Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little Friendship Goes a Long Way

I bet by the look of that title you thought this would be some sappy, squishy post about peace and love and wah wah wah.  Nope, sorry!  While those things are great (but come one, I'm not a beauty queen) :) Pyrex is what I was alluding to.  I'm excited (probably a bit overly, but who cares) to share with everyone my very first Friendship find!  Check it out:
For a little bit there I was getting pretty jealous of those who found this pattern because I had never seen it in the thrifts and it seemed like everyone else saw it all the time.  Then this week I've seen it twice with the first being a painfully over priced beat up set in a Denver thrift (in the case even) and then this!  Shut up!  I can hardly contain myself.  This is my very favorite non-turquoise/black pattern because it is so fun and whimsical.
Doesn't it look stunning with Turquoise?  This is from Froog and Doog, she has an amazing collection!
It would probably look really cool with my collection...
That is the inner hoarder talking again.  Back damn you, back!!!  Geez...
Anyway, it's going to the booth as soon as the roads melt enough for me to get it there.


  1. Be still my heart - it's so pretty! So happy for you!
    Love this pattern and just can't wait to see it in person, preferably for sale at a great price!!

  2. Yay! I'm happy you found one. If it makes you feel better, it took me a very long time to find a piece of Friendship, and I've only ever thrifted two solid orange 471s without lids. I still haven't seen any patterned pieces at the thrifts! Thank you for loving my collection as much as I do:) The turquoise and Friendship are still my favorites.