 10, 2014

New sideboard!

I took delivery of a "new" piece of furniture today, a mid century display unit that I picked up from an op shop (thrift shop).
It has a mirrored back and a glass shelf inside, making the light reflect inside which is much nicer than most book cases that I've used in the past!

My maiden display is my favourite pattern, horizon blue, with a couple of australian spacesavers added for good measure!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pyrex Before the Storm -- My Early Weekly Thrift Store Finds Post

I usually post on Monday, but we are having a winter (snow) storm and it looks like I won't be hunting for a couple days or so, so I figured I might as well post.  Fortunately I have something to post! 

There was more out there than what I got, but here are things I can use and wanted.  My first ALMOST find was a Friendship promotional.  A friend alerted me and I was there in no time just to see it walking down the aisle in the arms of another.  No lid or under plate, but it was a beauty.  That day the only other piece produced was the brown 501 for Old Orchard, I tried to be happy, well, I was, I always love a fridgie, but well, you know.

The next morning, I plucked the 442 Pink Gooseberry out of the cart, couldn't believe my eyes!  Boy did I feel better.  I was even okay with having missed the Friendship the day before.  I've only been waiting a few years.  Small chip on the underside of one handle, but super shiny, $3.60--score!!!

I have the old 403 and 404 Primary bowls--always running into DWD 401s and 402s, but finally, I got mine!  They were in the bottom of a cart, the whole set.  Would you know the two best pieces were the 401 and 402.  Very few small scratches and super shiny!  Based on color the 401 seems to be from the Reverse Primary (and it has the number).  The red 402 is the old numberless.  These were $2.70 and $4.50--sweet!

I almost didn't pick up the Snowflake divided as I thought I had it, but I realized I have the white with blue. The Homestead 402 is the last one for my friend's set. And I am growing my Town and Country collection, delighted to get this 045. 

I have a Butterprint 441-444 alternating blue and white bowl set and I also have a 444 white with blue print.  This week I got the white with blue 443, so I'll work on making that all white bowl set as long as they come my way.

I have to have at least one (or two) pieces of the lime colored Spring Blossom for my mixed pattern set!

My not so thrifty finds.  Well here are some things on my wish/need list that I haven't been finding, so I resorted to vintage/antique shops and malls. Paid more for the Verdé lid than I really wanted, but I still had birthday money and I just wanted the lid to my 043,  didn't want to think about it anymore.  I love Horizon blue and it just isn't showing up at the thrifts, so I paid $9 bucks for this 473.  It's the only piece I've seen anywhere locally.  And then the promotional 024 because I MUST have at least one patterned 024.

That was a lot of talking and a lot of Pyrex don't you think?  I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever and the snow is coming down like crazy...

If that isn't enough finds and Pyrex talk, here are couple links to my blog of My Pink Pyrex Collection, and recent thrift store finds.

(Hopelessly addicted),

Snowflakes in February

It has been rather chilly here in the Old Pueblo---for us, that means high 50s, low 60s. So it seemed apropos to find some snowflakes!

My husband and I went out for lunch. After hitting up our favorite Mexican restaurant (and if you are ever in Tucson, you must go!) we were stuffed…but on the way home I was not too stuffed to ask my husband to pull in at a thrift. Now, I rarely find something at this place but I had a feeling so I ran in while he waited in the car.

The aisles are super long and narrow and the shelves are all shoulder length and below. I made my first pass but couldn't see much because a woman was blocking the aisle and all the bakeware with her cart while she made a thorough examination of the shelves. I scooted around her and by the time I turned around at the end of the aisle and examined what I could on my way back she had moved a couple feet. That's when I saw these, all taped together and hidden somewhat in a much bigger dish. She had been blocking them with her cart on my first pass and had barely moved past them on my second while she examined the next set of shelves. I saw the turquoise peeking out and made my move.

Yes, that is an open baker! Now, it was taped to the bottom with under the 045 with a lid under it, unlike in the picture you see here; I had cut the tape as soon as I got in the car. I thought maybe it was a divided dish. I don't want the divided and I already had the 043 and 045 but after examining the taped mass I had in my hands thought there was no way the 045 could sit in a a divided. Up to the cashier I went. My excitement must have been obvious because he said I looked happy.

And here it is, my open baker! It's so, so pretty and I know I will get a lot of use out of this dish!

Happy hunting to all!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Spring Forward, Already!

