Saturday, June 30, 2012

Little Casseroles and Hearts

So, I've been looking at these little mini casseroles that look like "Verde" at a local Senior thrift shop for months. They ALWAYS jacks the price way up.  Someone told them that people like Pyrex and there is actually a "Tree of Life" (I think that's it) on a cradle for $40.00.  It has been there for 4 months, and will continue to be there, I'm sure.  Well, the casseroles were marked $4 each, but on this day the white tags (most collectors items) were 1/2 off.  The thing is, they also said "ND", which I knew meant they weren't supposed to be 1/2 off.  HOWEVER, I knew the lady working that day.  She's from the church were my husband is the Pastor.  (That can come in handy sometimes :)  I got up to the counter and she said, "Oh!  White tags, half off!"  Then, "Oh!, No Discount!"  She looked around for a moment and then said, "I'll just give it to you for half.  YES!

Then, Hubby and my 13 year old daughter and I stopped at the Marysville Goodwill on the way home from something.  It's driving me crazy because they are remodeling, and ALL the dishes are in bins laying everywhere.  First, I feel like I'm digging in a hoarders house and it makes me anxious.  Second, the stuff gets broken all piled up, and it's hard to see.  There I am, trying to dig, and I look down the row to see my husband pulling out a piece of Pyrex for my inspection.  He is awesome at spotting stuff.  As he pulls it up, I see that it's Golden Hearts, one of the promotionals that is on my list to search for.  I jump and run over to him like a child yelling, "Hearts!  I can't believe it, you found Hearts!"  He jumps, I startle him so much.  Then my daughter starts in..."Mom, stop it, your a crazy person!"  And yes, I am...because he found HEARTS!!! I am a Valentine's Day fanatic, so I can't wait to come up with a creative use for it in February. Ideas?

Stacey at
and Vintage Values, Modern Times - Facebook Page
Found at Goodwill for $6.99, more than I normally pay, but worth it!

I Did It!

I shopped for Pyrex online.

Thank you! (Autumn Harvest is one of my faves.)

Now to just find the #404...

Come check out more goodies I've acquired here!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

White Pyrex- to dishwash, or not to dishwash?

Pyrex hunting has been pretty slow over here in Syracuse, NY. I continue to check my favorite spots, with little success. However, I recently found this white lasagna/utility dish with gold stripe. Now, maybe I'm desperate, but I thought I could make it work with my turquoise collection.

I know NOT to ever wash my colored pyrex in the dishwasher. But, my new purchase is faded in some gold spots anyway. Do you think I could dishwash it to remove all the gold and have it be plain white (or will it ruin the shine of the white too)? Or what else could I use to scrub it away? Maybe I'm better off leaving it alone...

Thoughts appreciated :) Thanks!

Belle of the Blog

Massive amounts of Pyrex in Action.

A few weeks ago, for father's day, I got to use a massive amount of Pyrex. We had Thanksgiving in June. I had a turkey and it needed to be ate.

 Spring Blossom Lasagna Pan.  Craigslist $10
 Red & Yellow Hostess
Butterfly Gold, Butterprint & Spring Blossom

Somedays I cook just to use all my pretty Pyrex.

I love that lasagna pan, drove 45 minutes to get it. So worth it. 

~Katie @ treasuresmyhh

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cherry Picked Patience turned Pyrex Display

This is a local swap meet find that has become my new Pyrex display.  Finding it was an adventure and lesson in patience and treasure hunting 101.  

Lesson:  You might not get what your looking for but you might find what you have been searching for.

