Thursday, February 14, 2013

I found an older red primary (I think)

Hi fellow Pyrexics!

Of course, a Valentine’s day post has to feature pink or red, and since I have yet to find my first pink Pyrex piece (sniff!), red it is.

A recent trip to Value Village revealed this little sweetheart.

It seems to have led a bit of a rough life with a little “chunk” gone from its base, but since I believe it’s from one of the original primary sets from the 1940s, I think it looks pretty good for its age.

The bottom is exactly like described on“The markings on the bottoms of the 1940s ‘non-numbered’ bowls are only ‘T.M. REG.’ in an arch above ‘PYREX’ horizontally in the middle, and ‘U.S. PAT. OFF’ below in an up-facing arch.”

So now I have a blue #401 (see here how that one came to me) and a non-numbered red.

Halfway to a full set.  I've seen a yellow primary at VV, but the price was too steep for me for the (very bad) shape it was in.  I've seen a beautiful green one, but it’s part of the Swiss Chalet (local restaurant) decorations, so I can’t quite get my hands on that one, as tempting as it is.

Oh well, I must now display some patience and I'm sure the yellow and green will come to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all Pyrex lovers!



  1. You'll find them all one day. It took me from 1996 - 2010 to find all four bowls in the wild (thrift stores). And I love them all and use them weekly if not daily. Good luck!