Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Agee Pyrex Booklet

I love all the Pyrex cookbooks. I forgot I got this one a while ago. The Agee Pyrex Recipe book. 

When I redid my kitchen this summer I used some plate hangers and hung them above my kitchen sink. 

You can see more pictures of the book and what is inside over at

Treasure Hunter

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Friendship Find

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

There are certain Pyrex patterns that I just never see "in the wild". I have been seriously collecting Pyrex now for over two years and have never seen a single piece of Friendship in thrift stores or even local antique stores. I don't know if it just wasn't popular when it came out around here or if people seem to hold on to it and not donate it (more likely!), but I have never seen any of it. Until yesterday, that is!

I usually stop in to a certain thrift store on my way to work Monday afternoons, and yesterday was in a bit of a rush. I had only enough time to a) stop and get a cup of coffee or b) pop into the thrift store really quickly, but not both. I chose option b, and made the right decision. 

I walked in to the housewares section of the store (it is really small, so you only have to stand in one place and look around to see everything) and my "Pyrex radar" started going off. Anyone else have that happen? You know there is Pyrex there, but don't immediately see it- kind of weird but cool... anyway, there was one other person in there, a twenty-something guy who was looking intently at the electronics. I looked at all the dishes and places where normally you would expect to find Pyrex, but saw nothing except clear pieces. 

Finally, the guy moved, and there on the shelf was a giant red bowl. And inside were two more- I knew what it was, and I had found my Friendship at last!

The Cinderella set, minus the 441, and in great condition!

The only bad thing was the price- it didn't come cheap. I paid $20.50 for the three (why do they always add that extra .50?) which I know is high for a thrift store, but it is three bowls and this pattern is never cheap online either. It was a fair price, I suppose, and I certainly don't regret bringing them home. The red is so vibrant, and I love the yellow too. I can see why these are hard to come by in the thrifts!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Framed Pyrex ads, finally!

I finally got around to framing my two Pyrex vintage ads in my kitchen above my Pyrex cabinet!

They look great!!! I even added a turquoise background to the butterprint ad!

Swooning at the Swap Meet

My last post was about how there just wasn't any good Pyrex around at a decent price.  Then I went to the Swap Meet this Saturday.  There they were...these two mint condition beauties on a tarp.  And how much did the lady want?  $1 each!

Whoo Hooo!


Want more?

Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Bit of Pyrex


There just hasn't been alot of Pyrex in Western Washington...not affordable anyway!  I did find a really old fridgie (the one with the round Pyrex stamp on the bottom) and a stack of minty burgundy plates.  These were both at a small thrift.  The Goodwill near me has been marking all Pyrex $14.99 lately.  I'm also down to looking for just a few specific pieces for myself, so it's a harder hunt!

I stacked some Pyrex up for display in my kitchen shelf...thought you might like to take a look!  This is my favorite color combo for Pyrex!

Happy Hunting
More vintage and Pyrex at

Flea Market finds!

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Today I stopped by a couple of yard sales and struck out on Pyrex. (My son did finally get a pogo stick which he has been wanting forever, though!) So we decided to head over to our local flea market and check it out. I saw a couple pieces on dealer's tables, but nothing I had to have- mostly Verde, Early American and Square Flowers stuff. Then I finally got to the last table and struck gold!

An Autumn Harvest 404 in mint condition and an un-numbered primary blue, $5 for both. The AH is absolutely mint- not a scratch on it. (Which is funny because the guy selling it had it full of rope and hardware- can't believe it made it unscathed!) The blue has seen better days, but for what it is, it's decent. 

Somehow, without even really trying, I have an almost complete set of AH mixing bowls- just need the 401! I love this pattern and can't wait to get them all out in the fall. The blue is probably headed to my Etsy store or antique booth because I already have an unnumbered primary set. 

(Try not to notice my turquoise Pyrex photobombing the pic in the background, LOL...)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pyrex road trip!

