Sunday, December 30, 2012

Waiting Under the Tree

Hello all and I hope you had a fantastic holiday.  I have some new Christmas goodies to share with you; I had some lovely new Pyrex waiting for me under the tree!  My parents found me the smallest Verde frigie as well as a Horizon Blue mixing bowl.  My favorite goodie of all this year has to be the Compass promotional divided casserole though...with the elusive carrier handle!  I think I'm in love with it and will hopefully be putting it to use soon.  
Isn't it just perfect?
They also found the smaller version of the red hostess dishes.  Now all I need are all the little individual ones.  I was surprised by how good of condition this was in. 

If you'd like to check out all the other vintage goodies I received as well as some newly thrifted ones feel free to stop by my blog Yesterway.  Happy thrifting and I hope you have an excellent New Year. 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Golden Classic Casserole

While at my favorite consignment store today,
I spied this beauty peeking out from under a shelf.
Lo and behold...a 2 1/2 qt. Golden Classic casserole,
a 1962 promotion.
Further searching did not produce the warmer stand,
but the casserole in nearly mint condition is a find on its own.
Thrifty score too...marked $8.00, but on sale for $5.00!
Happy to share this score with fellow Pyrex fans!

Pyrex gifts and Purges

Well, I've simplified my Pyrex to what I really use and my favorites.  I also got a few things on my list!  Come visit me at and check it out!             -Stacey

teal pyrex {magic}

today is officially awesome and it is only 11:15 a.m. :)

this morning i visited my local thrift store and spotted this beautiful set of three teal pyrex bowls (they were selling for $18's teal!). i didn't even hesitate. i picked them up and went straight for the cashier. even though it wasn't a complete set, i was so stoked for their beautiful colour.

then, i bring the bowls home and unwrap them and think to myself "hmm, they look familiar." that's when i remembered that i had the largest bowl of the set already! i'd been using it in my christmas centrepiece and had completely forgotten about it!
it was magic. that's all i can think. i went from being so happy to have found the three teal bowls to suddenly having the complete set!! the entire set cost me $26 which is way more than i would've been willing to pay normally but it was worth it this time. and, since one picture is never enough, here are a few pictures to ogle at. :)

happy thrifting in the new year!
- lauren @ the twin oaks place

Friday, December 28, 2012

Bitten By The Pyrex Bug

Happy almost New Year! My name is Melanie and I'm new here at the Pyrex Collective. And while I'm new to the Pyrex scene, I've been a blogger for quite awhile. I have two blogs. One called Melanie In The Middle and another called A Beautiful Bite. And both have been happily infected by the Pyrex bug.

It all started in November when I went to a food blogger's conference in Virginia. While there, I visited a small antiques shop where I spotted the very familiar to all of you Gooseberry patterned bowls you see above. It was love at first sight. However, I couldn't carry them on the plane and my bags were already filled with kitchen tools that I received at the conference. So, they remained on the dusty antique store shelf. Sob.

When I got home I did some research which brought me here to this wonderful site which I devoured in one weekend. All three Pyrex Collective blogs, consumed in one weekend. I'm sure you know how that feels.

So, after I became fairly knowledgeable on the subject, I hit the thrift stores. And as you can see based on the picture above, I found some gems which I wrote about here and here.

I think my favorite find was the set of Butterprint for $5.99 at the Salvation Army. Too bad that doesn't happen every day!

Actually, I've had to work very hard to find the pieces that you see in this post. My finds at thrift shops are few and far between. And the pieces I do find look like they have been through a thousand episodes of Iron Chef and lost every battle.

It gets frustrating for sure.

And when I do find something at Savers or Goodwill, the prices are nuts. $12.99 for one bowl? I think not. I guess they are on to us.

I try to resist buying anything on eBay, but sometimes I'm powerless to resist. I found an entire set of the Snowflake pattern you see above for a pretty decent price and I bought it. Merry Christmas to me. No more eBay if I can resist it. The force is strong with that one. eBay is dangerous I tell you.

I hope to find more treasures to share with you in the months to come. I'm pretty smitten with the pink and turquoise pieces but apparently so is rest of mankind. But I will still continue with the search. Because that's 95% of the fun. Isn't it?