Springing forward means longer days and warmer temps. Although, I live in California and can't complain about temps I am looking forward to more sunshine later into the day. I know much of the rest of the country is freezing but Spring will come! In the mean time, nothing warms my heart more than finding Pyrex in the thrift stores these days. It is getting hard to come across. In a recent trip, I found the Spring Blossom and the divided dish! I also cherry picked a few things from a local dealer. Take a look at the fun items and more at


Monday, February 3, 2014

Saying Goodbye and Hello

I haven't been hitting the thrifts, estate and yard sales, and other Pyrex sources much the past couple weeks. I took a break to volunteer multiple days at my daughter's school and sell Girl Scout cookies with her. In my Pyrex time I spent the last couple weeks inventorying my collection and culling my hoard. I had lots of pieces I picked up when I first started to collect. Now I have narrowed my focus and no longer pick up Pyrex I'm not overly interested in. The only exception is if I think I can trade the piece with someone else that will get me a piece to grow my collection of must-haves. Offloading is kind of cleansing and is definitely helping with our space and storage issues.

Last week started off with me releasing three boxes back into the wild. I am sure everything will find good homes. 

Then the week passed with the postal carrier dropping off several trades and picking up some more trades and sales to go out, one as far as Hawaii. I also did a local sale and met a new fellow collector this week which is always fun; I was happy to pass on a piece she had really wanted plus I got to talk Pyrex with someone in person that isn't my husband.

Sunday we went to a antique/flea market which was a complete and total bust Pyrex-wise. I did pick up some vintage Valentine postcards and a light up gnome. Yes, a light up gnome (see it here). 

On the way home we stopped off at Goodwill where I was thrilled to find this Snowflake Garland 501, which completes my refrigerator set! I had an extra lid at home though it is the last one in my stash. I am resolving myself to buying any cheap 501 with lid so I can stockpile lids once again (interestingly I have amazing luck at finding 502 and 503 lids at the thrift, but never a 501 all by itself). I also found this 043 lid, my second extra. I hoard lids, sometimes I think I collect lids and not Pyrex. 

Anyway, there were two other collectors at the store so I was lucky to get the 501 and the lid. They showed up after me and scooped up some Town & Country, a 471 and 472, that I passed by. They were oohing and aahing over the pattern as they had never seen it before and were asking each other what it was but neither knew. Standing in the same aisle I overheard them and nicely told them the pattern name and approximate manufacture date and was told in return they are Pyrex experts and major collectors and dealers. Um, okay. Next time I will just keep my mouth shut :).

And here is the 501 with its brethren, another complete set! I finished New Dots this past week as well with the arrival of Orange Dots as part of a trade. 

With a few spare days this week I will be out again on the hunt, hoping for some fun finds. Have a great week!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Weekly Thrift Store Finds

It's that time again, posting my weekly Pyrex finds.  Seemed like a long slow week, but once I put everything together, I managed to get more than a few things.

First I have to reiterate my dismay on the the $14.99 Hostess bowl I saw last week and mentioned it when I posted.  Here it is:

Would you buy this for $14.99?  Well I did.

I know, that is nuts! Fortunately it was discounted on the day I picked it up. I needed a top for the bottom I ran into!

Can't report anything exciting this week.  I got a SB 441 that was nicer than the one I already had, and just because, I picked up the brownie pan.  SB and BFG newer patterns that I will mix into my Autumn Harvest--SB--BFG new pattern collections.  I wanted to get some of the lighter color variations of those patterns, so I'll likely thin out what I have and donate it.  I don't want to collect all those patterns individually, I already have most of the older versions as it is.  Got my friend a Homestead casserole for her collection.  Got my 3rd Blue Garland 501 and today ran into a minty 043 Gold Garland, which I have a cradle for.

So there was something out there, but not much for me.  I could have left a few of these pieces, but I needed a bit of a fix. I did get some surprises in the way of Federal glass this week, first ever for me.  I posted at my blog here and here if you wanna take a looksie!

(Hopelessly addicted),


Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Love Turquoise!

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Last time I posted I mentioned how it seemed like my dry spell had been broken. Boy has it ever! And I am sooo glad; I was starting to get a little desperate!

I had some great luck with turquoise this week. First I found the Butterprint 401 which I posted last time. All I needed to complete my Butterprint mixing bowl set was the ever-elusive 404. I have been watching a couple online for a while and I just couldn't bring myself to pay the $50 or so it would have cost for one. I am glad I didn't pull the trigger because I found one in the wild!

I was meeting my mom for lunch and was a bit early so I got in a little thrifting on the way. I couldn't believe my eyes- there it was, just sitting there waiting for me on the shelf. Believe me, I just about had a death grip on that sucker all the way to the register.

I <3 Butterprint! 
I am so excited I finally completed this set, and it was all thrifted.

And to complete my Turquoise Trifecta, yesterday I thrifted a Needlepoint 443! I just stopped into my local Sally Ann on a whim and there she was. I still can't believe I found one- never in a million years would I expect to find a piece like this at my Salvation Army, but it goes to show that every once in a while, a gem turns up.

I think I am in LOVE!