Hello all,

What a week I had last week!  It started off with a two day Pyrex hunting trip with my daughter, Kylee, and daughter-in-law, Erin.  And then on Wednesday, our beloved Pecos was peacefully laid to rest.  Please read about him on my blog The Vintage Shelf.  What a wonderful dog that will be greatly missed.  So many emotions played out during the week.

So now I have finally had the chance to get some pictures taken and write about our finds.  We headed out early Monday morning for Amarillo, Texas, with great expectations.  After hitting every possible antique store or mall, along with all of the thrift stores we came away with some great Pyrex and replacement lids.  Erin started her primary mixing bowl collection with the yellow bowl and is going to add to it piece by piece.  The whole sets that we saw averaged from $120.00 to $180.00.  I think those may be sitting on the shelf collecting dust for a while!  She also came home with three 503 refrigerator dishes to start working on those sets.  She found Pink Gooseberry, Butterprint, and Friendship all in mint condition, so she is quite excited to get started on that.

Kylee had been looking for the blue loaf pan for quite some time to complete the set and she quietly squealed when she laid eyes on it! The Golden Pine Promotional was another exciting find that is in great condition.  And who can pass up the pie plates!

For myself, I was so tickled with what I found!  I have had my eye on the Americana Mixing bowl set but every time I spy a complete set, half set or single bowl I choke on the price tag.  But the sweet little 401 was in mint condition for only $6, so I grabbed it and decided on the slow process of finding each piece.  I had the chance last fall to buy the Black Tulip casserole and didn't because of the price tag.  When I saw this happy little dish in great condition for $15, I wasn't going to have any regrets.  I also was happy to find the lime green square baking dish, only to come home and find I already had one! Oh well, sometimes you just need two.  And then thanks to Erin who spotted this little shop with no store front, the Pink Scroll space saver was just waiting!  You never know what you will find and finding pink Pyrex in Amarillo was the furthest from my mind!  It was a bit grimy with baked on stains, but oven cleaner took it right off and it just shines! 

It was a great two days spent with my daughters bonding through Pyrex.  We really had to work to find some but definitely came home with some great finds and wonderful memories!  Now to plan another trip!

Have a great rest of the week,

Friday, July 19, 2013

Finally, some Estate Sale Pyrex!

Hi PC#, SusieQT here!

It's blisteringly hot around here. I can't remember the last day it was under 100. Perfect estate and yard sale weather! NOT!

But I had a real hankering to find a bargain, and lately the thrifts have been an unqualified bust. And yard sales haven't been much better. But I decided to head out anyway and I'm glad I did!

I found one estate sale advertised about 15 miles from me in an area I haven't been to much. And the ad mentioned Pyrex, so I was definitely going to check it out. As the thermometer reached into the high 90s by 10, I packed the kids into the car and hoped our A/C was working! (It was.)

It was a pleasant and easy drive, and when we got to the sale I was shocked to find that we were the only ones there. With the kids, I don't usually have the ability to get to estate sales early, and I definitely don't want to fight the crowds with them in tow, so I always wait until after the early rush. I'm not sure there was any rush at all with this sale- it seemed like we were the only folks who even knew about it, even though it was well-advertised. I guess the heat was a factor, but it didn't bother us.

First thing I headed for was the Pyrex! I bought the Golden Pine Space Saver, with lid and cradle for $10. I have a rule to just buy any Space Saver I see, especially if it has the lid, and this is a nice one. I can't wait to get out all my Christmas Pyrex and put this one on display! The Pink Daisy 043 is my favorite size Pyrex and I love using them, but this one is so nice I might never use it. The Butterprint 472 casserole is my first of the 470 series. Didn't I just mention in my last post that I needed that, and lo and behold... 

She also had the 471 and 473, but had them marked as a set for $25. That's too steep for me- why this one was priced at only $6 I don't understand, but it's mine. (I would hazard a guess that the lady was looking up prices on the internet and found turquoise Pyrex goes for more; apparently she didn't get to the part where the turq. on white Butterprint goes with the others...) I also left behind a Golden Tulip promo with lid and cradle for $20 and a set of primary bowls (minus the green) for $20. I didn't love the tulip and have an unnumbered primary set, so at those prices they're not a bargain for me.

