Sunday, February 17, 2013

Looking for a trade: Golden Poinsetta for Some Fridgies

Hi Fellow Pyrexians,

I've acquired a second Golden Poinsettia Promo without the lid or cradle.  Now it's not mint mind you, but the red is vivid and still shiny. No chips. The gold is faded on one side in one spot, and faded on the other side.  There is a small scratch that doesn't seem to noticeable as a whole.  It's on the same side that is more faded.  So like I said, not mint...but I'm a collector and it's definitely a find that I would be keeping if I didn't already have this baby.

So, here is what I'm looking for:       

1 - 501 Spring blossom Fridgie
503 Spring blossom Fridgie
503 Woodland Fridgie
1-501, 502, 503 Snowflake garland Fridgie
All of the Citrus Fridgies
471,472 or 473 red round casserole (to go with my Friendship lid)
Spring Blossom Lasagna size pan
Any Friendship bowls with the birds or red, or fridgies 401, 402

I would take a couple small fridgies, or a small and medium, or any of the others as a single in exchange.  I would prefer someone close enough to meet, but would be willing to ship in the US.  Please leave me a comment if you are interested!

Here are photos of each side: (sorry the first pic wouldn't turn)

Stacey at


  1. Would love this, but don't have what you need for trade. Some other lucky Pyrex lover surely will!

  2. Oh, sorry! Hope you find one out there :) I should have mentioned I'm in WA State too for anyone who's around there.