Read all about the fun I had this weekend and the restoration project I completed in only 2 days Here !  See the fully restored 1941 kitchen hoosier/hutch and my entire Pyrex collection.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Wisedom of Kids and Lids

Just got back from a Goodwill in Everett after shopping at Trader Joe's.  My kids were with me since it's summer break (Emily is 13 and Ben is 10).  I found an odd set of Pyrex bowls.  They were Verde, but the largest was a cinderella and the rest were mixing bowls.  One of the mixing bowls was in really bad shape and the smallest one, I just didn't care for.  It looked kind of neon yellow.  The problem was they were sold as a set.  Only $9.99 though, which is a great price for around here.  Then I found a vintage juice jar (which I also collect), and a vintage Christmas wall hanging...some supper cool 70's stackable Tupperware spice holders that match my other stuff...and a bunch of fake fruit that was cheap (which I've been looking for).  Anyway, the funny thing is, my kids did to me what I always do to them.  "Mom, you have to much stuff.  You need to decided what your going to put back."  What do you say to that?  "Yes, you're right, help me decide,"  I found myself saying.  They helped me with pros and cons...and I ended up putting the bowls back. was hard!  If they just sold them seperately!

Here's the fruit I found in a Spring Blossom bowl

On another note... I picked up a Friendship lid the other day for 50 cents.  I also have another lid...Horizon Blue that I've had for awhile.  I keep hoping to stumble on the casseroles for them.  Anyone had luck buying a lid and then finding the match?


Snow White and the Pyrex Mixing Bowls

Once upon a time (Okay, two months ago) when I went to my local flea market there were two sets of 4-piece Cinderella mixing bowls.  One was Spring Blossom and one was Woodland.  I admired these sets, but alas, I have more mixing bowls than I can count.  Both were between twenty and twenty-five dollars. 

Each time I returned to this flea market, I continued to look at them.  All though they were not my favorite patterns,  they were Pyrex and therefore my weakness. 

On my last trip to this flea market however, something was different.  The Spring Blossom set was gone and the Woodland set was marked down!  To how much?  Only $15!

I purchased it after an extended period of thought.

And my five sets of Pyrex mixing bowls and I lived happily ever after.  The End.

Okay, I fibbed.  I also got some other cool Pyrex and vintage goodies too that you can check out on my blog Yesterway.

Hopefully everyone else is finding their Pyrex Fairy Tale as well!

Monday, June 25, 2012

For Sale!

My house is getting full of Pyrex, so I've decided to sell some of my collection, slowly...these two can be found on eBay!

6 cup teapot new in box!

Butterfly gold butter dish!

Check them out if you're interested!

Pyrex Recipes #3 review

Chocolate Upside Down Pudding Cake

If you don't have the book yet, FIND ONE!

I made the chocolate pudding cake, or chocolate pudding upside down cake. And it did not disappoint. We ate the entire thing. Plus I got to use a ton of Pyrex. 

Have you tried any of the recipes?  
Have a favorite I should try next? 

Weekend Pyrex Thrifting Finds

I found so many treasures this past weekend! I had to share my new Pyrex pieces with y'all!

Yellow dot 402, Pyrex 1 1/2 quart, nesting bowl, 2.99. You may have read when I so stupidly passed up on 2 of the 4 New Dot nesting bowls at my local thrift store...well I feel some what redeemed by finding this little gal this past weekend! :)

My first pair of Pyrex salt and pepper shakers!!! Spring Blossom, 1.49!! :)
"Festive Harvest" Pyrex, 1.99. Pink on amber...I LOVE this pattern and have been looking for it for awhile with no luck, until now :)  

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend filled with Pyrex!
Visit my blog to see more of my weekend thrifting finds! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mango Salsa in Pyrex

Mango Salsa in Spring Blossom

For more Pyrex, vintage and the recipe for Mango Salsa stop by

Stacey :)

Six months of Pyrex

I got my first piece of Pyrex last Christmas (since my mom knew I was gushing over pictures of Butterprint online) and have since accumulated quite a bit of it. Most of it is currently in my bedroom (of my parent's house) where it will be living safe and sound for the next 2 years while I am doing my thing in the Peace Corps in Senegal. I think I'll have to cram the smallest Butterprint casserole in my luggage, since i have 2, so I don't miss my Pyrex too much.
As you can see by my wall color and the majority of my Pyrex I'm pretty obsessed with turquoise. This is the majority of my collection, though I also have a chemex and a few pieces of butterfly gold and spring blossom down in the kitchen for everyday use while I'm home. Sometimes I end up hauling things down to the kitchen when I need them anyway. As you can see on the bottom shelf a few blue heaven fire king pieces sneaked in. My grandma found them in her basement, along with a dandelion server, woodlands casserole with lid, and the large oval butterfly gold casserole.

