Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Weekend's Finds

Our little family hit some yard sales and estate sales this past weekend. After a full morning of well over ten stops I managed to find some Pyrex, but not much. Here in the Old Pueblo pickers are scooping it up to sell at various antique malls and curated junk shops (I kid you not) at inflated prices. I'm a SAHM so when I'm out and about I'll run into a thrift store to check out stock and have come away empty handed each and every time. So, feeding of my Pyrex addiction is best done via yard sales.

Friday my husband came with me to do the bus drop off and on the way home stop off at a few sales. I found the brown 441 you see on the top right for $.25. It's pretty faded and was well used, but for a quarter I can use it as a prep bowl. I do a lot of baking and always have need of such bowls.

The other three pieces I found at an estate sale Saturday. We have a high number of retirees in my city so estate sales are plentiful, with professional companies running them and commensurate inflated prices as the sales company looks to get its cut.

At this particular estate sale I went straight for the kitchen and scooped up all the pieces you see, except the previously mentioned brown 441 bowl. I wasn't sure if I really wanted them but knew I had to lay claim in order to continue my wanderings through the house. My husband took them from me as I did so and by the time I met him back at the front they were wrapped and on an invoice---and thus they came home with me.

On the lower right is a Fire King 436 in the snowflake pattern. We're planning a big open house this holiday as part of Our Epic Sock Monkey Christmas so I splurged. It was $4, which is steep but it was an estate sale; Ive seen this at our antique mall for $12. 

In the center are the 441 and 442 in Butterprint. These are in good condition, with minor staining on the bottom. The 441 was $3 and the 442 $4. On the left is the 043 in Golden Acorn; it was also $4 (no lid, though) and has some minor scratching but the gold leaf is in good condition.

Perhaps I paid too much, likely so. The thrift stores here are a Pyrex desert; I have yet to find Pyrex at any store, only at the curated junk shops and antique malls. I am on the hunt for some rectangle casseroles and refrigerator dishes and in more than a year of looking have yet to find one at a yard sale. With cooler weather finally here we are hitting prime yard sale season so perhaps I will get lucky soon!


My Thrift Store Finds in the Last Week

Hubby starts teaching today, so last week we scoured the thrifts daily while we/he had the time!  I've gotta admit, I'm burned out!  Burned some gas and put some wear on the old shoe soles!  I didn't find the things I dream of, but here's a glimpse for those wondering what was out there.

With the exception of the Crazy Daisy 401 (or old Spring Blossom pattern), everything was in good or excellent condition.  I was 99% sure I had that 401, but took it anyway.  The 401s were priced 1.99 to 3.99. With store discounts and/or 10% hubby gets--brought the prices down a little.  I still didn't pay more than 2.99 for any one 401.  The 402s were priced 1.99 to 3.99 as well.  Most expensive piece was the Town and Country divided dish I paid $4.50 for.

I forgot a piece when I took the picture...

I also got this 442 Gold Butterfly Cinderella bowl to complete my set!  That was exciting.  I also pick up Fire King Swiss Chalet when I run into it so I was thrilled to get these custard cups!

There were plenty DWDs, most notably a sad set of pink gooseberry Cinderella bowls 442,443,444 selling for $19.99!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Serious Yard Sale Score

I'm happy to now be a part of the Pyrex Collective! Thanks for adding me, Erin!

One of my biggest yard sale regrets is letting my mom sell all her Pyrex bowls. I wish I had scooped them up for myself, but alas, I was young and foolish and totally invested in Gladware in my hip new apartment. I sat there at that yard sale and watched them sit and sit and then eventually get sold for a few dollars. Sigh. Hindsight is 20/20.

Well, no more. I am on the Pyrex bandwagon and enjoying the ride.

My "awakening" began in earnest last fall, when I decided I wanted to ditch the cheap plastic containers and vintage-up my kitchen and use real, solid vessels. Our family of three loves to go to yard sales at least once a month, and this past May was one I will not soon forget. We live in Arizona, it was already hot, and we were not not having much luck. It was late morning, yard sale time was drawing to a close, but we spotted one last corner sign and my seven-year old asked to check it out.

We found the house and parked well down the street. I ambled up the sidewalk and then broke into a run-walk move the likes of which I save for extreme sales. Seriously, I couldn't get there fast enough, because I saw these sitting on a table, all by their lonesome:

Yep, three Spring Blossom nesting bowls, the 401, 402, and 403, in near perfect condition. And then I picked them up and saw the price sticker: $5. Yes, $5. I just about died. I didn't even try to negotiate, I just pulled out the cash and sprinted away. My husband followed me and grabbed the bowls before I danced too much and dropped them. He's good like that, I needed him to hold them so I could snap the picture you see.

