Monday, June 30, 2014

Eye Candy

I know I always like to see other people's Pyrex displays so here is my latest.  It's been along time since I've done "all Pyrex" (and a couple others) in a display.  Hope you enjoy it!  For more vintage:


Monday, June 23, 2014

Square Flowers

I hit an estate sale way out in the farm area of my little town.  There wasn't much, but then I spotted this!  Yipee!!

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grandma's Pyrex

My grandparents lived in West Virginia and my grandmother passed away a couple of years ago. One of my uncles had been living in her house until he passed away last fall. Now my father and uncles have been working on closing out the house and just this month my dad made a trip back east to haul home some family goods. I put in my request: any old glassware and the Hoosier cabinet.

Here's some (but not all, this is a Pyrex blog, lol) of the glassware I got.

Butterfly Gold 501s and some Woodland that is hidden. Grandma didn't have a dishwasher and the Woodland was pretty covered in gook. It enjoyed two days of soaking in oven cleaner, outside and inside the bowls. 

The is pretty funny; my dad was unloading the trailer and opened a box and handed the 503 and lids to me with a big smile on his face. He knew I couldn't wait to get at everything. My daughter was with me and she said, "That's a Butterfly Gold 503, Grandpa!" I have trained her well. My mom aid they found this in the back of a closet. That's my mom, looking out for her daughter's Pyrex addiction. 

This pink 401 is so shiny! It was covered in ack as you can see i n this picture. It enjoyed an overnight soak in oven cleaner and is now squeaky clean and like new. It does have some nicks but they were made with love by my grandma, I am sure. 

You can see a picture of the Hoosier cabinet here. It's going to be a bit of a restoration project for me but I am pretty thrilled to have it. 

Happy hunting!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Another stack will do!

In the past I would walk by the 024 and 023 at the antique stores and thrifts not giving them a second look. Until I came acros the aqua and then I decided I needed to add to the collection. The 023 opal is one that I picked up this week in mint condition! I think they are looking great together don't you?!

I also found one of the coolest finds of the season, and I tell all at


Friday, June 13, 2014

A Cradle Will Do!

It's been a fairly uneventful week for me, I got some finds, nothing exceptional but today I found a cradle, THE cradle!  Now my Rooster space saver is complete.  I'm pretty happy to say the least!  Cradles have been so hard to find, this is the third one I have found in the wild in over 3 years of collecting.  I guess that's about one a year!

(Hopelessly addicted),

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fridgie Finds

Lately it has been raining fridgies. And maybe soon we will get some actual rain, too, as our monsoon season approaches here in the Old Pueblo.

I found these fridgies, along with the catherineholm, at the most amazing estate sale I have been to in a long while. The house was packed with MCM. My husband got up to get our number and got there a bit before 5:30---and got numbers 23 and 24. I was listening to people chat while we waited to get in and some folks had driven down from Phoenix (two hours north) the night before and camped out. The house was full of good stuff and I saw a ton of dealers all waiting to get in. I was amazed the CH was still available by the time I made it in the door. As I was taking this trunk shot a guy came up to me and congratulated me, telling me he had been wanting the CH. Truthfully I was as excited by the Spring Blossom and Daisy 501s, especially since they all had lids. It has been slow going for me to complete the Spring Blossom set but now all I need is the 502. The Daisy 501s are duplicates but they are good for trade. 

I took my daughter to a puppet show local used bookstore and spotted these on the shelf in the kitchen books section---here's the actual "Oh my, look what I found!" picture. I was pretty excited, as I had lots of trade credit from selling the store a bunch of her books she had outgrown. Just like that I completed the Autumn Harvest set in one day, continuing my march toward every fridgie set (though let's be honest, Sandalwaood will likely never happen). The random 501 is Woodland and now I really regret trading my 503 in this pattern.

It's been slow at the thrifts lately so these finds were super nice. It's super hot here, yard sales are slim to none (it's hard to hold a sale when it is in the 90s early in the morning), and few people are donating to the thrift because it is just too hot to clean! And truthfully, I have not been going out as much because it's just too darn hot to drive around.

Happy hunting! And stay cool!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pyrex is Still my Passion!