I made a lucky new acquisition today after a horrible day of yard sale failure yesterday. This morning I hit the savers closest to my house and only found a spring blossom Pyrex tea cup and a dainty 5 oz custard cup. I then found nothing at a half dozen other thrifts and antique stores when finally, at the last one, I came across these:
Sorry that the lighting is terrible. The set of 2 was only $12, which is at the high range of what I like to pay and the top bowl looked like it might be faded at first glance, but it still looked very shiny despite a few scratches. Then I all of a sudden remembered that they were from the blue Americana set which was made in a gradient of blue! Once I realized what I was looking at I snatched it up and tried not to look too excited. It definitely made all the searching/failing worth it. Now I'm going to have to keep an eye out for the big bowl. I need to start completing mixing bowl sets instead of starting new ones!


Recent Finds

Hi all, it still has been a "dry" around these parts. However, I did go on vacation in Florida and had some luck. Upon arriving my Mom had a few boxes of goodies for me, and throughout the week I found some fun pieces. I am excited to make room for these new additions and give them some good use! I've posted some photos, some have other finds in them some don't. Don't mind those. Thanks for looking.


Gifts from a friend, what a lucky girl I am!

Florida bounty, Now how to get it home!

So excited to find this litltle guy.

Going through the goods Mom and Dad found for me!

All of this was $6.. Sweet!

This for $2? I'll take it.

Some gorgeous mugs found.

Picked up at an estate sale for $5!! My sister in law has an excellent eye, and again I am lucky to have some amazing people who look out for great deals for me! There are some Federal bowls, and a jadeite Fire King bowl in there also. No complaints here.

Late night fun, trying to arrange all my Pyrex.

Happy Hunting everyone!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

primary pyrex

It's been slow in the Pyrex department around here!

 I'm going nuts trying to find some goodies to rescue! Yardsales, thrift stores, antique malls - all dried up!

Yes, I know I have an's called Pyrexia.

If you're here looking at this post, then chances are you know what I'm talking about.

Primary Pyrex

I was lucky enough to snatch the Snowflake Garland 473 off the shelf at a thrift (the ONLY decent looking Pyrex I've seen at a thrift in a very long time), I adopted the red hostess from an antique mall (I can cross that one off my list!), and was gifted the Yellow Dots from my mommy (who thrifted it) for my birthday.

Lovely primary Pyrex

If you're bored, please visit my blog froog and doog to see what else I scored.

Happy Hunting!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Unidentified Birthday Pyrex

Here is a mystery for everyone.  

 I recently celebrated my birthday and (of course) received some awesome Pyrex.  WooHoo!  The thing is, my father found me a casserole dish that I have never seen before, nor was I able to find any information on it.  In fact, after scouring the internet for hours, I was only able to find one other picture of it in an EBay listing. 

It is actually quite awesome because he even found it with the original cradle and with lid.  

I originally thought it was from the 70's because of the color, but after looking at the stamp I'm actually thinking it's closer to the 50's or 60's.  So do you know this casserole?  Have you ever seen it?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wondering what else I got for my birthday?  Feel free to stop by my blog to check it out as well as my recent thrifting finds at

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cherry Cheery Pyrex

The estate sale of the season happened last weekend.  I hope another sale comes along that blows my socks off but this sale was the perfect pairing of perfect price, perfect items.  What could be more perfect than.....Pyrex?   Nothing:)!

Butter Print Pyrex Refrigerator set in amazing condition.
I arrived at this sale over a hour early.  First in line of course.  It was awesome!  I knew from the ad that there would be Pyrex but never imagined the pieces they would have and at such great prices.  When the door opened I managed to get to the kitchen first and started immediately loading my bag.  This is what I picked up first. Click here to read the rest of my adventure

Napkin Rings

I always forget I have these. 
I love them, and napkin rings just don't seem to be found easily. Luckily I got 2 sets about 6 years ago. One is Spring Blossom and one is Snowflake Blue.

