Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My recent trip to Adamstown PA

My husband and I just went on an awesome day trip to Adamstown PA. Don't know if you know of Adamstown but it is filled with 7 miles of antiques centers, some HUGE, some small and in between. I saw tons and tons of Pyrex and only bought two pieces the rest that I bought was vintage jewelry ! But the two pieces that I bought are super rare and are in pristine condition. My husband and I enjoyed ourselves so much and can't wait to go back. I have not taken any pictures of my two Pyrex finds yet but I do have pictures of what I saw and passed up .

Back to Life

My father picked up this flamingo pink brownie pan for me while on his way to a guy's fishing trip. He said he wasn't sure if it could be cleaned... But for $1.50 he went for it. And after barkeepers and magic eraser didn't work, I thought it was hopeless. The burns and grime didn't budge!

Was this thing in a fire? baked to death? kept outside?!

Then I remembered a mention about oven cleaner! Soaked in oven cleaner all day.... Then a little scratching the edges w a needle, but Phew! Back to life!

Happy Pyrexing,
Belle of the Blog

Sunday, April 28, 2013

New Case!

Sooo I've been having a bit of a Pyrex overflow problem... (Some of you may know the feeling!)

I already have a hutch, bookshelf, and random cabinets full in my kitchen and laundry room. Yesterday before work I stopped into a local thrift and found a piece I know I had to have...

After lots of cleaning - I am in LOVE!

What do you guys think!? Even the 3 boys I live with dig it. For only $30, it's my new favorite thing! And still functional as an entryway table in my living room.

Happy thrifting, y'all!

Finally, my first Snowflake Garland

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Pyrex thrifting has been picking up a bit of late, so that's the good news. I've been finding about 1-2 pieces a week (more good news) but am running out of room (that's the bad news!) So I have taken the plunge and started selling some of my collection in my booth at an antique mall. Please don't hate me, I am trying to be a good Pyrex mommy, but some of my children need better homes!

I've decided to keep my Primary sets and anything pink, turquoise and black, while the rest is going to the booth. OK, maybe not all, I'm still keeping my New Dots and my delphite for a while....

So this latest purchase is something of a dilemma:

This is my first Snowflake Garland and I love it! It is in mint condition, appears to have never been used. It also happens to be a divided dish, which is always problematic for me. I rarely use them, and they just don't stack well and don't display well, since the pattern is on the lid. *sigh*

At the moment I have five divided dishes and only two are out- my Pink Daisy and my Compass. The others usually get stored haphazardly on end in the cupboard. (Bad Pyrex mommy!) So I don't know yet if I can keep this one. Pyrex has also been selling really well for me in my booth, and I know this one would go quickly. What would you do?

Ah, the sacrifices we make for our children...

Oh, and the tea towel pictured? It was bundled up in a pack of 99 cent rags in the same thrift store. When I took it up to the register even the volunteer working there mentioned that it shouldn't have been in there! Whoops! ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Love & Marriage (And Pyrex!)

Hello, all!

Sorry for my lack of posts - I've been a wee busy, getting married!

I wanted to share my favorite wedding gift!

My aunt gave us these for our wedding present...I squealed. A lot. New in the unopened box - Shenandoah casserole set! Eeek! Love! Totally scared to open them, though!

That's been my life recently. :)

(Visit my blog for more Pyrex finds!)


Going for the Gold

Yesterday, I felt compelled to drive a little further than I usually do for a thrift store. It's always somewhat thrilling to go to a place I haven't been to for a while -- who knows what is right inside that door?!

The first floor housewares yielded nothing, so I trudged upstairs somewhat disappointed. Lo and behold, the Butterfly Gold Pyrex 402 sat on the shelf. I'm pretty sure I heard my name from across the room. I think I broke out into a jog. I was going for the gold. Or at least the gold on white.

I already have this Butterfly Gold 402...