I love estate sales and auctions! They are the most fun because you never know what you will find. As Pyrex collecting has hit a more main stream trend lately, the prices have gone up. However, the estate sale companies are still not advertising Pyrex is their listings. That part makes this collector happy.

I have a strategy when searching ads and listings to see if Pyrex might be at a particular sale. I look at pictures to see the age of the other things in the house and look for keywords that might give me more clues. My "strategy" has served me well over the years and it served me well this week too!

I found this pink daisy space saver at an auction and quickly added it to my personal stash. It was not in mint condition but for $5 I had to take it home!

I also picked up a few other things from a sale that I went to and was number 1 in line.

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Pyrex in the Wild

Hello PC3, SusieQT here from Practice in Time!

I don't know about you, but I have been a bit dumbfounded watching some recent ebay auctions for Pyrex. Even things that are not really rare (hello, Pink Stripe 403) have been going through the roof. So with that in mind, I have decided to keep my Pyrex hunt on the ground, so to speak, and only buy things in the wild. To me, that means thrift or yard sales- I suppose antique stores would count, but I am trying to get things cheap so that mostly leaves them out.

Like most of you, things are hit and miss. I do find good stuff in the thrift stores, but a lot of times I come up empty. I go a lot, though, so I'm bound to find something one in a while. Usually I hit up 5-10 stores a week, some multiple times, but I probably only average about one piece a week. Then there's church sales and yard sales, which are also usually feast or famine- mostly there is none, but occasionally you hit the mother lode and can buy multiple pieces.

Since it's been a while since my last post, here are some of my recent ITW finds:

I found this delphite 401 and 402 at a thrift store. I actually overlooked them the first time I walked  by the shelf- probably because I was looking for patterns on white, not blue! And they were really priced reasonably; my guess is the thrift didn't know they were Pyrex because of the color. These are actually duplicates for me- of course, I bought mine online a while back thinking I would never find them ITW! The woodland butter dish goes into my collection of butter dishes- I only need the Autumn Harvest, Snowflake Garland and the elusive Sandalwood to complete them.

I picked up this Butterfly Gold 922 just this past weekend at a yard sale. I love to haggle, but I didn't even bother with this one- 75 cents was cheap enough!

These are a (very good) week's worth of picks- the Spring Blossom casseroles (475, 474, 473) were all found as a set. The Square Flowers divided dish was found at another thrift- not my favorite pattern, but the price was right and it had a lid. I almost dropped this piece in the store- somehow I caught it with my left hand at the last minute. Gah- heart attack! The cinnamon mugs are my favorite color and match my Autumn Harvest, so they will get a lot of use.

Spring Blossom just seems to be following me home lately. I have a 'no fridgie left behind' policy, as long as they are in good shape and have lids- so these joined my collection. I guess I am now trying to get all the fridge sets... ;)

I have seen the Ponderosa mugs, but have never seen plates before. Now I have two- I got these at a yard sale; the lady said her sister had worked at Ponderosa and brought them home. The turquoise hostess ramekin was a big surprise one day at a thrift store- I looked in vain for the chip bowl and bracket but it wasn't there. I have this set already; once again it is not something I ever thought I'd find ITW.

I am most happy about these two! I have never seen a pie plate and I have been looking for years. I know they're not terribly hard to find, but for some reason they had been eluding me. This flamingo one is mint and I found it in the same thrift as the Heinz promo, and also found four Fire King Blue Heaven Cinderella bowls. That was a great day! I totally stalked a lady that had picked up the Heinz and carried it around all the while she was yapping on her phone. Finally she set it down again and walked away and it was mine. I have almost bought this piece online on several occasions. 

So that's about it for my recent in the wild Pyrex! It goes to show that there are good things out there, you just have to be persistent and frequent at the thrifts, I guess.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Few Suprises

It's been really hard to find anything at the thrifts that I want in the Pyrex department.  There are only a couple pieces left on my wish list.  Not only that, it's hard to find them affordably priced.  My local Goodwill now has things as high as $24.99 just because they are vintage. 

Well, this week I found two things in mint condition...the first from a senior center thrift for $7.99, and the second at a Goodwill in the city for $6.99.

This Blue Ivy promo was just sitting there waiting for me!  It looks like it's never been used.

I have this bowl without the lid...and in not nearly this pristine a condition.  I will sell that one and keep this one!  Perfect :)

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