Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Dry Spell is Over!

FINALLY, after weeks and weeks of unsuccessful Pyrex hunts, I broke my dry spell and adopted some new pieces!

To say I was getting desperate would be an understatement. My weekly Goodwill trips were starting to become depressing, and I always left with my pockets heavy (fibber!), arms empty, and head hung..until yesterday.

As I was checking out, sad that I had only found books, I peered into the display case by the register....and what did I see?
Ignore that crooked 443..I fixed it :)

An entire set of Snowflake Blue (or Snowflake Garland..what do you call it?) cinderella bowls! I was so happy I barely even looked at the price, I just told the lady "aaand I'm going to need that set of Pyrex too..."
I paid $24 for the set, which is a little higher than what I normally pay, but really not a bad price. This is my first complete set of Pyrex bowls, so I was pretty overjoyed. It seems whenever I find a set, it's always missing at least 1 bowl. It makes me wonder sometimes...what happened to the missing piece? Is he all alone in the world, his nesting days gone for good? Did he plummet to his death after slipping from a buttered hand? 
Le sigh. The joys of vintage.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pyrex in the Teen Sceen

I had to laugh this morning when my 14 year old daughter yelled, "Mom, Mom!  Come here.  It's Pyrex!"


Turns out she was watching one of her teen beauty and fashion gurus on U-Tube.  Sure enough, the girl was mixing up some chicken salad in a Pink Gooseberry casserole.  I think my daughter has a new respect for Pyrex ;)

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's been a while!

It's been such a long while since I've posted! I'm going to get straight to the pictures. :)

I got these lovely friendship bowls in a trade.

 I got this pretty daisy divided dish from a friend as a gift, it's so cheerful.

 I've been wanting this piece and a really good deal popped up on Ebay so I jumped on it.

Happy hunting everyone!

Happy Coffee Break

A rainy weekend did lead to a sunny monday , mowing the lawn was the first order of business since it looked like a jungle out front. After a bit of yard work  I went inside for a drink to find the power was out. So with that we decided it was time for a break , my boyfriend and I went out for a drive to get a  cup of coffee and to take a peek at the GW next door. Well, to my surprise I found 2 wonderful pieces, a Golden Hearts promotional casserole and a smaller English Pyrex dish.

Golden Hearts
Emily-English Pyrex

I'm always thrilled when I come across the english Pyrex... this is my 3rd piece and even more excited with my 1st promotional piece.
Last week I found a cute 441 cinderella bowl and a cookie jar , there was no lid so I'm now on the hut for that. ( any one with a lid they are willing to sell please contact me )
Autumn Harvest
Cookie Jar

All in all not a bad week and I spent less than $20.00 on all 4 items.

Happy Pyrexing to all


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Monday, May 27, 2013

Cleaning house, bye bye Pyrex!

Sad day but I have decided to clear out my house of some unwanted pyrex and other goodies.

Uh I may shed a tear.

Or not, leaves room for more new goodies for me! 

I may or may not get a booth at a local mall. I have been toying the idea for a while. I just don't know how that works. Anyone have any tips? 

It's raining Pyrex Hallelujah...amen!

Over the last several weeks vintage Pyrex finds have been plentiful. I have found so much that I have had to do some arranging at my booth and my personal collection. I have found it at thrifts, estate sales, swap meets and yard sales. It has been everywhere! This is my pile I have collected over the last 2 weeks. Needless to say they are all lined up ready to be cleaned.

The hard part is decided what to sell and what to keep. I will confess I usually keep the harder to find items until I have a duplicate. Does anyone else do that? Here is all the pieces all lined up in my booth that I chose not to sell to a new home. Can you tell what I chose to keep from the pictures?

I kept the large butterprint bowl and another beauty that is so special it deserves a post all of its own. Stay tuned for the reveal coming soon.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Mother's 401 (Collection)

Unlike many Pyrex collectors today, I didn't grow up with a mother or grandmother who used Pyrex. It may have been in someone's kitchen at some point, but I certainly don't remember it. 