It's so nice to meet you all. Have a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally, some Christmas Pyrex!

Hi all, SusieQT here from Practice in Time. I have been enviously admiring all the Christmas Pyrex here on the Collectives and wishing I could find some of my own. And today I did!

Since my kids are out of school, I had a full day I could devote to thrifting. I drove to a thrift I have had good luck at recently (see New Dots) and when I walked in, the shelves were nearly bare. Apparently the Christmas rush had stripped the shelves almost clean and they hadn't yet received many donations due to the holiday. I was prepared to be disappointed.

But look what I found sitting there, amongst an almost complete set of Forest Fancies (which I left there):

Yes, a 1960 Holiday Promo Casserole! Now, it is not pristine by any means. Someone really loved this bowl- it looked like there have been countless batches of mashed potatoes mixed in it, and I have never seen a casserole with so much wear to the paint around the handles. It seems like it has been used and used and used!

Which is fine with me. I love that someone really cherished this piece like I will- except that I don't think I'll be using it quite so hard!

It was also a bit more than I would like to have paid at $9.50. Considering the condition, I would have paid about half of that and felt good about it. At $9.50, well, I guess it was a splurge, but when am I likely to ever see one again? And now I have my Christmas Pyrex present!

Santa delivered and YES it was Pyrex!

My sweet husband knew exactly what I wanted...Pyrex, what else?!
He did a good job!

My mouth dropped when I opened up this one; It is the "Americana" Blue/Turquoise 1 1/2 Pt. Mixing bowl! It is soo beautiful, I love it! I read somewhere that the blue "Americana" is hard to find.

I also got the "Designs" or "Art Deco" 2 1/2 Qt bowl. Love it so much! 

My husband knew I wanted the "Daisy" so badly! This is my first piece of the yellow Daisy!

He also snatched up the "Sandlewood" mixing bowls, one is 4 Qt and the other is 1 1/2 PT.
Love them both, are great for the fall!

I do not have a lot in this pattern and it is actually really nice, the "Square flowers".
This is the 4 Qt mixing bowl.

He also picked up this 2 1/2 Qt mixing bowl I believe it is the Primary colors, green bowl.
I have a similar one but this one is more rounded on the bottom.

And he also got me the FULL season of Mad Men! Woo hoo! 

Before Christmas I was able to score these two three finds at a thrift shop.

I got the Vinegar "Butterfly Gold" pattern for $1.95 and the Oil "Butterfly Gold" also for $1.95,
then I grabbed this "Butterfly gold" Pyrex casserole dish without lid, for $3.95!
More to add to my Butterfly Gold collection!!!

For more finds, visit my blog at Pyrex Junkie!

Newest Finds + Christmas Pyrex!

Over the past few weeks I accumulated a few new pieces of Pyrex through thrifting, trades and gifts!
My favorite new find is the all yellow bowl set I scored for $5!

Head on over to to check out all my finds!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pre-Holiday Thrifting

Although the Pyrex finds around this area have really slowed down for the winter, I did manage to find a few pre-holiday goodies. My mom picked up the spice of life canister for me.  Meanwhile, I found the Town and Country divided casserole at Salvation Army and the Pyrex Red Banded sugar bowl at Goodwill.  I was pretty tickled with the sugar bowl, it even still had it's lid! Squee!  Also pictured are some other goodies I had picked up recently.   

To read more on my slow paced thrifting adventures as well as the neato old stuff I had found in my mom's garage, feel free to check out my blog Yesterway.  Hope everyone is having Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Shopping Spree

I, like most of the world, seemed to have 3,478 things to accomplish today. Instead of making a dent in the list, I went thrifting, and then later ran over to a nearby antique store.  How's that for priorities?!

(It seems that contributing to and reading this blog has made me hanker for Pyrex even more. Thanks everyone, for feeding my addiction.)

The thrift store turned up nothing, but I noticed some Pyrex patterns 
I'd never seen before at the antique store:

I found out the top left is called 'Hex Signs' and the bottom left greenish-gold (gorgeous...) is the Medallion Promo, but I couldn't find any information on the blue tulips on the right. It was definitely Pyrex. 