I got a ton of other stuff- check out my blog for more!

Red 024 hot!

Remember a few weeks ago I found a poor DWD red 024? I was bummed. Why is the red always DWD! 

Lucky for me I found not one but 2 this week. I can proudly say I left the 2nd one there. I am not a hoarder. I am a collector. I have will power. And as of this morning at 9 am the second red was still at the store. 

And I got twin servers.  I am looking for the cradle. If anyone has one to sell really cheap let me know. 

I also finished my Verde fridgie set. You can see them over at Treasures My Husband Hates

Happy Hunting
~Katie, treasure hunter. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pyrex finds!

Remember the tortoise and the hare? The lesson slow and steady wins the race. That has never been more true when it comes to Pyrex and vintage kitchen this summer. It is getting harder and harder to find Pyrex on the cheap.

However, there is still Pyrex out there if you keep looking. This is what I found this week! My first new dots bowl. I was so excited and it was only $3!

Pyrex is my passion but if your interested in vintage travel trailers/canned hams you should check out my blog and follow along as I give my 1952 Gem a makeover this summer.


Pyrex Finds in Canada

Hard to find blue stripes 403 thanks to my pyrex collecting friend Shawn for letting me know that another collector had it and this cute golden grapes for sale on Kijiji, great finds!

I recently acquired the last pieces to my butterprint cinderella bowl set and a complete 300 series of blubebell bowls. The bluebelle bowls are often mistakenly called delphite, but they aren't called that according to what I read on Corellecorner. They are stamped made in the US and they are a different colour than Canadian delphite when I compare them to my other pieces. But no matter what you call them, I call them beautiful and am happy to add them to my collection!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Downsizing my Pyrex Collection at the Toronto Leslieville Flea Sunday July 21 10am-3pm

It's sad but true. The time has come to downsize my Pyrex collection. It's expanded beyond my storage capacity. If you live in the Toronto area, come see me at the Leslieville Flea on Sunday July 21 from 10am to 3pm. I've got lots of premium patterns and promos plus some other vintage goodies. And, yes, that's a minty Moon Deco and, yes, it has to go!! Come get it!

The Leslieville Flea is a new vintage and craft fair located "Behind The Duke" at Queen and Leslie. Check out their blog at

Here are a few pics of just some of the things I have to liquidate. There's way more!

Time for a family photo!

Hi PC3 SusieQT here from Practice in Time! Summer is half over, can you believe it? I have been busy on facebook lately, trading and talking about Pyrex. 

I have been culling my collection a bit, and trading away those pieces that don't fit in my scope. I have traded some good pieces for other good pieces- if both parties are happy, that is a good thing. I finally got my Butterprint 443 to complete the Cinderella set. I also got the last 501 fridgie (with lid!) to complete the refrigerator dish set. All the rest of those pieces were thrifted and I have been working on completing them for almost 2 years. Finally finishing them is a good feeling, and so it was time for a family photo! 

I still need 2 more regular mixing bowls to complete the set on the right, as well as all the lidded casseroles in the Butterprint pattern and I will have them all. So far the only ebay purchase was the butter dish, but I'm glad I bought that. Of course, the tea towel is from Fresh Pastry Stand on Etsy!

I also bought these Delphite items recently. I can't get enough of the blue milk glass and have never seen it in the wild, so they were ebay purchases. But I think I got a good deal on them, so I'm happy. The casserole didn't come with the lid or cradle, but I think I can find those easily enough. I love the look of these, especially with my most recent thrifted vintage tablecloth ($5 at SA!)

Stay tuned, I have more Pyrex on the way!

Pyrex in Hiding... for the moment.

It was a good weekend last week. I am "this close" to finishing my Spring Blossom Cinderella set. I just need the 441.

I hit up a few thrifts before a camping trip. I think when you are in a hurry things just make their way into your car. Like all of this. Some of it is still in my car and my husband has no idea I bought that Cosco rolling cart. I have to find a place to put it still.