My husband broke our pepper shaker about 3 years ago. I was and am still not a happy camper about that.

Thrifting has been slow in my neck of the woods lately. I have to resort to looking at all the stuff I already have. But it does give me the time to appreciate what I already have.

Is it just me or is everyone having a slow thrifting time lately?

Give me some good  thrifting vibes ~Katie from  treasuresmyhh

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

pyrex in use

i used my wonderful pyrex mixing bowls to make these heavenly healthy muffins (check out the recipe here on my blog).

i bought this mega-size pyrex measuring cup at the local thrift store for 50 cents several months ago. it holds up to 4 cups so i actually haven't been able to use it yet because i usually don't need a measuring cup that big! but, this time i went for it. :) i do believe it's one of the older versions because the handle is a true "d"-type handle.

the best part was eating them in the very end! i served myself one beautiful muffin on a butterfly gold corelle pyrex compatible plate (see blog for pic) and had some delicious ginger tea to go with it! a super healthy, delicious and fun snack. :)

A Pretty Good Pyrex Weekend

I went to an Estate Sale on Saturday and picked up the Citrus yellow bowl for 50 cents.  I was excited...there wasn't anything else worth looking at, so my husband was not.  Then, we ended up at a Goodwill where I found the matching square dish (I'm thrilled, I wanted a "brownie" pan) and the large Town and Country Bowl.  I NEVER find the largest bowl of either the mixing or Cinderella bowls, so that was fun.  Then, on Monday...hubby and I did the major thrifting rounds.  There was NOTHING.  My husband spotted one Cinderella bowl that was the largest size, but not one I wanted.  In the car on the way to the last thrift store I said, "I wish the bowl you would have found was the Spring Blossom largest bowl since I need that to complete my set".  They are my "Go to"  bowls that I use everyday in GF baking, etc.  I have all but the last bowl, matching.  What do you know, at the last Goodwill hubby pulls out the exact bowl!  What are the odds?  And to find 3 of the largest size in one weekend after never spotting them!  See more of my finds and Vintage goodies at and on FB page (Vintage Values, Modern Times)   Stacey Johnson Here's the goods:

Monday, June 18, 2012


I didn't do much thrifting these past few weeks due to lack of funds ( one million medical tests later ) and lack of energy. But I did find a few things and I was lucky enough to receive some gifts!

My first forest fancies ( I love mushrooms, so this is just amazing ), my first Town and Country ( this and the woodland is what I grew up with ) and my first opal.

The nice woman getting these for me has great luck. Everything so far has been in perfect condition. These are actually my first divided dishes as well! I've never seen the opal one before. It's bigger and a different shape then the others I've seen ( and now the one I have ). If anyone is interested in it ( the opal ) let me know. :)

More cups! And some in patterns I've never had before.
My first Woodland cup and my first Snowflake Blue!

I have one million tea cups/mugs. Oh well! At least these stack up nicely.

I mentioned before that I was going to open an Etsy store for original custom Pyrex paintings, I still fully intend to. I just want to get all of this medical bru-ha-ha out of the way first so I know I have the time to dedicate to finish projects in a timely manner.

I hope you guys are enjoying your Monday. :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flameware, Anyone?

This morning I woke up at 7am to meet my daddy-o for coffee, and then go to garage sales, an estate sale, and an auction. I haven't been to an auction since I was a kid - but this one promised Pyrex in the listing.

The garage sales and estate sales were kind of duds, so on to the auction we went! I didn't spot any vintage Pyrex and my heart started to sink, but then I spotted THESE:


I had to have that teapot brand new in the box. HAD TO HAVE IT. And for $12, first choice, it was mine. All mine.

I also picked up the double boiler and saucepan for another $12.

To see my other goodies come check out my blog!

Happy Saturday, everyone!