Wednesday, February 20, 2013

things are picking up.

Things have finally been picking up at my local thrift stores... maybe it's some early spring cleaning?

My first purchases were two Snowflake Garland mixing bowls - #401 and #402 and a Pink Gooseberry casserole - #472. 

Snowflake Garland / Gooseberry Pyrex

Next was a turquoise mixing bowl #403... this is actually my first solid colored mixing bowl, so that was pretty exciting.

Turquoise Pyrex Mixing Bowl

My last find was my favorite - a Terra casserole #472, with lid!  Terra is one of my favorite patterns and a lidded casserole has been on the top of my want list for a while.  It was at the sketchiest consignment store ever.  They had just opened up in an old landscaping center and half the store was an old greenhouse.  The building had no heat and a skylight hole in the ceiling was covered with a thin sheet of plastic.  Oh and the cash register didn't work.  So glad my husband came along with me to that shop!

Pyrex Terra Casserole Pyrex Terra Casserole



  1. Awesome, Ill be going thrifting tomorrow and hope that it picks up for me too!

  2. Great finds! I would have bought all those in a heartbeat- can never have too many mixing bowls!

    I am warming up to Terra. I once saw a complete set of it still in the box and passed it up- sorry I did that now!

  3. Great finds for you. Oh where we won't go to find good Pyrex deals!