Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to you all. 
Of course I am using  my pretty pyrex for Easter.  
It makes me happy to use it. 

Last night in preparation for the day I made Strawberry Cream Cheese pie. 

My son helped, as always. I think he ate more of the crust than helping me out. 

If you want the recipe check it out at strawberry pie.

~Katie, Treasure Hunter

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gooseberry Galore

Remember this little guy? The gooseberry fridge dish I found a while back for a buck, no lid? The fact that I've never seen pink and white gooseberry anywhere around here, let alone at a thrift store?

Well, today I found the rest of the family. 

At a thrift store. 

For $20.


My mom was with me again -- honestly, I think she may be my lucky charm, because last time, I found that green wheat space saver with her. She told me how hilarious it is to see me get excited about vintage Pyrex -- she actually said it's like rainbows burst out of me when I see something!

Rainbows or not, I'm still bursting. While there is a tiny chip on two of the smaller lids, I still think I got a great deal. 

And, I couldn't leave this lonely little Cinderella bowl behind, could I? 

I know $8 was kind of steep for the bowl, but I knew I'd regret not snatching it up. Plus, I like this thrift store and I know they do a lot of good things for people, so I like to think of it as a little extra donation for their work. 

Gooseberry galore, for sure. I can hardly wait to see what the rest of spring will bring! 



Easter Blessings

Every year, we attend a traditional Easter basket blessing. Our baskets are filled with ham, kielbasa, eggs, beets with horseradish, butter, and cheeses. This year... I used my refrigerator set :) then we had a nice family meal at home, and watched the Syracuse game- Go SU!

Also, I'm engaged!! Brightest point of all!!

Some pics :)
Happy pyrexing,
Belle of the Blog

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What a week!

I feel like I have hit the Pyrex lottery!

First, this red 503 arrived in the mail.  I have never seen one before, other than in the Pyrex collector's book.  I'm not sure what set it belongs to, but it looks ah-mazing with the Friendship 502 and Primary red 501's. An all red set...yes please :-)

Then, these babies arrived in the mail today from England.  Turquoise Gooseberry!!!  I can't stop staring at them :-)  Why oh why didn't they make regular mixing bowls in this pattern? 

6 Cent Pyrex!

There was a store at the mall that sold various collectibles (from figurines to betty boop to milk glass). They were having a going-out-of-business sale, and just my luck, they had pyrex too!

Limited options, but the few patterns that were there were stocked!! They offered me a box and said "fill the box with what you like, $3 total"- what???? Heres what I scored!

15 teacups, 12 coffee mugs, 2 sugar creamers, 2 bowls, and a gravy plate (and 11 non pyrex glasses etc)... 45 items total, 6 cents per item. Wow.

Happy pyrexing! Christina
Belle of the Blog

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Birthday Pyrex!

It is my Birthday!

So I went thrifting. All by myself. alone in the car listening to Queen, drinking coke and collecting more Pyrex. What a great birthday so far. I know my husband won't get me any, after all he hates the stuff. I even got to find a new thrift store. 

Here are my scores. 

I think earth colors are attracted to me. 
You can see where I got them and how many stores I can hit up in 2 hours over at 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Great Day for Pyrex!

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I had a pretty hectic past week, and needed a little thrifting therapy. And boy, was I lucky today!

I hit my usual two thrifts and the Pyrex was there in abundance, for a change. I was just in the right place at the right time, because some of it had just been put out.

The Spring Blossom casserole is huge! It's a 2.5 qt and in mint condition. The Butterfly Gold is also mint. These were probably donated by the same person- the lady at the checkout said they had just been donated yesterday and she had put them on the shelf right before I came in. I paid $8 for the SB and $6 for the BG. They're not really patterns I collect, but they were so awesome I was not going to leave them behind!

I went to another store and found these divided dishes, both were $4. It's funny how someone else just found the same two dishes in a previous post! The Golden Acorn is going to my booth, but the Compass has found its forever home with me.

I think I might try to collect all the patterns in existence in 1959, since I've got this Compass. I already have the Black Rooster space saver, a bunch of Butterprint and some of the pinks/turquoise/utility/primary sets. I'll have to do a little more research and see what else is out there. Anyone know of anything else?