In the Old Pueblo we call a major deal such as this a gonga.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pyrex I left for you, again.

It has been a sad few weeks with very little Pyrex findings in my life. I have seen some but nothing that has come home with me. Oh the life of a collector. 

These had to stay at the store. The Town and Country was way to much money for one bowl marked at 12.50 (maybe I am cheap?) and the poor Verde 043 was DWD. Not even a good price just to have it for the lid. It was $8. 

I found some others but left them all too. 
You can see them over at

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coming out about my Pyrex addiction!

Thanks for including me Erin!  I am hopelessly in love with Pyrex.  How much so?  Well you be the judge.  Here are a few pictures of my hoard.  I started off buying a little for myself, giving some away and reselling the rest, but something happened and I decided I wanted it all for me!  With the exception of pink pans and one 4 QT Cinderella to complete my set, these are all thrift store finds from the past few years.  I usually go to the thrifts once a week.

This was my current display as of yesterday.  I love to look at and use my Pyrex as much as possible.

My pink stuff so far, also always handy in the kitchen.  There is a Horizon Blue Cinderella bowl set there--that is what started this whole mess!

Assorted Pyrex pie and cake pans along with some Fire King that I fell in love with in my kitchen drawer. I also have a bunch of those little Glasbake cups that come in so handy.

My out of the way space I use for collecting and rotating my stuff.  Hubby and me have been going every day for about a week as he has off.  Here's what we found :

My hubby is great, he totally understands.  I also love other vintage stuff  especially pottery.  Franciscan, Vernonware and Grant Crest Tempo by Salem China are also things I hunt for.  I post some of that stuff on my blog as well.


Friday, September 20, 2013

A new Cabinet with some Friendship!

Nothing is better for decorating than a really ugly piece of furniture right? 
Sure when you can go home and redo it. 

I talked the guy down for this shelf and redid it. 
That same week I found a friendship 933 at a different thrift. 

For 3 weeks this is all I have found that I did not already have. I am dying here!  

Send me some good vibes! I will return the favor and send everyone some too!

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Mind-Boggling Bid

If you've been following the Luck in Love bid on eBay (mentioned here) you'll have noticed the price steadily increased as the week went on. Here is the final bid. 


Imagine all of the Pyrex you could buy for that price?!
 You could buy a plane ticket to the UK to hunt for JAJ Pyrex and STILL have money leftover. 

Clearly, someone wanted that piece. Not me. Instead, yesterday, I found this Golden Acorn divided dish for a mere $4 at an antique store. Somehow, I feel like the lucky one.

Happy days, just in time for Fall.

And, if you missed it, Fresh Pastry Stand ran a Facebook competition a while back for a new tea towel design. I loved seeing all of the entries! I didn't win, but you can view a few of my own Pyrex eye-candy entries here.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Percolater Parts! I found them all!

I found where all those percolator parts are hiding. In a dinky town in the middle of Michigan! That is where I found all these (I didn't buy all of them!) at a flea market. 
They have bodies of percolators too.

I had a blast thifting in a different state last month.
  I didn't like having to take this all on a plane with me. 
You can see all the details  over at

So if you live in the middle of nowhere in Michigan I will gladly share with you where all those percolator parts have been hiding. Fair warning, there is odd stuff at this flea market..... you might want to carry hand sanitizer. (see the details at the link above regarding the gross thing I found, I won't burn your eyes here)

Happy Hunting, 
Treasure hunter

Thrifting in Toronto

I was visiting family in Toronto a few weeks back and asked my Aunt and Uncle if there was a thrift shop / GoodWill I could take a look around in. They took me over to a shop called Value Village ( we don't have these in Maine ) , it reminded me of a small GoodWill. I was very excited when I found a few Pyrex pieces , the few bowls they had were duplicates of ones I already have but I did find 2 pieces that I was excited about. 

One was a Pyrex measuring cup , I had never seen this one before... love that it has french wording on it. But When I got back to their house I went on line to see what I could find out about it. I've only found 1 picture on line from and Etsy shop and the item has been sold so I have no other info. I'm hoping some of my fellow Pyrex collectors will be able to give me some info, maybe a date and if this was an item that was sold in the stores or maybe promotional. 

I also found a great little bowl, one of my new loves , Acropal also referred to as "French Pyrex". I've been finding a few nice bowls here and there and I think they are soo pretty. 

