Friday, August 30, 2013

Pretty Stacks

This is one of my entries for the Fresh Pastry Stand contest.  Check out my blog to get more info and lots of links.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pyrex Vacation!

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

We recently spent a week and a half at our cabin upstate. One rainy day up there, I cleaned out a lot of the stuff we don't use and took it to a thrift shop in the local town. I dropped off four big trash bags full of stuff! And the bonus was I got to shop at the store too, and this is one little shop that hasn't yet succumbed to the high prices of the big chains. Nothing in the store was more than $2!

You can bet I was super excited to find Pyrex on my vacation- I was going through withdrawal at this point, and these were just what I needed! The snowflake divided dish (with lid!) was $2, the flamingo plate was 25 cents and the turquoise vegetable bowl was $2 at a flea market (more on that later!). I already have the snowflake DD, so this one will be for sale. I'm trying to resist collecting the Pyrex dinnerware, so will have to let the plate and bowl go too (eventually!)

I got a bunch more stuff too, so come on over to my blog and check it out! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pretty Pyrex Pics

Just some of my pretty pyrex pics :) sometimes we just need a "pick me up"! 

Enjoy & happy pyrexing!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A few finds!

On a recent weekend camping in beautiful Durango, Colorado, my daughter and I had a few Pyrex finds!
There was a flea market on the weekend at their fairgrounds and we scored the turquoise bowl for $3 and the 2.5 quart oval casserole called Hex signs or I also found it called Snowflake, (I like that better) for $5! The casserole is a 1958 promotional and I always snatch those up. We found the Desert Dawn cake dish for $2.99 at a thrift. It was so grimy and had baked on yuck...with some oven cleaner it cleaned up great!

My only find in an antique store was this adorable 2 cup carafe called the Little Gold Jug (1958)! I love the carafes and this is the second one we have found. My daughter kept the first one because her birthday is on St. Patrick's Day, naturally I wanted one too! I plan on using this one for syrup.

Then today I stopped in on an estate sale and got this 403 turquoise beauty for $2, a few scratches but still pretty! Gosh, I hope I happen onto the others!

I hope Pyrex hunting is going well for all and you have a great weekend! Head over to for some pictures of our weekend in Durango, Colorado!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Too busy for Pyrex...NEVER!

I have to admit I have been a little side tracked in the treasure hunting department lately. But, not with out good reason I can assure you. More on that later.

On to the Pyrex that I am never too busy for! The new dots! My first and found in the "wild". I was super excited as any you would be.

I also, found the friendship bowls too. It was a super fun find. I am only 1 bowl shy from a completed set now.

So, I bet your wondering what has had me sidetracked from Pyrex hunting lately. The restoration of a 1952 vintage trailer is what! My fun and major summer project. Catch up and follow along at


Happiness & Sadness for my Yellow Butterprint

Hi Everyone!

I was SO excited when I received my Yellow Butterprint mixing bowls that I had purchased. They are so pretty and SO perfect for Autumn! However, as soon as my husband got home he started commenting about how UGLY they are! The nerve!

Well, I thought this would wear off and he would just accept that I loved the bowls like always does. Not even close. He is still commenting about those terrible bowls! 

So I decided to bite the bullet, and just sell them :/ They go perfect with black for Halloween, or as they ar for Thanksgiving. $100 + shipping and they are yours (what I paid for them). email me at tiffanyvsaint at if interested!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Something Old, Something Blue

Last weekend, I had a few hours to myself, so naturally I drifted through a few thrift and antique stores.

Of course I had my eye out for the turquoise plates, and space savers. (Ever since I had a lucky streak finding three space savers in a row at thrift stores, I keep dreaming. You can see those here and here.) 

No plates or space savers, but I did spy this 474 on a top shelf. I actually thought it was Glasbake at a first glance, but it's definitely Pyrex. I really do have plenty of Pyrex at the moment (when you move, you realize just how heavy it all is...) but this one was just so summery and cute -- I'd never seen the pattern before. I also didn't have anything in that size, and for $3.50, I figured it was a bargain. 

I later looked it up online -- I found the 1961 Bride's Promotional! I didn't get the lid or cradle, but still, I love it. 

I also discovered this blue mug -- I bought it as a birthday gift for a friend. I have two yellow scuffed ones that are the same style (both marked Corning) but this one is actually marked Pyrex. Even the sales lady at the antique mall said she'd never seen that color blue before. 

I think the Bride's Promotional would be a super fun gift for a bride-to-be -- especially if it was packed full of other little goodies. (Well, let's face facts, any vintage Pyrex would be fun to receive as a wedding gift!) Have any of you gifted or received Pyrex as wedding gifts? 

