Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Pyrex Kitchen

So I said I was only collecting the vintage turquoise pyrexware... then, my addiction took over and I started with some flameware! WHY? Because some day I will have my own kitchen. But for now, I took over my parents' finished basement. My new kitchenaid looks great and matches my pyrex pretty well! Love my cute atomic piece with cradle... has anyone used this to make cheese fondue? Nervous I'll burn the bottom with the candle (don't want to hurt my pyrex!).
Also, what should I make with my new mixer? Any suggestions?
I bought two percalators earlier this summer (actually they are for my mom...). And today we bought a double boiler for $20 at an amazing antique store. I also found these original, in package, coffee filters! The back says they work in electric or non-electric, and in the 9 cup or 4 cup Pyrex. I'm not sure I'd actually use these, but I thought I should buy them for my collection- $4 total.
Wishing I found some solid turquoise pieces today, or some pink stuff... and the prices you guys have been posting- WOW!! No such luck! In my dreams...
Happy Pyrexing!
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There was a lot of Pyrex lately...

Hello all!  By lately, I mean the past month and a half.  It's been so long since I have posted, I had a massive amount of finds to you can see from the photo below. 

The best find, however, was this set of mixing bowls that was assembled for less than $10!
If you'd like to check out some close up photos and hear the stories behind all these goodies, feel free to stop by my blog  Happy thrifting everyone!

Pyrex 043s If You Please

Hey, all. 

I finally dusted off my camera and kicked my creativity into gear (into first gear, at least).

My collection of 043s wanted a family portrait, and I just couldn't deny them.

It's been so sparse in the Pyrex hunting business around here as of late. These are my finds from July 21st - September 30th. The Cinderellas were gifted to that means I only found the two 043s (Blue Doily bottom and Basket Weave/Wicker Weave bottom) and mugs in the wild.

Yep, it stinks. 

But at least I found those, right?

Please visit my blog, froog and doog for a few more photos, including photos of a sad muppet.

Happy Hunting!

"Floral Bubbles or Danish Floral" promotional casserole

Hi fellow Pyrex lovers!  I'm new here!  I started collecting Pyrex in the beginning of college about 15 years ago.  My mom bought me one Snowflake space saver covered casserole (because I loved snowflakes) and it started a collecting passion for me.  Mostly over the years, I have only stuck to collecting Snowflake and Snowflake Garland (AKA Snowflake Blue) patterns.  This year, I have branched out a bit with the help of my mom and sister to start collecting Spring Blossom and a few other random pieces that capture my attention.
I live in a very rural part of eastern Washington state.  We have a Walmart (Walley World as we like to call it) and a Safeway in our town and that is it!  We literally have 4 stop lights in our entire town.  I do enjoy thrifting and garage saling when I can and living in a farming/wheat land area of the state means you can find some neat vintage and antique finds if you try hard enough:)
I only went to ONE garage sale this weekend and again, branched out of my typical collecting character to purchase this "Floral Bubbles" (AKA "Danish Floral") covered casserole with a burner!  It was on a half off table of a garage sale marked down to $4 for the whole set!  It looks as if it was hardly ever used!  The lady I purchased it from, said it was her sisters, who was also selling a few "Old Orchard" pieces and some very fun retro 60's and 60's fondue pots and kitchen ware. 
I had no knowledge of this casserole and still don't really know much about it.  I figured it was somewhat rare because in all my years of collecting, I did not remember ever having seen it before.  Now that I have done some research online, I read on Pyrex Love that they believe it is a promotional casserole that did come with the burner set.  It is a 045 and 2.5 qt in size. 
Does anyone else have any more information on this piece?

I had just picked up these retro Owl knits at a nearby thrift store for about $1 a peice.  I think the fall colors and patterns go nicely together! 
I to have my own blog where I write about another passion of mine, the holidays.  It is called The Happy Holiday Girl blog.  Stop by anytime!
Looking forward to being a part of this Pyrex blog, sharing finds and cheering for others!

Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm 42 years old and still spoiled by my mother....I guess your never to old!  We went to lunch and my favorite antique store today.  It was one of those days were you find stuff you've been trying desperately to find forever in thrift stores with no luck.  I got the #403 Spring Blossom to complete my set, added the #442 Daisy to almost complete that set, and the orange casserole to go with the larger yellow I already had. A good day in Pyrex Land, and the antique store has very reasonable prices.  The yellow,orange and green are my favorites.  I'm just not a pink and turquoise kind of gal.  Give me some citrus and avocado any day.  Here are my goods.  My daughter took the "Fancy" shoots for me :)  A little Pyrex photo shoot if you will.               