...but I wanted the one that technically went with the 401 and 403 I already had. (I'm guessing the yellow 402 pattern was sold as part of a different set?) I've had my eye on the white one at an antique store, but couldn't bring myself to pay $10 for it. I nabbed the one at the thrift store for only $2. 

Later that day, I wandered into the local Salvation Army and spotted a blue stripe 401 bowl without a price. The cashier wasn't allowed to price it for me. Nobody at the store could price it. They wouldn't hold it for me, even though I promised to be back to pick it up after they priced it. (What in the world?!)

I went back this morning and it was nowhere to be found. I even dug through the carts. I've been collecting the 401s for my mom, since she loves that size -- and it's been fun to 'collect' without needing to find space for them! Who knows if it's still there, or if someone else picked it up and managed to get it priced before me. 

I did find these overpriced verde fridgies in the cart though. I don't think I would have normally paid what I did for them, except I was so annoyed about losing the bowl.

The only thing better than getting a bargain on Pyrex is getting Pyrex for nothing. Somebody is going to get a Butterfly Gold Gravy Boat for free! Remember to add your comment on my blog for the Great Gravy Boat Giveaway for your chance to win. Giveaway ends April 30th.

Happy weekend hunting! May your Pyrex dreams come true... 


DWD Friendship

What a boring week here. I swear someone needs to clean out their cabinets for me and donate a bunch of pretty Pyrex. 

I did however find some friendship this week. A sad sight to see. 

They were cheap and they sorta look pretty still. I felt bad for them. So they came home with me. They actually look really pretty with my set of Eyes.

I also found some Irish coffee pedestal mugs. You can see them here. Maybe you have some information on them. 

I hope you all the best this weekend searching for Pyrex and other awesome goodies. We all need a little help by the looks of it. 


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Help ID this 043!

Hi PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time, and I need your help!

I picked up this gorgeous yellow 043 casserole yesterday. I initially thought it was a Daisy with the wrong lid:

But after I got home, and did some research, it turns out that the Daisy casserole in this size (1.5 qt) would have been orange. I also thought it might be the Seville promo, but that appears to have only come in the 045 size. This is definitely a beautiful, buttery yellow. Darker than the primary yellow, very similar to the New Dots yellow. 

So I am stumped! Anyone know the name of this pattern, and did it have a different lid?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Monday

I had an exciting find yesterday....as I wondered the isle at my local GoodWill expecting to find nothing out of the corner of my eye I spotted a pretty little casserole dish. It didn't have that familiar Pyrex shape and the pattern didn't look like anything I had seen either. There were several ladies in the isle and all I kept thinking was .... "please don't touch it... don't look at it, keep walking" and they did! I slowly walked over and causally picked it up and turned it over..... there it was... stamped on the bottom it says  PYREX ENGLAND

I held it close to me and looked to see it there were more pieces.... no such luck  :(
But thats OK... I have this lovely bowl which is in excellent condition and all for the low low price of $1.99.... plus my GW discount , so my cost was $ 1.80 .....

Pretty good start to me week I'd say.....

Happy Pyrexing to all


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Monday, April 22, 2013

Best Yard Sale Scores to Date!

Well hello yard sale season!!  This was a few weeks ago, on what my husband and I like to refer to as THE BEST YARD SALE DAY EVER!!

We pulled up to a house and saw tables and tables of glassware, and in the front that beautiful red hostess serving bowl shown in the far left of the photo below.  Then my daughter spotted the pink daisy casserole in the stand... and well lets just say we found a few more treasures to add.

I offered $30 for everything you see in the photo.  Everything on the right is butterfly gold, then there are two pink gooseberry pieces, a red fridgie, carafe...everything in great shape!  The guy said his Mom used to have an antique booth, but everything had been in boxes for years.  I think he knew I was asking a very cheap price, but he needed to get rid of some stuff and was willing to let it go.

A close up of the daisy in the stand :-)  My daughter, who is 8, has already claimed this as hers!

And at another sale that day two MINTY butterprint bowls... $15 total... I had the 401 already, just need the 404 for a complete set!