This Butterprint 444 was $5. It was pretty dirty, but cleaned up well. I have one of these already, so will not be keeping this one. I have resolved to start selling more of my collection- I'm running out of room. And with Pyrex being so hot right now, at least I can make a few bucks to buy more! 

Now, this is not Pyrex, but collateral damage from the dishware aisle (whoops- how did that get in my basket? ;)

This is one of the few pieces of GlasBake that I like. I have seen these little handled soup crocks before, but never with the lid. Isn't it cute?

I picked up a few other things as well- come on over to my blog and check them out!

Golden Acorn

I managed to get my first golden acorn about 2 weeks ago. I don't see much of this pattern here in SoCal. Mostly find Butterfly Gold.

I found it a an antique store. Normally that store is pricey ($50 for a percolator, $30 for a 045) but this was cheap.  Seller must have needed space in their booth. First thing I ever bought there.

I found cutting toilet paper rolls work great for stacking divideds. This is my overflow stack. They won't fit in the china cabinet.

I also got a really awesome chair that week for a steal. You can see it here at Treasures My Husband Hates.


Monday, March 25, 2013

Space Saver Squeals

I have never been one to squeal over much of anything, but over the weekend, my mother thought I was having a heart-attack, as we perused the first aisle of a thrift store. 

I don't often find much at this particular store -- a plate every now and again. They have a special 'antique' section where they jack up the price of items, sometimes even pricier than the actual antique store next door. (There is a set of Friendship bowls that I'm currently coveting for $65...)

I did however find my 501 Butterfly Gold fridge dish there several months ago... so I continue to check back every now and again, just in case

Sometimes, like on the day I found the fridge dish, I hit the jackpot.

Lo and behold, a green wheat space saver (sans cradle) for $8.50. 

I was lamenting my mistake in passing up a white snowflake on charcoal space saver a while back -- it had been in a showcase for over a month and when I finally decided I liked it enough to get it, it was gone. I think it was meant to be, though, since I found this one instead, even cheaper. 

The color really is gorgeous -- it's hard to see how brilliant it is in the photos. It has a few very tiny scratches on it... and one miniscule chip on the inside of the lid. It also had some black gunk caked on the sides... but a little Bar Keeper's Friend and this piece looks nearly new. 

What did you all find this weekend? 


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Primary = Complete!

Finally completed my primary set!

The blue was one of my first ever Pyrex scores, which means it was probably under $2. (Back when I refused to pay $2 for any Pyrex find...imagine all the things I passed up! Silly me...)

Last summer, my parents found the yellow & green at a garage sale for $3 for both - they're lucky like this...and diligent garage-salers.

Last week I found the red for $1.99 at my local Red Racks. This brings my total to {around} $7. Yay!

Check out my blog for more finds! (and many cupcakes!)


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Pyrex Success, Large and Small

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I had a very good day thrifting yesterday! It didn't start out very well, though- I actually left the first two stores empty handed. And my daughter, who's almost 5, had a meltdown in the third store. But not until after I had found my first ever piece of pink daisy!


Normally I am not a big fan of the divided dishes. I have 4 of them now and they are a pain to display since they don't nest. As a matter of fact, I don't have any of them on display at all right now. But no way was I going to leave this one behind! It is in mint condition- not a scratch or chip anywhere- probably never been used. This is also the first divided dish I have found with a lid. You can bet I will find a place to put this one on the shelf with all my pinks!

So even though my daughter was throwing a fit in the store, I was as happy as a clam.

At the next stop, we got her calmed down (she really wanted me to buy her a certain stuffed polar bear, and there is no way I'm bringing used stuffed animals into my house) and I happened to find something I have been needing for a long time now:

Yes, a simple little red 501, with no lid and quite a bit of wear (although no DWD) for $2. This might have made me happier than the pink daisy...

Because I have now completed my primary fridgie set!!!! This is the first set of any pattern that I have completed (I'm really close on a couple of others, too.) I started this set with a single red 501 at least 8 years  ago, and got everything in the wild, nothing online. I'm kinda proud of that and happy that I waited, because I think the whole thing cost me less than $20.