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Thursday, September 27, 2012

What can you tell me about this piece?

I found this beauty for sale on Craig's List and picked it up yesterday for $15. Everything is in great condition and the warmer looks as though it was never used. So far, I have found one post that says it is a 1959 Christmas Promotional. The pattern is definitely Grapes, but is much smaller than Golden Grapes. Is this one of the promotional pieces without a name? 

Also just had to share that I found this wonderful set yesterday for $35! The last set I saw in my area was $75, so I didn't pass these up! You can see all my other great finds this week at The Halcyon Life

Thanks for your help! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello All!

My name is Jessee. I am new here and pretty new to collecting Pyrex! I actually wrote an entire post about that on my own blog.

Today I figured as my first post, I'll just post a photo of my favorite pieces... 

I really seem to love anything black, white, gray and "gold". My grandmother had a bunch of pieces from the Butterfly Gold series when I was younger, so I'm always drawn to those first. It's also the easiest series to find in my area (central Maryland).

I'm so drawn to that pattern, that I'm starting to get a lot of duplicate pieces. Plus I am now prepared to entertain 20 family members with a complete, matching, set of dishes and mugs to go with all the casseroless and bowls... I'm starting to run out of room!! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Corelle/Pyrex Cutting Boards?

Hey, everyone!

Last weekend I went thrifting and found this sweet glass cutting board - with the forest fancies design on it! It was laying next to a 441 forest fancies bowl, and they were exactly the same. I flipped the cutting board over and it's marked Corelle. I had no idea these existed!

Does anyone else have one of these?

See what else I didn't buy while thrifting on my blog!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Watch Mugs - Corning Handleless Mugs

These were a fun find! 4 WW2-era Watch mugs!!

Lovely Pyrex Finds

It seems I am finding more and more Pyrex these days.
I am sorry for all of you out there in Pyrex Land who are going through a drought.
Don't stress, we have all been there!
I scored this 1 1/2 quart divided Constellation Pyrex dish w/ lid. 
I spent a little more than I normally would, but I love this pattern and it's my first!
  3 Flamingo Pink Pyrex saucers. So cute! I can't wait to display them with my 
other pink Pyrex. 2.00 for all.
Make sure you click HERE to see my other recent vintage finds!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

which set??

Help! I have this 401 1 1/2 pt green mixing bowl that I always assumed was part of the verde set, then I realized that the smallest bowl in that set is almost yellow! I don't think it's part of the Spring Blossom or Crazy Daisy... anybody know what set this bowl belongs to??


Friday, September 21, 2012

DIY idea for Pyrex fans

Hi There,

Come visit my blog for a DIY Pyrex idea and other Pyrex and vintage goodies, as well as GF recipes!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


My Husband found this beautiful set of Cinderella bowls at the thrift store this week.
He paid $13 for the set and they are in great shape! How often would you say you find a whole set in one spot? Especially at a thrift store or yard sale?

New Pyrex

I found this beautiful Sunflower 1qt. vintage Pyrex dish hiding inside some terrible looking ovenware.
I saw it's bright, lively color peaking through the drab off-white casserole 1990's dishware. Thank goodness I noticed it or else it may have never been saved! :) 3.50.

 Pink-Speckled Desert Dawn Pyrex 8" pie plate. 7.50. I splurged on this little lady. 
My Pyrexia grabbed a hold of me and made me do it!
Check out more of my thrifty, vintage finds! 

Orange Harvest Wheat Casserole

I check the local thrift shops frequently and haven't found anything for a couple of weeks.  I was getting ready to leave the local Goodwill empty handed this afternoon after going up and down each glassware aisle three times each.  Something told me to look around some more, so while digging around in some wire basket shelving in the furniture area I found this under some curtains and stuff.

Harvest Wheat 1.5qt casserole
This is my first piece of this pattern and I love the rich orange of it (the picture doesn't do it justice).  It has either seen very little use or was very well taken care of.  The color is beautiful with no scratches (except one on the bottom) or fading, and it was the normal price for this Goodwill $3.25.  Now I need to find a lid.