Yay!  Yard sale season!!

Happy Anniversary! (to me)

My husband and I recently celebrated eleven years of (blessed) marriage. His gift to me: the mint-condition, adorably kitschy mugs below.

The mugs each say "Happy Anniversary!" in golden-yellow with what looks like martini glasses filled with bubbling champagne and toasts in different languages--"Na Zdrowie! L'chiam! Salute! Skal! Santee! Prost! Za Zhdarovya! Cheers!"

My question for my fellow Pyrex-ollectors: did people used to be able to get Pyrex mugs printed with their own designs? We were only able to find two other references to these anniversary mugs online--one on Pinterest, and another sale on eBay. I could totally see someone getting these made for a golden anniversary party favor or something, but I don't know if that is something that was ever done. 

~Margaret Ann

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Interview Request!

I received a friendly email from Tove at foodpolitic.com who would like to interview Pyrex collectors for an article. If you can help, please email Tove at tove@foodpolitic.com

All the best,
Canadian Erin

Tea for 1

What a day! I ventured out to a large flea market here in SoCal.  No one was taking offers today. It was sad. I did manage to come home with 3 things.  

One of which is a tea pot. 

I am super excited about it. It has a great little story to go with it, I bought it from someone semi-famous. Wanna see who it is check out TMHH - Tea Pot Post

I also came across a Golden Rose. It is very pretty in person. 

Hopefully more Pyrex starts popping up around here. Everything I have seen I either have or don't want to pay antique store prices.  At least I finished the 470 series Spring Blossom today.  I am sick of not finding massive scores. I need that rush bad!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's been awhile...

We had our first baby, just a couple of days before Christmas.  As most of you might be able to relate, our life has fundamentally changed:)  It was just recently that I felt ready to leave baby girl for a few hours to get out of the house, see the light of day and do some shopping.  My husband has been taking care of the regular necessities that required leaving the home, like going grocery shopping, helping with house chores like laundry and cleaning. On my venture out, I hit up Goodwill for a visit and found some fun Pyrex pieces to add to the ol' collection:)  Baby is in good hands with dad when I want to leave the home so I'm feeling pretty fortunate with life right now.  I think this is the longest I've ever gone with no thrifting trips before!  All the pieces are pretty much in mint condition, just need to be washed up a bit!

 Shenandoah Cinderella mixing bowl and a turquoise colored newer mixing bowl (both the first pieces I've ever had of these two patterns)
Lime green 2 qt covered casserole (with no lid) and a large pink Gooseberry Cinderella mixing bowl (also these two are firsts for me, pattern wise)

A lid at random, not sure what it goes to or if it is new or used?  And a very large green casserole with lid ( I think from the Verde collection but not sure does anyone know?)  The green casserole goes with two other smaller green lidded casseroles that I found in the past.

 Here is the markings on the lid if anyone knows what they mean or what the lid goes to.

I also found the small blue bowl to finish off my primary color mixing bowl set.  The first piece of my set was the yellow bowl from my maternal grandparents set I was given by mom many years ago.  We used to use it as a popcorn bowl growing up.  The other three pieces I found here or there for just a few bucks.

One of my best friends has kept her eye out for me and gave me this cute orange casserole she found at Value Villiage.  We use this dish nearly every week!  I am an avid Pyrex collector but also use my pieces in daily cooking.  It makes cooking and baking fun that way!  I also look forward to using it for Halloween next year!

Last but not least, I also collect vintage Fiestaware and have for quite some time.  Thought I would post this lucky find of early ivory pieces.  A creamer and a sugar bottom for .50 cents a piece!  That is unheard of these days for original vintage Fiesta!  I sure love my senior thrift center in my tiny rural town.  They are not out to "make a buck" and volunteers run the shop!
All the Pyrex pieces I found at Goodwill and ranged in price from $1.99-3.99 which I was happy for because the Goodwill prices have really shot up in the last couple of years.  I also found a Colonial Mist #401 bowl.  I love the size of the #401 bowls.  I don't have it pictured here.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Rummage Sale Pyrex

I'm as giddy as a kid in a candy store right now, because it is officially yard sale/rummage sale season! I went to our town's big semi-annual rummage sale on Thursday and found some Pyrex. I don't usualy find more than one or two pieces, but last year I found a pink Gooseberry casserole, so the bar was set high. I was one of the first in the door, and made a beeline right for the housewares, seeing a spot of green on the table.

