Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Sauerkraut Kind of Day

Made my family's Ukrainian sauerkraut recipe today. Great as a side dish, but also delicious as filling in pierogies. Took some photos of our prep work to show you! Starts with canned sauerkraut but we prep, boil, spice, and bake nearly all day, and then it is no longer sour :) even my meat and potato boyfriend likes it!

I also included a pic of two meat skewers and sorting of dishes (yes, I broke four... eek!). I found the skewers while volunteering at our social club. They did a total overhaul of the kitchen, and I thought these looked like corelle compatibles, right?! Anything that was not a set went to members or goodwill. I didn't keep them because they weren't my pattern, but I did keep a blue heaven plate and a random white/green pyrex bowl (scoped it all- it was the only pyrex there)! Many mix-matched dishes since they have things that members donated over the last 35 years, mostly pretty nice Syracuse China. I organized what they would use and set it up nicely in the cabinets. One dish and bowl are fine with me- a nice memory of the old kitchen!

Pics for fun- enjoy!
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