Finally, a pink casserole!

Hi all, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I can't believe, after however many years of collecting Pyrex and never finding any pink, that I have found two pieces in two weeks.

You may recall my previous post here about finding a pink fridgie, and now I have a Flamingo casserole to go with it!

Last Saturday, our town had its community-wide yard sale (love those!). At the first place I stopped at, I spied this beauty in mint condition. For $1. You can bet that I carried it around with me the rest of the day!

I love these casseroles (is there a 'correct' name for them? I'm drawing a blank...) They are a perfect size for many recipes. I have a clear one that I use just about all the time (and the beauty of that one is that it can go in the dishwasher :). I've been on the lookout for another in any color or pattern, but never even let myself think I might find a pink one. I'm thrilled!

I also found this Old Town covered margarine dish the other day at a thrift store for $1. I don't collect this pattern, but my grandmother had the matching Corelle dishes, so it has some sentimental attachment. I found a use for it right away; while we don't use margarine in our house, I do use a lot of cream cheese in a brick. It's a perfect size to keep that partial brick of cream cheese once the wrapper is opened. Much classier than a zip-top bag, right?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i enjoy hand-washing dishes when...

My counter looks like this when I'm done! :D

Also, I've been day dreaming about a set of pyrex flashcards... you know, to see how quickly I can name the patterns and bowl descriptions? #christmaswishlist ;)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Halloween Pyrex!

Hello, all!

I read about some new printed Halloween-themed Pyrex at Target and had to go check my local store to see if it was true...and it is!

My local store had the black bats with a black lid or the black bats with a purple lid. I think there is also a pumpkin pattern out there somewhere, too? I picked one up for $3.99.

Took me awhile to find them - they're not in the kitchen/housewares section (or in my store they aren't, at least.) To my surprise, they're stocked in the aisle with the Halloween candy. (I guess that kind of makes sense because they're Halloween themed...)

Anyone else found or picked up this new Pyrex? I just found it interested they're making Pyrex with a design/print on it!

Stay thrifty!

Cheap Pyrex Finds

I got lucky this week and found plenty of nice Pyrex for low, low prices. I'm slowly building up my collection and not breaking the bank doing it. Hooray!

Oh yes...a turquoise Butterprint 442. A steal (in my opinion) for only $6!

Found in the same trip, a black Gooseberry 441 for a conservative $3. 

I squealed a bit when I saw these two Butterprint fridgies at my favorite thrift store for only $0.99.

Come see the rest of my Tuesday Thrift Finds at!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dream Come True & Pyrex, Too!

My parents support my pyrex collecting and planned a trip to the Windmill Flea Market near Penn Yan, NY. It was wonderful! It's like going to the state fair, but Amish style! The food, the crafts, the art, the furniture :) Before we left, my father said "I think we will find a butter dish today. I have a good feeling!" Haha, he loves it!

Wait for it.....there was a woman there who sold nothing but Pyrex, Corelle & Corningware... we were meant to be! I was in my glory (but so were other people!) so I did a breeze through first to nab anything awesome off the bat, then really looked at everything after.

The thing was, everything was in sets. No random or odd pieces. Which also meant, set-style prices... I have been day dreaming about the orange butterprint. There they were! All four cinderellas for $65, but I'm supposed to be only collecting turquoise...

 So I did something crazy and left them behind! Did I make the right choice? Ah, who knows. But next to the orange set, is a four bowl set of Amish mixing bowls in my color. I have a set already, but without the large 4qt bowl. So, I bit the bullet and bought the whole set even though I didn't need all of it. She wanted $80, but my father got her down to $60. Oh yeah, she also had a butterdish :) SOLD to me! My father was veryyy pleased about this.

Then, at a hardware store on the way home, my parents bought me a kitchenaid mixer in "Ice Blue". What did I do to deserve such AWESOME treatment?! I don't know, but I went with it! I can't wait to take it out of the box and set it up with my dishes. Heavenly! I'll post again when I am up and running :)
I also left behind some turquoise snowflake utility dishes because they were in poorer condition. Sad. It would have added to my hopeful holiday collection. Some day it will all come together!
Happy Pyrexing!
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Pyrex Dream

Last night, I had a dream that I was living inside of a small Pyrex Butterfly Gold fridgie!

Have you ever had a Pyrex dream?

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