But I do know that my mom has always had a thing for bowls. Whether new or vintage, there's usually been an assortment of fun bowls in her cupboards. Before I really got on the Pyrex bandwagon, I handed her a blue 401 at a thrift store and told her she ought to snatch it up before I did. 

I'm still not sure why I didn't just buy it for myself -- I think it was back when I promised myself I'd only collect Butterfly Gold (ha!) 

She loved the size of it and declared it a perfect fit for eating cereal or popcorn. Pretty soon a Shenedoah 401 arrived at her apartment (the only thing more fun than purchasing Pyrex for me, is finding a bargain for someone else!) Next, a very faded Butterprint, a plain white opal, and a Harvest Wheat also made their way into her kitchen. 

I also saw her face when I showed her the 401 Flameglo I found, so that too landed in her collection. 

Most recently, I gave her the newer design Butterfly Gold 402, since I found this one that matched my older set. I really am trying to live by my mantra of giving away something if I find a replacement. (Pyrex is often the exception to the rule, but as we're moving soon, I've been trying to do my own spring cleaning. You can read my full list of purging and spring cleaning instructions here.)

And then, while I was out at a flea market last week (despite my mom's strict instructions NOT to buy her any more bowls...), I found the BG 401 for 25 cents. How could I pass that up? The guy practically gave it away! 

The flea market also yielded a big score for me -- these Butterprint Cinderella bowls. They are in great shape, and while I could have cried when the vendor told me that they had just sold a bunch of the turquoise band plates I'm after, I'm glad I at least purchased these bowls. (Even though I just said I'm spring cleaning and we are moving... what am I thinking?!)

I at least started off another friend on her collection, by giving her my spare Butterprint 442. I like to share the Pyrex love, and so in reality, I only added two bowls to the moving pile.

Have you started anyone else off on their own collection? 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Harvest Promos!!!

I'm so excited. My first huggers!

I'm a happy to say these made it through the USPS with no problems.

Harvest Promotional 475 & 473 with correct lids and plastic huggers. 
I could hug them myself.  I love the pattern, of course I love Old Orchard
 and seems like I am the only one to ever life Old Orchard. 

Got yourself anything good lately? 

Read about them  at 

~Katie - Treasure Hunter! 

Monday, May 20, 2013


I finally finished off my favorite set - New Dots!

It's literally taken me a year to complete...I kept hoping to find them for cheaaap!

Last summer I found my first dots - blue! $2 at a garage sale.

I kept looking and looking - finally spotted the yellow beauty in a random flea market. $7! Miiine!

Months later, one late night Etsy listing for 2 orange dots for $15. Score! ($9 shipping, but now I have an extra orange!)

It's the green one that took forever. (I literally checked eBay & Etsy DAILY. Like a crazy lady. My husband was kind of worried.) But, FINALLY. Found the green on Etsy - $25. ($10 shipping)

New Dots total - $68. Not too shabby!

The blue & green have a few light scratches, but.. eh. I'm still in love! 

What about you all, my fellow Pyrexians? Have you found patience pays off? 


Hello fellow Pyrex lovers! It's been awhile since I have visited the site and I love seeing all of the new treasures that have been found. I have also been pretty lucky lately and would love to share what my husband and I have found.

The top pic is from a road trip to Cincinnati and the bottom is from a Mother's Day weekend trip to West Virginia.

This past weekend we went to an "Antiques Extravaganza" not too far from our house and our luck was amazing! I can't wait to go back.

                            Day 1

                            Day 2

Most everything that we found will be going to new homes...I love shopping for other Pyrex Junkies!

Continued good luck to everyone!!!


Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm new around here!

Hi to all!  I've been a long time Pyrex Collective lurker, but finally decided last week that it was time for me to become a more active participant in the community.  Might I say it was just in time,  as today I found this:

The elusive green dot bowl.  You know the one...impossible to find in the wild, going for prices upwards of $60 and $70 on ebay....we won't even talk about etsy prices....