Now I have a bit of a space problem, but that's not a bad problem to have. These are my finds from the last couple of weeks, and I haven't yet figured out how to get them all in the cupboard! :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mini vacation Finds

So my brother just got back from Afghanistan. He drove out here to see my brother and I and my mother also came along. Yes my immediate family all in one house. Crazy. It was a fantastic 4 days.

 I managed to finish 2 sets on my trip. And bargain a little with people.  I am in love with all the pie plates I got. It was a successful trip for sure, on the thrifting front and the family time. 

If you want to check out all my finds you can here at Treasures My Husband Hates.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scores on my Home Town's Main Street

I don't often find Pyrex in my home town, but today was amazing.  I went to our local thrift and found this beauty for $2.25.  I had one before and didn't like it much.  I realized when I saw this why I didn't like it much.  My other one lost it's lustre.  This one is perfect...and so cheap!  I couldn't believe it!

Pressed Flowers Promotional...I believe from 1959

Then I headed down the street to our little Flea Market shop.  I haven't been in for awhile.  Imagine my surprise to find a pink, rounded "Jetson" style bowl for $1!  It had caked on spaghetti sauce, but I knew with some elbow grease, Bon Ami, and a Magic Eraser, I could get it as good as new.  I actually think the dirty ones are the best.  All the gunk seems to preserve the finish.  I mainly had to use my fingernail and it was perfect underneath!


AFTER!  What a beauty!

Then I found this.  Not my favorite pattern, but I've always like THIS particular bowl in this pattern....and I need another large cinderella when I isn't enough.  It's very cheerful!
  Mint condition, also at the Flea for $4.50!

My pink and turquoise collection is coming along nicely!  All thrifted except the Blue Bird



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Butter, Butter, Butter...Pyrex!

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

A while back I posted about how I broke down and bought a Butterprint butter dish on eBay. I mentioned then that since I did that, I would probably find a butter dish in the wild. And I did- a couple of weeks after that I found a Butterfly Gold butter dish in on my annual birthday thrift crawl.

And today I found a Spring Blossom butter dish. It's a bit dishwashered, but the price was right- only $1. At that price, I bought it and can wait for a better one someday. I plan to keep this one for daily use and put the others back in the collection.

So now I have three butter dishes and am well on my way to collecting all the Pyrex butter dishes. As far as I know there are only two more patterns left- the Old Towne (which I saw a while back and now regret not buying, but it was $9!), and Snowflake Garland. Am I missing any?

Pyrex in all it's Utilitarian Beauty!

Here is a photo of my "GO TO" Pyrex.  Love it!  To see more Pyrex and other vintage finds.  Visit me at my blog


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Clean Pyrex!

Is anyone else's favorite part of baking/cooking cleaning their Pyrex?

(I hope I'm not alone in my craziness!)


Keen for the Green

The last post got me thinking about what green Pyrex I own... I didn't think I had anything except the green fridge dish, but then I remembered I got these little gems a few months back. 

In case you've never seen an 080 in person... they are tiny, yet absolutely perfect for holding spools of thread and for baking individual 8 oz berry crumble. The fact that they come in super fun colors like lime green and flamingo pink makes them even more delightful.

I found them at the same antique store in Virginia where I scored the cereal bowls on sale. I had already buzzed through the store once, and I decided to make another pass going in the opposite direction. Lo and behold, little pinkie and the lovely lime green casseroles were staring at me. I searched all over the booth, but only found one lid to match them. 

More often than not, I discover all kinds of goodies on that second round through a store. (I'm also convinced that some sellers purposely 'hide' their Pyrex because they don't actually want to part with it...!) Regardless, I'm glad I had time to walk through the store again -- otherwise someone else may have nabbed these little cuties.

How often have you found hidden Pyrex lurking in a corner? And more importantly, isn't it more thrilling when the very thing you're looking for is waiting for you to take it home to add to your collection?

May your Saint Patrick's Day bring you lots of luck searching for Pyrex!