I do't normally hide things from him but I know I will get the look with this one. 

Do you hide your treasures and slowly integrate them in? 
I hear many people do.
 Thankfully my treasure hater husband puts up with my shenanigans.

Treasure Hunter

Sunday, July 14, 2013

{baking dishes}

Hello, Pyrex Collective!

I need your help in identifying the baking dishes in the picture below. What set are they from? I have googled endlessly but not found any results that match these colours. I just can't figure it out! Help! :)

- Lauren (@unlauren on Instagram)

Pan Party

Tried out some boxed brownie mixes. Milk Chocolate Duncan Heine's & Dark Chocolate Trader Joe's. Even though I typically like milk chocolate better, the dark chocolate were the winners :)

Also, some flea market finds! $20 for all:

Some super deals today. I LOVE a good pyrex day... and I think that means it will be a good week!

Happy Pyrexing,
Belle of the Blog

Any info?

I bought this at an estate sale yesterday.  I know it is not "old".  But what is the 5 Star for?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Old Orchard Complete Fridgie Set

I know Old Orchard is not the favorite pattern of the PC community. It may even be labeled as the "ugliest" and least collected. 

But there is always one of us right? 

I love Old Orchard. It reminds me of home. I have eaten soup from the same 441 my entire life (even taking it with me to college). I like the color brown. I just like everything about it.

And I finally got to complete my set of fridgies last week.  You can see the amount of work I put into it  here at Treasures My Husband Hates.

Pairs perfectly with the wood box and Squirrel Shaker set. 

Someone always have to love the "uglies." 
That someone is me. 

Treasure Hunter

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spring Blossom in Summer

Moving to a new place is a little scary and exciting all at once. I have been looking forward to finding new places to thrift (while realizing that I've left behind a treasure trove of shops where I used to live!) 

I visited the first new-to-me thrift store near our home, and was sorely disappointed. Not a single piece of Pyrex. I almost wept. I used to find tons of Pyrex on nearly every outing. I often left pieces behind because they weren't the right price or the right pattern. 

The second store didn't look much better, and I started to fear that maybe there was no Pyrex in this town. But at the very back, perched high on a shelf, sat a Spring Blossom Cinderella 444 for a mere $3.

I actually heard myself breathe a sigh of relief. All hope isn't lost. There IS Pyrex in this place and I WILL find more of it. I actually left the store with a little spring in my step.

I've had a love / hate relationship with Spring Blossom. I almost started collecting all of it, because it matched my old kitchen, but I ended up with only a few mugs, and a 1.5 quart casserole (the latter of which made its way to a thrift store because I ended up not using it...) I started collecting Butterfly Gold instead, and then later Butterprint. (Find out how I've been using my Butterfly Gold Pyrex to cook up a German feast on my latest blog post.

But this bowl... this bowl is PERFECT for my knitting nook. I love it.

May your summer shopping sprees put a spring in your step, too!



Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1940s Pyrex Store Display!

Sometimes the thrill of the hunt comes from an online auction win of a lifetime! I recently found this Pyrex store display while stocking ebay (this had only been listed for a few hours). It needed to be rewired and it came from the attic of an old hardware store. Since, receiving it in the mail it has been polished, cleaned and rewired.

I love it! It is the star of my Pyrex collection. I love the way it looks in my kitchen. It is 2 sided so I will have so show the other side on another post. The sides held recipe cards and ideas. <---check out my latest summer project a 1952 canned ham/travel trailer!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

YOLO for Pyrex

The teeny boppers say "you only live once" but let's say "you only live Orange!" My father bought me this butterfly gold big bertha :) and a blue microwave measure 2cup. $20, and great intentions! 

Happy pyrexing!
Belle of the Blog

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pyrex in action

Over this past week, some of my Pyrex dishes have been put to good use!  I am sure you will agree that Pyrex makes everything bake better and taste better, plus it is so darn pretty on the table!  With my son turning 24 on Tuesday and the Fourth of July, the Pyrex got a work out.  Bread, cherry cobbler and two batches of baked beans were just some of the dishes that got snapped up by my camera!