So with a few fun finds and now my concern was getting these home in my luggage without finding everything broken when I unpack at home. Well I did good... wrapped everything and both pieces were intact when I got home. 

Now I'm looking forward to my next visit to Toronto and hoping to visit a few more shops and see what other little treasures I can find. 

Happy Hunting

Friday, September 13, 2013

LOL at "Lucky in Love"

After Brenda posted about the "Lucky in Love" auction on eBay right now (, I of course went to check out the bids and enjoy the show. Mind-boggling.

When my husband (who is my beloved Pyrex-enabler) came home from work last night, I described the auction and the background of the piece. It was a busy night, though, so he didn't have a chance to look at the piece online. This morning, I got a series of very entertaining texts from him:

At 10:50 a.m.: I think Lucky in Love is pretty dumb looking. 
                      Just googled it.

At 11:29 a.m. : It seems like an after hours creation from a Pyrex intern.

At 11:44 a.m. : Well, I guess it's not that bad.
                        It's so 1950's.

At 12:12 p.m. : It's like something Dean Martin would come up with.

And finally, the punchline that only a true lover of Pyrex (albeit one who was forced into the habit) could ever say:

At 12:33 p.m. : I'd still love to find the piece in the wild though.

~Margaret Ann


I was lucky enough to get my Grandmother's pyrex when they had to put her in assisted living. 

She has to be one of the most awesome people ever.
 You can read her "paint the town red" story over at treasures my husband hates.  

Some of it I had to leave back at my mother's house. I did however get these home with me.

Sandalwood 471 & 473. Barbed Wire divided dish
I don't mind they are chipped and faded a little. Reminds me of the food that was cooked in them. Sometimes the Pyrex that is valued the most is the stuff closet to our hearts. 

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Unforgettable Pyrex Haul

I hate when I sit down to blog and can't remember what I have shared here on the collective and what I haven't. I usually take pictures and hope that I remember what I have posted. But even if I can't remember, who doesn't like to look at beautiful Pyrex, and this Pyrex score was not at all forgettable.

The flamingo and lime complete set were bought at the same sale. On the 2nd day! Score for me!! The lime had both the gold trim set and the plain lime. The flamingo did too. So exciting.

I am using the pink and lime plain and selling the gold trimmed of each in my booth. I am storing all the extras for now, including the serving pieces. Yes, that is pumpkin pie liquor on side. As you can see it almost gone it is sooo good. Lol Gotta love the fall and all its treats.

Anyway I had a great haul and hopefully I haven't shared this before. Please also, check out the latest update on my vintage travel trailer Reno at The bed room wall was just done and it is looking much better!


Fall/Halloween display

My house is coming along with the fall/halloween decorations already!!! Butterfly gold and Autumn harvest are the best fall Pyrex ever!
It is so much fun decorating for the fall!!! =)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black Rooster

While on vacation I spent a few days in Flint, Michigan. 
 I am sorry to all who live there. Your thrift stores are junk. I hope you all are finding more than I did.  At least you have fatty amazing food.

I did however come home with this guy:

My Mother-in-law gave him to me.  Along with metal lid and glass lid. I just need the cradle. 
 I think she may like me. I got very lucky to have such a wonderful Mother-in-law. 

All the other stuff I found was boring. You can check that out at ~ flint mi dearest to my heart

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

Lucky in Love on eBay

Has anyone searching on eBay come across a this yet?! You could be one of two people who own this crazy rare piece of Pyrex. 

Do you think there's more out there... or just the alleged two pieces? 

There's another six days to place your bid, if you're interested! Totally out of my budget... and I'd be terrified to own such a rare thing. Can you imagine?! I just about burst into tears when I broke my first piece of Pyrex a few months ago (a cereal bowl, if you must know. You can view the carnage here.)

Good luck to anyone bidding. Just forget about being lucky in love... you need to be extra lucky to win this auction! 

I'm so intrigued to see what this thing will go for. Any guesses what the final bid will be? Anything can happen in the next few days!



Pyrex Karma

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time.

Now that the kiddos are back in school, mom gets to do a little shopping once in a while. And for some reason, the thrifting right now is great! After a few months of the doldrums, I have been finding goodies by the armful whenever I go out. I'm ashamed to admit it, but my basement is starting to look like a hoarder's. Must...get...listing...aargh...