Sadly, they were all out of my price range for the day, 
as were the coveted mint condition pink and lime baking dishes: 

I also gave the mixing bowls a miss: 

Other items spotted included Americana mixing bowls in fall colors, the red and yellow dot mixing bowls, and even two Pyrex plates. I debated getting the plates -- in the end I decided they weren't worth the price for their condition. 
But I did manage to find this lovely little Butterprint cinderella mixing bowl: 

I have seen a ton of the full cinderella sets around here, but I never wanted to pay the asking price, nor do I have the space. But one little bowl at only $5? Sure -- I can squeeze that into a cabinet! 

Along the way, I also picked up these two fridgies -- 
one small and one mid-sized:

(I can always justify fridge purchases -- most of the time they're actually in the fridge storing stuff, so there's not really a 'space' issue.)

I've always liked the look of Butterprint -- it reminds me of the farming area of the world where I live. Since I'm never really far from the Amish, or any farmer for that matter, it seemed only appropriate that I add these pieces to my collection. 

I picked up the fridgie on the right (and that fun tea towel in the earlier photo) during a weekend antique sale a few months back. When I photographed them all together, I noticed how much different the shade of turquoise was on the first fridgie I bought compared to the ones I picked up today. It is much more green than blue, really. 

Has anyone else noticed a difference in some of the shades of their Pyrex? 
Or were they actually manufactured with different colors at some point?

I'm sure everyone has their holiday baking complete, but if you're like me, and you went shopping today instead of cooking, then you may still need a dessert for tomorrow, or anytime, really! Pie is always a good choice, no matter what time of year. Here's a never-fail pie crust recipe, straight from an Amish cookbook -- I'd give credit if I could remember which one.

Looking forward to seeing more of your Pyrex in use over the holidays. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all the Pyrex Peeps!  Thought I'd share one of our family's favorite recipe traditions.  Christmas Mix.

1/2 of a 10 oz package on mini pretzels
5 cups cheerios
5 /12 cups rice Chex
2 cups salted peanuts
2 cups M&Ms
2 12 oz packages white chocolate chips
3 Tablespoons canola oil

In a large bowl, mix first 5 ingredients together
Heat chips and oil over low heat in a sauce pan to melt
Pour over the mix and stir to coat
Spread oat on waxed paper to cool
Break apart and store

For more come to
Stacey Johnson

Festive Prepping

I found some new treasures, and made my own "set". Hope you like them!

Pink and black gooseberry mix-up. A new scroll from flea market, smallest mixing bowl in butterfly gold, and a solid yellow "candy dish" for my sister. Loving it!

Awhile back, I posted about my new turquoise mixer. I used it yesterday to make my grandmother's Ukrainian Walnut Torte. I think it came out great (and my grandma supervised me like a hawk the whole time)! We also made pierogies for our traditional Christmas Eve supper :) "Смачного" ... or Bon Appetit!

Happy Pyrexing!
<3 Christina, Belle of the Blog

Saturday, December 22, 2012

'twas the Pyrex before Christmas

Hello fellow Pyrex Collectors!

I had a great score at a local thrift store---it is way out of my way in a suburb of Denver, but consistently delivers Pyrex so anytime I am in the vicinity I make a stop. Last night I'm so glad I did. Look what I found! :)
the haul, full set of woodland brown, new dots, harvest wheat, spring blossom,and golden acorn 

I couldn't leave a full set on the shelf, it is not my favorite pattern, but it's a *full* set!!!!!
beautiful, beautiful new dots 
8 pieces sitting on the shelf waiting for me!!! I was very excited, the new dots was the first one I spotted and I was so excited I grabbed it and didn't let go until I paid and it was mine. I kept fearing that if I put in down even for a minute it would disappear. New dots is one of my favorite and this is only my second piece. I also have the yellow (in awful shape) and this one is beautiful and perfect and all mine!
don't they look nice together?! 
 I also picked up the woodland brown set, full sets are rare and exciting for me and the price was very cheap for the full set.

I also found the golden acorn divided casserole, I sure do wish I could find some lids for these divided casseroles!!! They would be so much easier to store/display with lids, but for some reason I can't find lids!!!

You can also see the spring blossom and the harvest wheat. Still the new dots is the one that made my heart flutter. It was such an unexpected haul!!