Whole wheat Dakota bread

Cherry Cobbler

Baked Beans

Hope your Fourth of July was a safe one, full of food and good times with family!


Come visit me at The Vintage Shelf

Friday, July 5, 2013

A Burst - StartBurst!!!


I think I may have totally hit the jack pot Salvation Army. A few months ago I managed to score an "Eyes" set for $6.50. I thought that was my total lucky day ever. 

But I just surpassed that as my best score ever. 
(read about the eyes here.)

I scored a Starburst Space Saver!!!!!!

Yes at a thrift. I about crapped my shorts when I saw it. I even grabbed my son and said "hold this and say cheese!"

I walked away with it for..... are you ready for it?


I hope you all score something amazing soon. I like seeing all your scores here. 

Treasure Hunter

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Pricing Pyrex

I see a lot of articles and resources for the pricing of Pyrex - the dollar amounts and values, that is.  What I am looking for is practical advice on the actual pricing of Pyrex...labels?  Tags?  That sort of thing.

After a little over a year of collecting I realize that I can't keep it all, and frankly...Pyrex is taking over my entire house.  I believe firmly that culling is the best way to make an amazing collection actually look amazing, so I've weeded out about 40 pieces which I will be taking to a local consignment shop.  The owner, a good friend of mine, assures me that Pyrex sells quickly there (and not just because I buy it!).

But that leaves me with the issue of attaching price tags, and I'm really at a loss.  Any ideas?

Thanks for all the help!!  :)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Woodland, Homestead and Spring Blossom - where to find some.

Hey Ya'll! 

I think the pyrex drought is over here. Maybe just a little. 

If you are looking for some Woodland, Homestead and Spring Blossom at thrifts I left some for you. 

404 Woodland 
404 Homestead 
475 Spring Blossom

If you wanna see the rest I left for you check them out over at Treasures My Husband Hates. I am hoping the Pyrex karma is in my favor now. Maybe I will find balloons or something cool. (And this proves I have self control and don't by everything I see!)

Treasure Hunter

The Many Uses of Vintage Pyrex Bakeware

Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and this is my first post here on the Pyrex Collective. I am a Canadian Pyrex-addict who's been collecting for a couple of years now (here's a look at my humble collection if you're interested). I post weekly on a vintage themed blog called Ice Cream, Etc. and run an Etsy shop called Brown Cat Vintage which sells clothes and a handful of Pyrex. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram. Stop by and say hello, I'd love to meet some fellow Pyrex fans :)

Today I thought it would be fun to share some creative ways to use vintage Pyrex around your home. These are my favourite unconventional uses from list. You can read the entire list here on my blog.

Cake Molds // Use a bowl as a semi-sphere cake mold to make amazing creative cakes like these little guys above. Find the instructions for the owl here and the penguin here.

Vintage Gooseberry Pyrex, gloves, and Mugsy the cat // Ice Cream, Etc. Blog

Accessory Holder // Use a large bowl or casserole dish to collect accessories you have an abundance of like tights or gloves for example.

Vintage Golden Acorn Pyrex as a landing strip // Ice Cream, Etc. Blog

Dresser or Desktop Storage // Use a casserole dish to organize small items on a dresser or desktop like nail polish or bottles of perfume. *I have a Golden Acorn split casserole dish on a little table in my front hall to catch my keys and sunglasses when I walk in the door. This is the only piece of Pyrex I use outside of the kitchen.

Vintage Butterprint Pyrex pendant lamps

Light Shade // I hate to see Pyrex destroyed but these pendant lamps would certainly make interesting conversation pieces.

Flowers planted in vintage Pyrex // Ice Cream, Etc. Blog

Flower Pot // Drill a hole in the bottom and use an old scratched up bowl as a decorative flower pot holder. I think this would look amazing done with a row of multi-coloured fridge dishes.

A box of broken Pyrex // Ice Cream, Etc Blog

Mosaic // If you happen to break something, keep the pieces and use them for a creative mosaic project. Please don't break vintage Pyrex on purpose!!