I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I guess I have the magic touch or good karma or whatever right now. Check out my Pyrex haul from just the last week:

Yes, you're seeing all that Friendship correctly! I went to two different stores on Saturday (not usually the best day to thrift, either) and all I found was Friendship everywhere! The divided dish ($5), as well as the Snowflake Garland lid came from one Goodwill. Then I went down the road to another thrift and found all the 470 casseroles. The 471 (without lid) was $2.50, and the 472 and 473 with opal lids were $3.50 each. I thought I was going to pass out trying to get all those in my cart! I now have quite the collection of Friendship, all this plus the 444, 443 and 442 Cinderella bowls, and it was all thrifted. Which is great because I can't afford to buy it online, LOL.

Last week I went to a thrift store I haven't been to in a long time (why, I don't really know, because it is a great store) and bought the woodland 043 and Spring Blossom 473 for just a few bucks each. They are not my favorites, but are near mint, so I will be putting them in my booth.

Then last night I was on my way to work and had to stop in to a little thrift on the way- Bingo! The lime 232 was there waiting for me for $4.50. I am really loving the lime and flamingo bakewear right now. I will have to do some re-arranging of my shelves to display it better. But not today; I've got Mr. Limey in the oven baking up a peach cobbler right now!

And finally today, I just got a good Pyrex vibe after I dropped my daughter off at school and had to run into my closest local thrift. I found the Butterprint 503 with lid for $3.50 and the Golden Tulip for $3.99, as well as the Flamewear saucepan for $5. That's about as much Pyrex as I've ever gotten at this store in one shot, so my spidey sense was definitely working!

Goose, Goose, Goose!

Last week was our 29th wedding anniversary and my dear husband surprised me with Pyrex! Pink Gooseberry that is!

He enjoys looking for Pyrex also...head over to my blog The Vintage Shelf to read more about how he found these beauties, kept them a secret for three months, and finally surprised me with them!

Also this past week, I had a few Pyrex thrift finds!

This Friendship refrigerator dish was $5 and I have a spare lid for it.  Such a pretty design!

This turquoise dinnerware serving platter was at the Goodwill and cost $2.99.  I felt lucky to find it as there is hardly every any Pyrex...but I can't keep myself from checking regularly.  This week it paid off.

This 2.5 quart Golden Honeysuckle was at Thrift Town and was $7.  I used it yesterday for a hashbrown casserole and it worked great!  It is a fun shape and more exciting than a boring 9x13 pan!

Best wishes,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Antiques in Michigan

It happened to me again!  

Someone refused to sell me some vintage Pyrex in a store.  About a year ago our local thrift shop wouldn't sell me some Pyrex and other goodie they had out because they were waiting for a certain date. Why put it out if you won't sell it? Needless to say I got there on that date first thing and grabbed up my pretties. 

Not how it happened again. I went to this little hardware store in Detroit, Michigan while on vacation. We (my cousin and I) wanted to purchase a butterprint 501 with lid she had.  It was not marked with a price so we asked.  The lady said it wasn't for sale. Um....... huh? She told us she only sold them as sets and so if it wasn't with a set she wouldn't sell it. Well she had a set of them but this was just another random 501 she had. So we put it back. Then she must have thought, "oh I'll throw out a price and they will for sure buy it since it will look like I'm doing them a favor." $6, no lid. 

Needless to say we bought very little, nothing that wasn't priced. And got out of there. 

This is all I got. 

Thankfully the antique store we went to was much better and everything was priced and priced fabulous!

I managed to finish my Bake, Serve & Store set of Spring Blossom and my Primary set. 

And no one refused to sell them to me. 

See the completed sets over at

Happy Hunting
treasure hunter

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Other people's stashes!

Ever go to someones house and look in their cabinets? 
And then whip out your camera to document who has what?

Well I do. 

I turned my cousin onto Pyrex.  She loves Spring Blossom and her man likes Butterprint. 

There are just a  few of the "stash" I found at her house. 
You can see the rest at

Lucky for her I didn't steal any of it. She stole some of mine, but I love her and really they are just dishes, she can steal it and I will just take something else of hers. Oh the love we  cousins have for each other.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pyrex and Vintage Clothing

It has been awhile since I have posted but I wanted to share my neat vintage Sears and Roebuck dress that I scored at my favorite local 50s and 60s store "The Future Antiques" here in St. Louis. The day I bought this dress, I also found this beautiful Green Wheat 1960s promotional space-saver with the cradle. It was tucked away in a corner on their floor and is in excellent condition!

Check out my other vintage finds, heirloom gardening, crafts, and recipes at my blog The Halcyon Life!