The Verde 442 (or is it Spring Blossom/Square Flowers?- according to PyrexLove, Verde did not come in Cinderella shape- anyone know?) was $3, which is astonishingly high for this type of sale.  It's not even in great condition- quite a bit of wear to the handles and utensil scratches which came out with a little BKF. It just goes to show that people everywhere (even little old church ladies) are onto those of us that collect it!

Friday I went to another church rummage sale. Thankfully the lime square baker was only $1 at that one. Apparently those little old church ladies are still in the dark! 

This is my second piece of lime (found the round cake pan about a month ago) and my 4th utility dish-  I have a flamingo lasagna pan and lidded casserole. But do you think I could find a pink or lime pie pan? No... still looking after all these years!

I've also done a bit of thrifting lately and found some really neat mugs (no other Pyrex to be found, boo!). 

First the Pyrex ones, although the Old Towne one is not marked Pyrex.

I also found this FireKing Peach Lustre creamer for $1. I am trying really hard not to collect this stuff, but it keeps jumping in my basket and coming home with me! I also found a set of 6 matching custard cups. (Sorry for the poor photo quality, our power was out when I took the picture and the outside light was poor.)

I liked the look of this one, with the eagle on it. It's quite a bit bigger even than the Old Towne footed mug, perhaps it may be McKee?

Yes, these are GlasBake, eek! Can you believe it- why didn't Pyrex make some cute mugs like this? I think there are other fruits in the set, but I only found these three plus the tennis one.

Check out my blog for some more rummage sale goodies!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Great Gravy Boat Giveaway

I'm not exactly sure when THIS...

... turned into all of THIS: 

But I do know that I need to cull the collection, somewhat. 

In my first post on the collective, I mentioned how I scored that Pink Daisy casserole for only $5. What I neglected to mention was how I found that little Butterfly Gold 401 pictured above soon after, and that's really when the collection kicked off. 

I'm still not sure how I acquired so much, particularly in such a small kitchen. 

To celebrate my six-month blogiversary on my own blog, I'm giving away a Butterfly Gold gravy boat and underplate. Just head over to Typing Sunflowers, to the Great Gravy Boat Giveaway, and a leave a comment on that post for your chance to win!

Contest is open to anyone until April 30th. Winners will be chosen at random and announced on my blog May 1st. 

(And yes, contest is open to those outside of the USA. I travel a lot, and I believe Pyrex should be available in all countries. In fact, I'm feeling so generous, that I'll even pay for the shipping.)

Gravy boats.

I love gravy boats, but I only have 2. 

One is the pretty blue England one. 

I just love this one. Reminds me of the ocean. 

It had to cross the ocean just to get there, then cross the US. 
Amazing how these things 40+ years old survived all that travel.

Just had to share, since my organizing of pyrex is turing out better than I hoped and I get to see all my pretties all day now. Brings back the memories of when I got it and makes my heart melt all over again for Pyrex. 


Monday, April 15, 2013

A bunch of 441s

 Last weekend I went hunting and didn't find a thing. Lame. But I have also been having another problem. I cannot remember which ones I have at home and have ended up with some doubles. So I have decided I need to catalog my pyrex. Being the over achiever I am I wanted to make a book for myself including pictures and notes. I am pretty sure this is going to be one hell of a project. 

My first thing was to make a light box to take pretty, uniform, nice pictures. I made one for about $2 and some change. 

I have to say for $2 it does the job. 

Has anyone else cataloged their pyrex for themselves? 
I figured it would help too if I insure the pyrex one day.