I was at a great little place called The Vintage Source that only runs one time per month in Southern Maryland.  This weekend was their spring flea market weekend, so my 6 year old daughter and I went to see what there was to see.  Lots of neat stuff, but nothing that had to come home with me...until I turned a corner in the store and saw this bowl on a table.  I practically squealed.  I tentatively flipped over the tag to see the price, thinking that surely it would be high.

$21.  And in pretty great condition.  A few chipped dots here and there, but overall looking shiny and clean.


I know for those of you that have good luck finding Pyrex when you are out thrifting, this price is probably pretty high, but I have to say that around these parts, most of the Pyrex to be found is at flea markets or antique stores.   For this bowl, I was incredibly happy to pay this price.  

It now lives on my rack in my kitchen with fellow family members, orange dot and blue dot bowl.

If only our missing family member, the yellow dot bowl, would come join us, life would be fine.

For now, I'm enjoying finding the big ol' green dot bowl!


Hey Girl, the Pyrex Edition

Hello, lovers of all things Pyrex! Over at the FB page, Vintage Pyrex Love, you'll occasionally come across some super creative Pyrex folk who spice up the Pyrex collecting world even more than it already is. One of those such people is the one and only Quynh Dao. Quynh is a collector, trader, and frequent stumbler upon thrifting gold mines such as her finds of last Friday. She seemed to have fulfilled a monthly quota for most of us and then managed to find more yesterday. She's gifted. She also has a picture of her lovely Turquoise 400-series set featured on page 30 of Michael Barber's new collector book, Pyrex Passion.

With Quynh's permission, here are some memes that she has created that are too good to not be shared with other Pyrex, and perhaps Ryan Gosling, lovers. I know I love both. Enjoy!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Blossom Fridgies!

Lookie what I got. Or am getting, they are in Michigan, my cousin got them for me. 
(Read that story here at treasures my husband hates)

That 503 finishes my Spring Blossom Fridgie Set. 

For a total score of $5.55. 

I wish I could find those prices here in CA. 

Snow Flake Garland Splurge

My sweet mom always gives ME a Mother's Day gift of $25 cash.  How nice is that?  This week I was at V.V. and spotted this mint condition Snow Flake Garland divided dish.  Though it was an expensive $14, I splurged with my Mother's Day cash.  I'm trying to limit myself to Snowflake Garland, Citrus, Crazy Daisy, Primary, turquoise and pink patterns and promos I really like.  OK, that doesn't seem to limited when I type it out...ha ha!

Here it is!
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Turquoise Delight

I've been on the hunt lately for more turquoise band dinner plates like the ones I already have here. I know they're out there somewhere! This week, I went antiquing with a friend, thinking that maybe I'd find a plate or two, since this particular three-story shop never lets me down. 

My friend doesn't collect Pyrex (yet) but she's quickly learning the difference in the patterns and whether something is Fire King or Glasbake or Pyrex. 

I didn't find a dinner plate, but I did find a lovely platter with gold trim for $2.66. That's right. Less than $3. 

The next floor yielded even more goodness. A turquoise chip and dip bowl for $9. Not what I'd normally pay for a bowl, but since this seems to be a hard to find piece with normally crazier prices attached to it, I took it! 

I've had the dip bowl for a while, although my husband has been using it for the chips instead of the dip. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to know there's a bigger bowl for chips now.  

The snowflake space saver came home with me too. My bargain buddy and I stopped off at a new Goodwill on the way home. While she lamented leaving behind a canister of chandelier crystals there the previous week, I squealed down another aisle -- I spotted the blue snowflakes hidden behind a bunch of green stuff (our local Goodwills all color coordinate their aisles -- do they do that in other locations too?) I don't know why it wasn't in the 'blue' aisle, but for $4, I clutched that thing like a baby through the rest of the store and was even reluctant to hand it over to the cashier to ring me out! 

The chandlier crystals were gone, but at least we celebrated the snowflake space saver sale. 

