Friday, February 22, 2013

I went thrifting yesterday (my favorite day because it's 25% at my favorite thrift store). I have been dabbling in Ebay selling lately and have been buying men's clothing to resell. I put a few shirts in my basket and kept shopping. I found some stuff for the kids and decided it was time to check out. Imagine my annoyance when I realized those 3 shirts (name brands) were NOT in my basket. I couldn't believe someone would swipe something right out of there. They must have swiped it and paid b/c I couldn't find them anywhere after scouring everyone's baskets. I was so annoyed. I then went to the other thrift store this company owns (Unique) and told myself "I KNOW I'm going to fidn something good after all that". And I DID!!  I raced to the kitchen section and didn't see a thing but then..... there they were....

They are in wonderful condition!!  No scratches, no painting chipping. nothing..and all for me!
Best part (after the discount) they were only $15 for the whole set!!

I then scoured the shop some more and came back to the kitchen section. I didn't take a picture of it but I also found the small bowl from the Scroll Promotional Chip and Dip set. It, too, is in wonderful condition.

So Karma has been restored.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. What a fun find! I love finding a whole set :) Only done it once.

  2. Those are lovely! I've never found a whole set in the wild; so glad your good karma is back!

  3. Nice find! I found a few of those bowls the other day at Salvation Army and was surprised to see how glossy and dark the color is supposed to be. My mom has one but she has always put it in the dishwasher. Surprisingly, it has faded evenly and looks good but not so pretty as perfect ones.

    Unique is my least favorite thrift store... do you go to the one in Merrifield, or are you in MD? Or perhaps there are Unique thrift stores elseware that I'm unaware of. Every time I go to Unique, I end up finding something I'd like to buy but doesn't have a price, or I'll find something decent and not want to wait 20 minutes in line because there's never enough cashiers. It's just not a pleasant store. Smells bad, too. That's my rant. I just can't stop going because I found my Friendship bowls there.

    1. No, I live in NY and the two I go to are on Long Island. They are both clean,smell fine and have great merchandise that is always marked. One happens to mark theirs higher on Pyrex but other than that I found wonderful things for great price.