Speaking of weddings and gifts, do any of you know if Pyrex ever made snack sets? I haven't found any information on them, but maybe I'm missing something. I'm discovering how fun and versatile vintage snack sets are (and apparently they are still popular for wedding and baby showers in the South...?) so I picked up a bunch on the same day that I scored something old and something blue. You can see those here on my blog. 

Hope everyone is having great end-of-summer-sale-success! 


Pink Pyrex

Here is a picture everyone will like.  I saw it on Facebook.  I "Like" a page called "Dusty Old". They post pictures of other peoples antiques.537191_10200362095317005_1815330663_n
And, from a completely different period, we can all say "wow" at Terry Morrison's vintage pink Pyrex collection!  
Pyrex, by the Corning Glass Company, was introduced in its clear form in 1915.  The very popular pieces in colors like Terry's pink entered the market in 1947, making it now officially vintage.  Many of the pink pieces were introduced in the 1950's and were very popular.  Fortunately today there are many websites about Pyrex and collector clubs to assist those who love it.  It is also still functional...a real attraction for families wanting to re-create the feel of days gone by.  

Friday, August 9, 2013

To all the Pyrex I've loved before......

...To all the Pyrex I've loved before, that has traveled in and out my door, I'm glad it came along, I dedicate this song, To all the Pyrex I've loved before.

LOL.....I have no idea why in the world this tune came into my head the other day while I was cleaning up some Pyrex that I found at the local flea market .......but boy it really does fit a Pyrex collector like me to a T!! I was getting together a few extra pieces for a co-worker who has seen me collect Pyrex for the better part of 20 years now and decided that they would like to own some too. For someone like me who absolutely loves this stuff, it can be down right hard to let pieces of pyrex go to other homes because of the fear of it being "mistreated".  I feel like the pyrex "social worker" who checks out the person first and makes sure it is going to a "pyrex friendly" home where it will be taken care of and appreciated and treated lovingly. They must promise NO DISHWASHER use on these pieces...then and only then will I let them "adopt" my cherished
Hopefully this will be the beginning of a new Pyrex collector among us.
I hope these pieces have a long and happy life in their new are free little long and prosper! 
Good luck this weekend to all the thrifters on finding more treasures!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chip and Dips

I love chip and dips. So much they have started growing in my house. 

Man they are pretty. 

These are two of my favorite Pyrex sets. I have a few other Pyrex ones missing their other halves. 

 I got a really awesome Blendo set a few weeks ago too. If you want to see my ever growing collection you can over at

Makes me crave some salt!

Happy Hunting
Treasure Hunter

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tiny Sweetness

What's mini and pink, and oh so perfectly cute?  The little casserole I found this week at a thrift!

Come see what else I found:
- Stacey

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Free Farm Pyrex Score

My fiancĂ©'s cousin was kind enough to keep me in mind when cleaning out his grandfather's farm. 

It was funny to hear him tell his relatives all about my pyrex adventures. I assured them that the dishes are going to a good home. His papa always had mashed potatoes in the red hostess... I know what I will be making next time cousin Patrick comes to visit :)

Happy pyrexing!
Christina =^..^=

It is not the Pyrex it is the Readers!

So yesterday I ran into Salvation Army. Someone recognized me from my blog! 

You can read that story at Treasures my Husband Hates. 

How cool is that! I felt a little famous. 

There was only one piece of Pyrex to be had. 
And sharing with you makes me even happier! 

403 Snowflake garland

As a BIG thank you to all who read my blog I am doing a little giveaway. 
Not the dish above but another. Check out my blog for details!

Happy Hunting!
Treasure Hunter

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Pyrex Picking at the World's Longest Yard Sale

I must admit that I'm not usually a fan of yard sales. Oh, I'll stop at them every now and again if I see them, but I don't usually plan my weekends around them. They're often too early -- and I'm definitely not a morning person. I also find it slightly awkward to pick through someone's belongings while they're watching me from their garage. I don't know why.

However, I just discovered that we now live right along the route of the World's Largest Yard Sale. How have I never heard of this before?! The yard sale started today and runs until Sunday.

My husband I spent the majority of the afternoon picking our way through various tents, yards and garages. There were yard sales galore, but also a number of fields and parking lots full of vendors, so it had more of a flea market atmosphere in some places.

Shockingly, I walked away with nothing. There was some Pyrex to be had, but I thought much of it was overpriced. I expected yard sale or thrift prices, but many of the items were priced like antiques. Plus, there wasn't anything that I squealed over, except for the Horizon Blue #444 Cinderella Bowl (it really is a lovely blue...) but I didn't want to pay $15 for it.  

I was on the hunt for Pyrex dinner plates with the turquoise trim, but I didn't find a single one amongst the treasures. 

Maybe some of you will have better luck -- anyone else heading out to the World's Largest Yard Sale this weekend? We only covered a few of the 700 miles of sales, so I'm sure there's lots more to be found along the route!