Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pyrex Haul

I am now FINALLY the proud owner of the Pyrex Prize Recipe Book. I won it on eBay! I looked and looked forever in the thrift stores and even the antique stores with no luck! I did not even spot any! not even at an outrageous price!! It is in good condition and I can't wait to use it!

Who knew you can use a bowl to make a cake?!
P.S. I just bought that bowl (below) =)

I found these "Bradford House" restaurant ware by Pyrex in a GW in northern CT.
They were $1.00 each! In great condition. At first I did not like them and thought I would sell them but after using them for dinner one night I love them!

I found this Butterfly Gold Cinderella mixing bowl at a GW. Got it for $1.95

This is my first Opal white mixing bowl! I have seen them on this blog before and really liked them!
This is the 1.5 Pt. Underneath there is no logo for Pyrex just a number.

My second Gooseberry piece! FINALLY I found a gooseberry piece in a thrift store. I have never seen them there before and I found this little beauty at Savers for $4.99

Now I have two!

I finally found this Pyrex for Hamilton Beach mixer bowl at a thrift store. I have the bigger one and needed the smaller one with spout.
This was $2.95

Just in time for Valentines day! This is the one that I have from the Pyrex Book.
I found it at an antique store this past weekend and was very confused at first because this is the 4 qt mixing bowl but is solid red. I have only seen yellow ones before.
The women at the front of the store said that this is a really rare piece and especially in this condition. It looks to be almost mint.
She said that these bowls alone go for $40-$80! They had a sale that day it was 20% off.
So I got it for $18, not bad!
Does anyone know of more info on this 4qt mixing bowl?

(above) is the stamping on the bottom of the bowl

I finally completed my set for the Butterprint round casseroles and BSS.
This is in mint condition, looks like someone took good care of it =)
I found this at an antique store, I got it for $23

I am trying to get a hold of the white Butterprint Cinderella mixing bowl set.
I found these two at an antique store. The 1.5 Pt was $9
and the 2.5 qt was $12
all I need now is the 4 qt and the 1.5qt

and even though this is not Pyrex, I still would like to share.
This is by Glasbake, starburst stars divided casserole. 
I found it at an antique center, I love it!

and finally.....
I found this awesome ad on eBay. I hit the buy it now button so fast!
I have been looking all over for this one and I adore it!

Isn't it great?!


  1. I LOVE every one of your great finds!!! I'd love to own the cookbook and the ad, too, and I'm so glad you now have them!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you =) It took me awhile to find the ad and the book. I am glad you enjoyed looking at them! I love them all too!

  2. Is the big red bowl from the Friendship set? I know because I'm looking for one. Not the regular bowl, though - I need the Cinderella version. Lovely finds.

    1. I did a little bit of research on it and said it is not from the friendship set.

  3. Talking about the 400 series bowls, the Rogove collectors' book says that "By 1949, the 4 quart bowl was also sold singly in either red or yellow for $1.29." (in my book on p.106). I was just reading this last night. You have some beautiful pieces and I just love the ad! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Okay,great! Thank you for telling me..I was intrigued by it because I have never seen a red 4 qt bowl before. Thank you! The ad I have always been crazy about but it was so hard to find!

  4. Geez louizzz! Look at all that! You found some really lovely pieces, I can just imagine your collection. I love the ad too! I'm a sucker for old advertising.

    1. I love old advertisements! I am addicted to finding a life magazine and just cutting out all the ads, I must have about 40 ads in my attic! Where to put them =x

      Thank you, I love every piece I have. My collection is getting to be so much that I have zero room for anything!

  5. Wonderful finds! It is funny, today I was cleaning out my bookshelves, and found my Pyrex Prize Recipe book, I had forgotten where it was! Isn't it a great little book?

    Now I am dying to get my hands on that advertisement! I've seen a lot of them, but never that one!

    1. I love the pyrex book! It is so nice!
      That is how I felt, when I used to see it but I never could find it on ebay or buy it elsewhere and then I saw it on ebay and bought it right away! It is a great size too i believe it is 8 by 11.

  6. Replies
    1. meto, I was so shocked to see it in the thrift store!

  7. LOVE the recipe book! I saw one a while back (totally overpriced for the tattered condition...) but now I kind of wish that I had picked it up! I'm also loving the ad... so fun.

    1. Next time you see one if you want it that bad deff buy it! The book is pretty neat.

  8. The upside down pudding cake is amazing! My husband said that it what his mom used to make him when he was little. I'm drooling just thinking about it. The spaghetti is not good. LOL

  9. The red 404 can also be part of a primary set that has a yellow 402 with the standard green 403 and the blue 401. I have a friend collecting this set. She's looking for the yellow bowl.

    1. Oh Okay! Thanks! Too bad Pyrex did not make a pink and red mixing bowl set! That would have been really cute!

  10. Love it all - you always have great finds!!