I seem to be on a space saver roll, but despite the name, I'm seriously running out of space for Pyrex. I really do have a tiny kitchen. For some fun small kitchen organization tips, read more here

Hope your weekend brings you all fabulous yard sale, flea market and thrift finds!


Pyrex Heaven!

I found it...and it's a beautiful, beautiful place.

I couldn't leave without bringing anything home, of course.

My first Orange Butterprint, Green Wheat spacesaver, Horizon Blue casserole, Charcoal Snowflake casserole (new in box!) and a {non-Pyrex} biscuit jar that I fell in love with. 

The lady working said the booth owner is constantly adding new pieces and restocking...can't wait to go back and see new goods! 

Come check out more pictures on my blog!


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

My little secret

I hate to give away all my secret spots for finding Pyrex but this is my exception. If you find yourself on a nice relaxing vacation in Maine this summer please make your way of to a lovely little town Cornish.
Evie's  16 Maple St. , Cornish Maine

Evie's Eclectic Collections is a great old house tuned into a wonderful antique shop with rooms full of beautiful items. When you make your way into the kitchen you will find a very nice selection of Pyrex.

Looks whats tucked away on a shelf
a table full of treasures
Stop in take a stroll around and see if you can find that one piece that might finish off your collection.
Be sure to say "Hello" to Cindy the shop owner , let her know you read about her on Pyrex Collective. And ya never know... I might be there looking to add to my collection too.

You can "LIKE" Evi'e's on FB and follow her on Pinterest                   

Happy Pyrexing to all


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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pink Gooseberry and Turquoise Snowflake

Hello, PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

Pyrexing has been a little slow around here. Probably because I haven't been getting to all my regular stores- been so busy! But I have managed to find a couple things and they were pretty good ones, too.

Last week, I met up with a group from and spent the day touring the Shoe House in Columbia, Pa and seeing the area. There were a couple really big antique malls in town, and I did score some Pyrex. It was hard to find any I really wanted that was reasonably priced, but I did pick up this turquoise snowflake divided dish for $10.  I know, I hate the divideds, but I do love me some turquoise snowflake, so I had to have it. Plus it had the lid; usually I never find those.

I was tempted by a set of the Honeysuckle casseroles- large and small with the large lid for $22, as well as a Cosmopolitan with lid for $12. But I am not a huge fan of either of those patterns so I didn't pull the trigger. And there were plenty of DWD primary mixing bowls and fridge sets for $75+ if anyone wants me to go back for them, LOL.

And then yesterday I stopped in to a thrift store that must have gotten a bunch of stuff from an antique store that was closing, because they were packed with vintage stuff. Unfortunately they were (mostly) charging antique store and online prices, so I didn't find much else than one lonely piece of Pyrex. 

But it was a good one- a pink gooseberry 471.

I happily paid my $3.50 for it and brought it home to its mates! Now I just need a couple of lids and I will have that set completed.

Pyrex-ing the Flea Market

What a great weekend! Sunshine and hundreds of tables of treasures just waiting to be found. I have been collecting Pyrex for over 15 years and have a pretty extensive collection so whenever I find pieces that I don't already have atleast one of, it makes me very happy. Plus I met a fellow pyrexer in the process. She was out looking for good deals too.  It is so nice to meet people that you share the love of pyrex with, especially since my husband and children don't share the same appreciation of it that I do.
I found these "Friendship" mixing bowls on the way out of the flea market, I didn't see them on the first trip thru the tables and boy was I so glad they caught my eye.  The lady said she had just gotten them out of her car and put them on the table when I saw them. She had them all wrapped so carefully and I knew they were mine as soon as I looked at them............they were perfect...not a scratch!
I also came across this "New Holland" casserole for $2, and I love it!

I also brought home extra pieces that I already have but just could not pass up because they were only $1-2 each and you can never have too much!

I am already looking forward to this next weekend and to the next great pyrex treasure that is out there just waiting to come home with me!  You can see some of my other finds and other collections on my blog
Good luck to all and may this weekend be filled with your greatest finds yet!
Lisa Jones Allen